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Daily Archives: July 6, 2013

A Community of Friends


Hello Dear Friends!

Thank You so very much for taking the time to do my survey.

The response was so overwhelming that it reached it’s limit in no time.

The finding are very interesting (Oh you twisted sisters, I’m in good company) and will no doubt inspire me to make the final chapter a good one.

I will also be contacting some of the fanfic writers I know in order to pick their brain, so it’s time to start phasing me out if I’m bugging you 😉


I’ve been reading a lot about online communities and about how we have switched from neighbourhood ones, where ties are stronger, but limited in their amount and to geographic locations.

They usually involve common interests between members who share the same background.

Online communities are characterised by weaker ties, but then we tend to connect with more people, location is irrelevant as long as you have an internet connection and access to information.

Another characteristic of online communities is the lack of obligation.

This mean that, say, if I certain Polish blogger feels she needs to step away for a while to deal with other matters, the community still thrives.

This also means that if you encounter someone who is not to your liking it’s easier to just step away than in a RL situation.


The aspect of common interests is fascinating.

Take our group as a perfect example.

You join our little RArmy because you find like-minded people with the same crush as you (hello Mr A, thought you’d gotten rid of me? No such luck).

I’m however venturing a guess that many stay because they have created ties to other member and feel a part of a network.

RA may be the glue that binds us (very very sexy sticky… firm… muscular glue…), but there’s a sense of belonging that develops over time that accounts for the feeling of community.

You make friends with people you would have never met otherwise and learn about new thing that wouldn’t be accessible to you (and you know how much I love to learn!).

Have you ever wondered what role you play in this little community of ours?

Ever wondered where the appeal lies?

And no, I haven’t gotten all serious in the time I’ve been away 😉

Regular foolery shall commence (as soon as I get my rusty admiration apparatus known as my brain working again, not to mention my already dubious PS skills).

Tomorrow I feel I shall have to tackle Thorin and that air guitar 😉

I will leave you with this charming animation of T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock”.

I’ve fallen in love with this poem and I think it strikes a cord with those over thirty, especially when you’ve let go of your teenage dreams and start wondering if indeed you “dare to disturb the universe…”.

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