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When’s it gonna RAin Richard ?

Richard and Benedict

Richard, I’m a bit worried and here’s why:

Richard Armitage IMDB

Am I the only one who’s thinking why the heck there aren’t other projects lined up for Richard or at least rumoured.

I understand that The Hobbit is a huge commitment and has taken up a good portion of RA’s time, but shouldn’t things already be in the works?

Should Richard be striking the Orcist while it’s hot?

Since I’ve been away I’ve found myself lurking and making my way through other fandoms and, wouldn’t you know it, the BBC Sherlock one, and Benedict Cumberbatch seemed to have stuck like fangirling glue.

Seba asked me if I had become a Cumberbitch.

I’m already a bitch so adding the Cumber hardly seemed like a stretch 😉

And no, I’m not abandoning my first crush as Richard as he and I have the perfect relationship- I admire him so wholeheartidly and he doesn’t know I exist.

I see these new crushes as adding a fresh tasty dish to my already superb ogling and squeezing buffet 😉

I’m still loyal to the RArmy, so please don’t worry, I haven’t deflected!

The thing about being a fan of Cumberbatch is that there news every week.

I mean every freaking time I go on Tumblr there’s something new.

I swear his fans are the most spoilt lucky admirers known to man (or woman).

2013 will be raining Cumberbatch, so best get your fangirling willies on!

Don’t believe me?

Have a look at Benedict’s future projects:

Benedict Cumberbatch IMDB

The thing that confuses me is why Richard’s IMDB page listing future projects is so much smaller than Benedict’s.

I mean freaking Black Sky? Really? Apart from The Hobbit franchise that’s something to set my heart aflutter?

Don’t get me wrong, I may end up eating my words regarding this twister movie, when it’s finally released that is…

I know Benedict is the IT boy right now and Sherlock has skyrocketed his career.

It’s also true that some of the roles listed are supporting ones, but still.

Richard has the looks, he has the talent, the experience and thanks to The Hobbit he’s not just another British actor.

Richard is no chopped liver, or any other offal for that matter..

So what the fudge Richard?

Either you’re holding out on us or producers don’t know a good thing when it comes stormy towards them on thick muscular thighs!

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  1. Wholeheartedly agree – I wish there was more Richard on the horizon. But then again, I don’t really want to be prescriptive – que sera, sera! And I am also just wondering whether IMDb takes non-film engagements into account? For all we know, he could be planning a six-month run on the stage somewhere. *eeeeeeek* – just imagine!!!! Haha, I *bet* our London meet-up would be moved forward, pretty quick 😉

    • I’ve noticed (me obsessed with IMDB info? No, not at all!) that they even include rumoured or announced projects, so I think that if Richard signed up for anything, the word would be out there. And yes, I’d offer up my firstborn to see RA on stage 😉 But then could we be trusted at the theatre with Richard a few steps away? I’m usually one of those purist snobs at the theatre, so the person next to me better not be chatting or eating sweets in loud wrappers, but could I refrain myself from throwing my knickers on stage straight at him? Doubtful! 😉

      • Oh, does IMDb contain stage projects, too?
        LOL – I can just imagine all of us there. Poor Richard. He would have us thrown out of the audience, I think, as much as he appreciates his fanbase of “quite-well educated ladies”… But don’t worry, if push comes to shove and I see wriggling out of your panties, I’ll hold you down 😀

        • That would be a kindness indeed seeing that knowing my luck I’d be wearing giant Bridget Jones Granny pants to look better in my jeans! Richard may have spent a few years in the company of smelly sweaty dwarves, but I’m pretty sure nothing could prepare him for those parachute pants flying his way 😉 Duck Richard, save yourself man and DUCK!!!

          • LOL!!!!!!!!!! Well, you could come prepared, I guess, with a sexy piece of a lacy, red thong, in your handbag. I see you swinging it lassoo-like over your head, to send it onto the stage, where it will land like a butterfly, softly, at Richard’s feet. I’d say he’d break into a dwarf-like sweat right then and there… (Note to self: Bring handcuffs to manacle Agzy to her seat.)

          • Let’s just Fifty Shade it and rope me to that damn theatre seat! It’ll make for an interesting experience!
            Note to self: buy sext lacy undies (instead on ones with artoon characters on them), learn needlework, start sewing personal info and telephone number on said knickers on the off chance Richard appears in a play! Well, that’s my next couple of days planned… 😉

          • ROFL. Gurrrrrl!!! Naughty naughty!!!! Brilliantly devious plan.

