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A Community of Friends


Hello Dear Friends!

Thank You so very much for taking the time to do my survey.

The response was so overwhelming that it reached it’s limit in no time.

The finding are very interesting (Oh you twisted sisters, I’m in good company) and will no doubt inspire me to make the final chapter a good one.

I will also be contacting some of the fanfic writers I know in order to pick their brain, so it’s time to start phasing me out if I’m bugging you 😉


I’ve been reading a lot about online communities and about how we have switched from neighbourhood ones, where ties are stronger, but limited in their amount and to geographic locations.

They usually involve common interests between members who share the same background.

Online communities are characterised by weaker ties, but then we tend to connect with more people, location is irrelevant as long as you have an internet connection and access to information.

Another characteristic of online communities is the lack of obligation.

This mean that, say, if I certain Polish blogger feels she needs to step away for a while to deal with other matters, the community still thrives.

This also means that if you encounter someone who is not to your liking it’s easier to just step away than in a RL situation.


The aspect of common interests is fascinating.

Take our group as a perfect example.

You join our little RArmy because you find like-minded people with the same crush as you (hello Mr A, thought you’d gotten rid of me? No such luck).

I’m however venturing a guess that many stay because they have created ties to other member and feel a part of a network.

RA may be the glue that binds us (very very sexy sticky… firm… muscular glue…), but there’s a sense of belonging that develops over time that accounts for the feeling of community.

You make friends with people you would have never met otherwise and learn about new thing that wouldn’t be accessible to you (and you know how much I love to learn!).

Have you ever wondered what role you play in this little community of ours?

Ever wondered where the appeal lies?

And no, I haven’t gotten all serious in the time I’ve been away 😉

Regular foolery shall commence (as soon as I get my rusty admiration apparatus known as my brain working again, not to mention my already dubious PS skills).

Tomorrow I feel I shall have to tackle Thorin and that air guitar 😉

I will leave you with this charming animation of T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock”.

I’ve fallen in love with this poem and I think it strikes a cord with those over thirty, especially when you’ve let go of your teenage dreams and start wondering if indeed you “dare to disturb the universe…”.


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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. Happy to participate. The anthropology of fanfiction is fascinating to me, and I’m always happy to see it given credence in academia.

    I’ve served as a judge on a fanfiction awards site, so I would be able to talk about that if you have any questions about it.

    • I am definitely taking you up on your kind offer! I shall be constructing a list of questions for people who write fanfiction or are involved in the process, so I will email you when it’s decent enough to see the light of day 😉 See, I didn’t even think about fanfiction awards. Thanks so much 🙂

  2. I love that you are writing an analysis of this…I’m impatiently waiting for a section of our History of Sex or Popular Culture class to come up so I can integrate fan-fiction into the mix.

    • It was a last minute switch from fashion, and what a great idea it was. I’m studying American culture, and although we’ve mentioned many aspects, I haven’t had any classes on the internet, network society or online interaction, therefore I’ve had to claw my way through it. And damn, are we as a fandom fascinating!!!

  3. Fascinating subject! As you know, I write fic, I’m an admin for a fanfic site, etc., so if you have questions, feel free to send an e-mail.

    • Leigh, thank you so much, I will definitely call upon your extensive knowledge on the topic. I hope to write a set of questions regarding the process of writing. When I do I will be so grateful if you could take a moment and share your thoughts! 🙂

  4. Wow, I didn’t even have a chance to take the survey 🙂

    One thing I would say is that while I agree that in many ways my Internet friendships are easier to make (esp because in almost every case I keep politics out of the friendships), i don’t feel less obligation to my Internet friends — it’s just that there are things I can’t do for (most of) them, like make them a meal or whatever. (Maybe I am strange.) I also don’t see avoiding a fellow fan I don’t like as all that different from avoiding a colleague I don’t like …

    • I know, the makers of the survey site hadn’t anticipated the power of the RArmy 😉
      I’ve noticed that I know a lot less about my online friends than I do my RL ones, but then I’m really nosey face to face. I just feel like online people are more cautious about the info they share. I may know intimate details about a blogger’s life if they choose to share it, but then I lack the basic info like where they live or what they do for a living. It’s more a question of being grateful that someone wished to share info about themselves as opposed to eliciting it, which I would probably do in RL. Plus it’s easier to avoid someone online (block a b*tch is what I always say!) than to avoid interacting with someone who happens to sit next to you at work or who you cooperate with.

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  6. It’s interesting to me that you call yourself a “fangirl” and I call myself “obsessed”. I have to think about that. Fangirl sounds less derogatory than obsessed. Interesting that you are specializing in fandom! That is something that I am also so interested in. Why do some people find it natural to be a fan of something, while others can’t imagine it? There’s also the question of the fan community, which complicates things. I find that I want to be noticed by the community, as well as learning as much as I can about the object of my obsession from the community. Looking forward to more from you about fandom!! 😀

    • It truly is fascinating topic, especially that I have the pleasure of analysing it both as an outside, but also as an insider. Who knew those hours spent ogling Richard, tweeting, posting and generally obsessing over hot British actors etc. could benefit my academic writing 😉

  7. Czy ewentualnie planujesz kiedykolwiek podzielić się z nami twoja pracą, Agzym?
    Bo wiesz ja juz umieram z ciekawosci. Chyba jestem jedyna niepiszacą i nie tworzacą (przyznaje sie do kilku szkiców) w tym szacownym gronie ale odzywam się i zostawiam komentarze z czystej sympatii i szacunku.
    Tylko czytam (czasem bardzo osobiste rzeczy) ogladam i czasem czuje sie jak podgladacz wiec uznałam że musze sie odezwać, przyznać do tego ogladania żeby poczuć się lepiej, żeby ktoś wiedzial ze czytam. Czasem czuję sie tak jakbym czytala czyjes pamietniki , troszke mnie to uwiera więc chcialabym jakos odwdzieczyć sie tym ludziom,.. nie wiem jak… moze kiedyś sie spotkamy u mnie na grillu;)? Jestem ciekawa tych ludzi, mam ochote ich poznac osobiście…ja uwielbiam pana Armitagea ale chyba bardziej lubie jego fanki 🙂 To dziwne , nigdy nie pomyslałabym że bede sie martwic i myslec o ludzachi których nigdy nie widziałam… Sciskam Asia:)

  8. Aw, I am really disappointed that I missed your survey and your return to blogging, Agzy!!! I feel really bad, because after all, I have even met you in RL and should be more supportive *quietlysobsontoherkeyboard*. Anyway, congrats on finding something you can write heaps and heaps about. You’ll be smothered in offers of help, no doubt. I’ll happily jump into the breach if you need to pick the brains of consumers of fanfic. Avid is an understatement… Anyway, looking forward to reading you again – and I am counting on meeting you again in London. The THTDOS premiere is already booked (in my brain).

    • Hello Darling! My return was unexpected and was not heralded by angels playing trumpets, much to my surprise 😉 Regarding London in December, I’ve already set up a little savings account so I don’t have to panic about cash 😉 It’s very much pencilled London into my winter schedule, so I will be seeing you there! We need to set aside more time this year!

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