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Daily Archives: July 7, 2013

Thorin’s Headbangers Ball

I’m gone and all rockin’ hell breaks loose!

How can we possibly start to explain our Dwarven Hell’s Angel and his guitar rocking ways???


Gif by the ridiculously talented Jas!

I mean he’s Middle Earth’s answer to ZZ Top!

I know they say it’s always the quiet ones, but it got me thinking about what other bad boy mad skills RA possesses!

One that is a personal turn on for my is a hot man with beefy thighs on a motorbike.

You squeeze that seat real tight Thorin so you don’t fall off 😉

Oh, I know he’s my easy rider…

Thorin Richard Armitage motorbike

With that mane Thorin would be King of any Headbangers Ball, if not a mountain full of gold.

After all, we know he likes to

Whip his hair back and forth…

I’m not sure if I’m too pleased about Thorin errr… horsing around with sharp objects, therefore there’s only one thing for it!

It seems we shall have to get him a proper toy so he stops fiddling with blades for his (and our) amusement!

With all the travelling Richard is doing I suggest a nice little blow up guitar that will fit snuggly into his suitcase once deflated.

And he can also exchange it for some other inflatable thing if need be 😉

Any suggestions?

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