          • Yup, that plan was the hard part, now onto the easy one: how the hell do we get Richard Armitage into theatre (using legal or semi-legal methods). Once that’s done it’s plain sailing by hoisting my granny knickers on a mast that is 😉

  2. That’s a question I’ve been asking since I watched RA for the first time!!! 😦

    • OK, good, not just me then… I dunno, just want wonderful things for him, and there’s that element of absolute selfishness as a fan to want to be almost overwhelmed by the wonder that is Richard! I know there will always be British projects for him this side of the pond, and I can only hope he’s used the last 1,5 years to network and establish enough contacts in the biz so that they flourish in future projects galore!

  3. Cieszę się że wiecej bedzie Benedykta dla Ci 🙂 a czy to są główne role?…

    • Niektóre tak, natomiast taki jest ten skubaniec Sherloczek że nawet jak pojawia się na chwilę, tak jak w “Pokucie”, łącznie z 5 minut, to I tak kradnie cały film!

      • Ci powiem że w tej “Pokucie” to rzeczywiście. Tak głeboką odraze rzadko czuję..jak tylko sobie przypomnę tą lekko rumiana twarz…te małe rozbiegane oczka..od pierwszego momentu wiedziałam ze cuś nie tak z tym gościem. Swietny aktor ale ta rola to mu fanek nie przysporzyła;) Marzy mi sie taka rola dla RA tylko że powaznie sie obawiam że niestety albo umiejetnosci mu nie staje, badż sa w nim takie pokłady dobroci (dobroduszności) że zagranie potwora jest poza jego zasiegiem.

        • śmieszy mnie to że w obrębie naszej grupy to lepiej nie wspominać że coś cienko ta jego przyszłość wygląda. Myślę że Rysiek wróci do TV I tam chyba najlepiej pasuje. Konkurencja w tym ichowym Choliłódzie ogromna I być może Rysiek po prostu się do tego nie nadaje. Nie on pierwszy nie odnalazł swojego miejsca za wielkim oceanem. Pamiętam jak Metro miało pokazać Jankesom jak się musical na Broadwayu robi. Mój znajomy z NY, actor I wielbiciel musicali (I jedna z nielicznych osób które w ogóle ten musical zobaczyli) uśmiał się. Nie ta klasa, nie ten poziom. Nie ma w tym nic złego, u nas wciąż Metro grają I mam nadzieję że po tej przygodzie Rysiek też wciąż będzie grał w brytyjskich serialach.

  4. Comparisons are odious 🙂

  5. littlesallyboots

    I definitely need more Richard on the box and big screen! Happy we’ve two more helpings of Thorin to look forward to, but yes, apart from the tornado film with no release date. what else??? O_o
    Come on, Armi – WE NEED (MORE OF) YOU!!!!

    I’d love him to do more British TV. I love his beautiful face on the telly box ^-^ Particularly when he’s an insanely hot and conflicted spy… mmmmm *mind wanders*


    • I read somewhere that Black Sky won’t be out till net year which is worrying. A part of me really misses him I TV shows, but I guess he can always go back to that. I just need moooooore (I say in my most whiney voice…) 😉

      • littlesallyboots

        I recall reading somewhere that Armi said he’d like to “get back to” British TV…so here’s hoping!! 🙂
        Perhaps a spot of theatre too, pretty pleases, darling Mr Armitage?!?! ^_^

  6. littlesallyboots

    Also, Benedict Cucumberpatch – I only find him attractive as Sherlock. In others things I’m just a bit “mehh”… but as Sherlock Holmes…well, I would! -_-
    It’s the whole ridiculously clever thing – yummy!!

    • It’s the clever sure… but also the ridiculously tight shirts and suits, me thinks 😉 I think he’s marmite of the acting world. You either really like him or can’t stand him. Guess which one I am? LOL!

      • littlesallyboots

        The tight shirts help, sure! ^^
        I really enjoy watching him – he has such a presence about him that kinda pulls you in.
        He was awesome in Star Trek too.
        Also, I really like his hair… -_-

    • I think BC already got cast in the projects RA could potentially do. Forget about Sherlock and Star Trek, look at what is coming out in the next few months and what he has lined up. There is no room for any other British actor next to him.

