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Welcome to The Amazing Armi Gift Shop!

*Guest blogger alert part 3*

So I’m not going to lie, I experienced some mild panic when deciding what to do for my final post of FanstRAvaganza4.
I didn’t worry too much at the beginning of the week; I figured that the Gods of Armi-inspiration would visit me in the night and I’d wake with a fab-tastic idea for post 3!
Well, that didn’t happen.
But I did have a Sir Guy dream, which is never a bad thing! ^^

I’d scribbled down an idea in the “maybe” column when I’d first started brainstorming for the Armi lovin’ event:
“Some kind of fantasy shop…Armitage stuff”

Now, I like “stuff” as much as the next girl. One can never have enough stuff.
But hang on one cotton-milling minute!
What if there was a magical place where you could buy all kinds of Armitage…stuff?!
From stationery to clothing to utterly random accessories?!
Everything with his insanely beautiful FACE on it!
I would be in there every day, stocking up on goodies and collecting points on my Armitage loyalty card.

Okay, so there are already a few awesome Armitage related items on the market.
From Guy of Gisbourne action figures to Thorin Oakenshield lego.
Not to mention the amazing Hot Dwarf King mug a muchly amazing Hot Elf King loving friend bought me for Christmas ^_^
(I talk about my Thorin mug a lot, because I love it a lot)

But this shop…
Oh lordy, THIS shop would stock all of the above AND MORE!

So, without further ado, I invite all of you to the unveiling of

This shop is full of all kinds of Armitage delights!

Where would you like to go first?

Perhaps the make-up department?

SIR GUY  has just launched his new range of glorious GUYliners!


Buy your GUYliner today!

You too can smoulder and smirk your heart out!
And swoon over all the pretty promotional posters! 😉

Across from the make-up counter you’ll find all kinds of funky accessories…
All EXCLUSIVE to The Amazing Armi Gift Shop!

May I suggest some adorable
The handsome cotton mill owner is waiting to adorn your nails!!

Over in the kitchen department, you can get your mitts on
It really is fit for a (Hot Dwarf) King!!
It even toasts Thorin’s delicious FACE onto every slice!!
Also available is this limited edition

Take it to work!
Take it to the park!
Take it to bed!

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for some charming footwear?
Look no further!
Harry is ready & waiting to keep your feet warm with these
Look at his wee happy face!
How could you possibly resist?

Looking for something a bit more dangerous?
Why not trust Sgt. Porter and take home this nifty
Use it responsibly though, peeps!
I hope you’ve enjoyed looking around!
Please visit again soon!
There is something for every jolly Armitage Admirer at the
It’s just a shame it only exists…
…in my head! -_-
For now!
What marvellous items would you like to see Armi’s face (and *ahem* other body parts) on?

I’d quite like a pair of Armi scissors…where his glorious legs are the blades.
Mind you, I’d probably be prone to accidents with those in my hands! -_-

Well I’ve certainly enjoyed bloggin’ around this week.
Thank you so much for having me, Agzy!!
And thanks to everyone for welcoming me into the Armitage bloggin’ fold with your lovely, funny and amusing comments!
*HIGH-5s all round!*

Merry FanstRA4 everybody!

About littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

Doodler; dreamer; tea drinker. Kinda small. Kinda awkward. Aspires to be much muchier. Would muchly like to stroke Richard Armitage

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  1. A perfect shop for mum and kids! (Dad might like the Armie-knife)
    A Ricky D motorcycle would be nice? Built to the scale of the ancient corgie cars? Detabable Ricky with white scarf and goggles? A real action-figure!(Boys AND girls would love it.)

  2. (Meant to say DETACHABLE Ricky…)

  3. But this is a dream… the only problem would be stop buying all these items… bankruptcy!! My favourite is the Thorin toaster. It’s the answer for half of my problems: facing diets seriously. I’m sure I would stop eating just to spend my time looking at Thorin’s face… LOL
    The snug slippers are lovely too: no room for bad humor!!!
    What a great post!! Thanks for sharing you RA love and criativity with us!! 😉

    • littlesallyboots

      The reasons why a Thorin toaster should exist are endless! 😉
      Oh boy, I’d love his hot face on my slice of wholemeal! 😉

  4. I love the Swiss “ARMI” knife! The only problem is, I know where it’s been, which can either be off-putting or rather attractive, depending on your tastes!
    Ps. Have I gone too far? I blame reading too much slash LOL!

  5. I want the Sir Guy body powder to prevent leather chafing. I want a set of Porter condoms, perhaps a box of a dozen, “extra strength”, “not just for safe sex”. I want a Porter scarf, the fabric permeated with his scent. I want a key to Erebor that actually does open the garage door and work the lift to the bedroom…

    • littlesallyboots

      Your requests have been noted in The Amazing Armi Gift Shop book of …requests!
      I may have to open a special “adults only/X-rated” section on the top floor! 😉

  6. LOL – these armitagealia need to be brought to production. I am surprised that the marketing people haven’t been on to this, yet. I’d buy the guyliner definitely. The armi knife is inspired, too. How about some Thornton firelighters – the smoulder would warm any house in seconds. Oh, and I want a Standring blanket – wrapping females all over the world in warmth and protectiveness.
    Great post, Hannah – thanks for entertaining us this week.

    • littlesallyboots

      The marketing peeps are far too slow on the uptake; sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands 😉
      Aww, Standring blanket! The mere thought warms my heart! ^^

  7. Ahhhh the hours I would spend wandering around a shop like this. Might I suggest a whole Thorin Oakenshield section? (yes it me again!) you could have bedding of rich warm pelts inspired by our darling dwarfs coat, a whole range of hair care products for luscious locks – including those little silver ring thingys that go on the end of braids, backpacks for holding all your bits and bobs when scampering about the countryside, fire extinguishers for those small blazes around the home caused by pesky dragons or cooking accidents, beard trimmers, boot polish, camping equipment, maps so you dont lose your wy (twice) I could go on…

    I have really enjoyed your posts this week! Great to meet you 😄

    • littlesallyboots

      There would most definitely be a Thorin Oakenshield section! No question! 😉
      (Maybe you could come and work in that department? hehe!)
      That’s some well thought out merchandise…oh my, I love those “ring thingys” he wears…I want some!
      Would also have to sell Thorin-style boots…I am IN LOVE with his boots! And him, but his boots are also very beautiful! -_-

      • I shall submit a CV! I think you will find my passion *ahem* for Thorin will enable me to be an excellent additon to your establishment (and i think the uniform for employees should most definatley include the boots and ring thingys)

        • littlesallyboots

          CV received! I am delighted to offer you the job! 😀
          Boots and ring thingys shall be provided as part of your uniform in due course! Welcome to the department of Thorin Oakenshield. We’re gonna have!!

  8. I think I’ve done okay so far with avoiding the worst excesses of the consumerism … but I may be in genuine danger now, LOL.

    • littlesallyboots

      I fear everyone will be in danger after I’ve talked all the marketing peeps in to producing such amazing (and random) Armitage items! One day…one day!! ;P

  9. Oh, so many to choose from but I promised myself that I will only buy films, books and possibly magazines. Oh, my promise is in danger now. 😀

    • littlesallyboots

      hehe! It’s probably a good thing for all our bank balances that these items don’t exist…yet! ;P


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