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Richard, you drive us crazy!

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Have you ever been curious about what it’s like to be a blogger, especially an Armitage one?

Let me tell you this- it’s so luxurious and exclusive we put the Dynasty Carrington’s to shame 😉

Nope, not a whiff of desperation.

Oh, the lifestyle of the rich, famous and blogging…

Earlier today, at the eleventh hour:

Me: Oh bloody hell, I need a FanstRA4 post for tomorrow and I’ve got nothing. Any ideas?

Magzy: Eeerrrr I had an idea a while ago…

*I wait..and wait….nope, that’s the end of THAT discussion…the sound of the clock clicking is defening*

A few hours later…

Me: So, about that fab idea you had and I really need…

Magzy: Eeerrrr…. just do some a post “Richard as something…”. Ya know, like last year’s Richard characters as dogs

What about… eerrr…..Richard and cars…

*I snort, rolls my eyes, prepare to go to war about how stupid the idea was… but hold up… hold on one damn minute…this could works….yeeeessss…. this could work..kinda….*

Richard Armitage, you drive me round the bend!

I mean seriously, you need to give us all a break from your smoking hotness!

You drive us all crazy, so here’s a crash course on what cars different RA characters drive.

The car stopped with a jerk, then the  jerk got out.

Our dear Grizzly Gizzy is a bit dangerous, therefore I can see him in a Hennessey Viper Venom 700NM.

I’m not saying Guy has self-esteem issues, but he’d definitely be driving an expensive stolen sports car.

Based on his behaviour many would rather see him in a Mazda LaPuta or Mitsubishi Pajero (a little Spanish joke there…).

Anyway, everyone’s fuming over the high cost of gas, but not to worry as Guy has the poor villagers running on fumes to keep that tank filled up.

Guy Viper

Our favorite bookworm Harry Kennedy definitely wormed his way into our hearts.

It just isn’t fair how he fueled our fangirling imagination and he wins hands down.

With his John le Carré books and maths skills, he’s quite a Smart one.

At first he couldn’t figure out how to fasten his seatbelt, but then it clicked.

Harry Smart

Many artists tend to be tanked most of the time, and Claude Monet would support his fellow painter and drive a Citroën Picasso.

Richard’s wig hardly revved our engines, but the part was an auto-matic hit with the fans.

It’s hard enough to maneuver the art world and stay in the race, but it’s easy to brush it aside when you travel in comfort.

Armitage Monet Picasso

Thorin Oakenshield, we’re all in this Armitage Admiration for the long haul.

Riding that pony such a long way must be taking its toll and you must be running on fumes (I still don’t get why the eagles could just drop you off closer to your destination).

Anyway, I’d like to offer you a more comfortable, not to mention worthy of a king,  alternative meaning this Mustang.

This is the only horse power you need to get to where you’re going!

Just remember not to speed in the frozen areas because the Middle Earth police will stop you cold.

Thorin mustang

Drivers in a rush who stop at traffic lights often see red, but no such worries for our dear fast and furious John Porter as he’d roll alone along a desert road (apart from a few planes, tanks, terrorists, bombs and such).

That’s why I think he’d definitely need a Renault Duster with its own swanky protective scarf and sunglasses.

Also, the car manual stipulates the driver must be shirtless while operating this machine, dunno why, possible something to do with the gear shift…

John Porter Duster

ATTENTION : Loose Nut behind the Wheel!

HONK… If You Want To See My Finger!

CAUTION: I drive like you do !

HONK if you Admire Armitage!!!

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23 responses »

  1. Nothing like desperation to get the creative juices flowing, eh? I love it!!!
    I would especially love to have that car you picked for Monet – love the colour too! And Harry K. in a Smart car! LOL! I would love to see that!

    • Yup, if I got a penny for every time I felt desperate for a post idea, I’d have at least £1.80p, which actually is a bit pathetic either way I look at it 😉

  2. Some people work better under pressure!!! Loved this post!! 😉

  3. Hahaha, good idea. Guy is definitely a sports car enthusiast – the faster the better to let his hair flow in the wind. Wait – or was that Thorin? Well, you gave him the Mustang convertible, so I guess his locks will be flowing too. As for Harry – I would’ve seen him in a Toyota Prius: eco friendly, politically correct. That Smart is just a little bit on the tiny side for him and his voluptuous lover, don’t you think? And how would they fit their 6 children in??
    Anyway – I niggle. This was a most entertaining start to the day. I hope you’ll be desperate for topics again, soon.

    • LOL, I’d love to see Gerry trying to get in and the townie baster trying to get the door shut! I think she’d appreciate how close she’d have to be to Harry in such a small space, although any naughty funny business would probably mean renting a car (like a Prius)!

  4. Great post AgzyM ! 🙂

    Oh yes, he drives us crazy… but we love it, didn’t we ? lol

    • Yup, we sure do, although I think he handled his BMW better than he us. We’re all in need of an oil change Richard! (ps. no idea what the hell that means…).

  5. LOL! Fun post, A! 🙂

  6. Wow. You should have named this Death by Puns. Sent me giggling to sleep last night. 😀

  7. Hahaha! Perfection!

  8. Yup. Such an amazing life of privilege one lives as an Armitage blogger. I can’t keep up with the many royalty deposits in my bank account …

  9. If a car and a person could actually look like each other it is SOOO Guy and the Hennessey Viper Venom. Talk about dangerous, sleek and sexy.

  10. This is SO good! Just inspired 😀

  11. Ha ha ha, Love it!

  12. littlesallyboots

    Since reading this post, I’ve had fantasies about racing through Middle-earth with Thorin in that Mustang! -_-

    Aw, no car for Lucas? Is that because I’ve already thrown him in my car and driven off with him? I would, ya know, if I was at all capable of throwing that hot spy about! Oh my! 😉


  13. Lucas, baby, take me to your Lada!
    Oh, but wait. Didn’t he spend most of eight years locked in the boot of one?
    And do we really want Lucas partially concealed behind a wheel? Better to set him free to stride the streets in those deliciously snug jeans, with a Tube pass for when he has to trail terror suspects.

    Love your blog, Agzy, and the tears of merriment and mirth it brings me. Thanks for the detox!


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