      • The thing I’ve noticed with Benedict Cumberbatch, apart from the fact that he’s a damn good actor, is that he’s amazing at networking. I think people from the so-called biz who meet or work with him hold him in high esteem. That’s what benefits him when it’s time for casting. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he appeared instar Wars because JJ Abrams was singing his praise after Star Trek. Maybe Richard’s natural shyness influences the options he gets offered.

        • BC is working with George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Julia Roberts, Gary Oldman, Guillermo del Toro – the who is who of Hollywood. It doesn’t get better then that. RA has worked with no-one but Peter Jackson.

          • True, but then at all came about thanks to BBC’s Sherlock (Steep admitted to being a fan and I doubt she’s the only one in tinsel town). The Hobbit has bigger possibilities than a British TV show, so one would hope it would help RA to get his name out there.

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  8. I’m really eager to hear what he has lined up next. I’m hoping after filming is done this month, he’ll have something to let his fans chew on. Please!!! He seems the type to keep things quiet for as long as possible. But he sure hinted up a storm when he toured for the DVD release in May. He owes us SOME NEWS! Which, if any of those roles he coveted did he snag? I’m hoping he’s keeping a tight lip on his coming projects. I can’t believe he has nothing in the works.

    • I know, I really do hope no news is good news! It’s just that usually something is settled the PR people can’t wait to get the info out and start building up momentum for the project. Look how our little fandom reacts every time there a new pic of him. We’d rain down with fangirling delight at any news on future developments. So RA, please let me rain down with fangirling delight. Pretty please!!!

    • He hinted that he is in the running for some projects, but that fingers crossing was necessary. It didn’t sounded as if he has anything that was signed and sealed. Quite the contrary, he said it is not as easy as some people think and that he is up against big names. I think he is struggling to find work.

      • Oh Jane, I hope that’s not true, but then the competition is fierce. A part of me really wishes that if this is true, he’ll find his way back to British TV because it seemed to have worked for him in the past. The reason why I’m worried is if you look at the stars of the LOTR trilogy, which was arguably an even bigger success than The Hobbit, many actors didn’t go on to huge things. I hope that’s not the case this time around.

        • I’m still not worried. He landed this huge Hobbit role, didn’t he? If there’s no news release by mid-August, then I’ll start worrying. I still think he’s being quiet until filming is over. We shall see…

          • I’m OK with the strong silent Armitage while he shoots, as long as we hear him roar after The Hobbit.
            I imaging Peter Jackson gagging the actors involved so no one spills the Hobbit beans… it’s a funny…disturbing image… 😉

          • Isn’t it up to the production company to announce that they have cast someone? And why would Mr. A not want it to be announced if he has been cast in something? And why wouldn’t PJ want that – if one of his actors is cast in something promising it draws attention towards the Hobbit, which can only be a good thing. I also don’t think that a mere announcement would require a whirlwind of interviews and that RA wouldn’t be able to do that as long as he is in NZ. To me nothing announced means nothing is definitely signed. I am also not only worried that nothing has been announced but that he has filmed nothing between BS and now. He had plenty of time.

          • Maybe Richard has no control over media announcements, but if he did he might ask to have any who ha put on hold until filming is over. We know he doesn’t like to have his concentration interrupted. If he has any say whatsoever, I think he may want to wait a few weeks before making known any deals. But maybe all his deals are still up in the air. There has been no announcement for a male lead for Guernsey but they do have the female lead cast.

          • Why would that disturb his concentration? I remember when his casting in the Hobbit (or anything else for the matter) was announced there was not even a short statement from him, let alone a mob of reports at his door. It is the job of the producer/director to tell the press why he thinks a certain actor is right for the part. The actor says he is delighted and looks forward to working on it at best.

          • Oh, I wasn’t even thinking of his having to make public statements. I was just imagining him wanting the mental peace to wait until this last monumental piece of work was done before being caught up in any little storm about what’s next. But maybe I’m just fabricating a hopeful reason for no news.
            I still won’t be worried until mid-August if nothing is announced. I’ll be astounded if nobody picks him up for a worthy part in next year’s line up.

  9. Philippa Langley has finished her RIII script….

    Which doesn’t mean she actually has backers for it (TV series or big screen). If it makes a breakthrough, let us hope it is not a romanticised portrait of the king. Warts and all, please. 😀

    • Oh dear, now warts are going to be sexy if they are to be sported by RA 😉 I’d really love for this project to lift off the ground, especially that it’s we’ve associated Richard with that III for some time now. Fingers, ties (typo and it stays) and everything else crossed 😉


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