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Marry, sleep with or take as your date to a school reunion…?

*Guest blogger alert part 2*

Hello again, fellow Armi enthusiasts!

Some saucy silliness for you today! Teehee!

On day 2 I asked you who your fave Armitage character and “go-to” viewage is.
And I told you all about mine. With the aid of some pretty pictures 😉
On day 4 of FanstRAvaganza I’d like to know which of the tall beauty’s nice, not so nice and a lot nicer than some characters you would….

Now, that charming chap from Leicester has played an array of characters.
From tall handsome strangers…
Hellooo, Harry Kennedy!
To brooding “bad boys”…
Sir Guy, throw me upon your steed & run away with me!
There’s been topless tough guys…
Oh, Sgt. Porter, I do like your…gun! >_>
And most magnificent spies….
Well, you know my feelings on THAT MI5 agent… *ahem*

Just to spice things up a bit, and make it more fun. (And because I’m a bit of a meanie! ;P).
I have chosen 9 of Armi’s characters and, picking their names out of a hat, (or in this case, my Thorin Oakenshield mug), I have split them into
3 random groups of, er, 3.
Consider each 3 in turn.
And tell me
If you absolutely definitely HAD to make a choice
(and let’s pretend you do!)
Who would you…

A). Marry

         B). Sleep with

                C). Take as your date to a
school reunion?

It’d be marvellous to know your reasons too!

First group of beauties:

Second group of swoon-er-roonies:


Third group of hot potatoes:


I know it’s tricky (very tricky!)
But think it through. Mull it over. Make yourself a cuppa and ponder the pros  and cons of each option.
I had to think long and hard myself.
For group one
I finally decided I would….

MARRY: Lucas North

I couldn’t NOT marry my favourite spy. Plus I would get to wake up to THAT FACE every morning, stroke his glorious tattoos, and swoon over his legs all the live long day! (You know, when he’s not off spying & stuff!)

SLEEP WITH: Sgt. Porter

He’s just so tough and strong and steaming hot!!
I’d want him to pick me up and throw me on the bed! Yum!


How impressive would it be to bring a Hot Dwarf King from Middle-earth to your school reunion? Everyone would be in awe of him. Plus he’d have much prettier hair than all those bitchy girls you went to school with! Also, he could defend your honour with his sword fighting skills!!
My choices are of course subject to change. -_-
As for groups 2 & 3…
I’ll have to think on it some more and get back to you! ^^

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little game!
Can’t wait to hear what you’d “do” with all these Armi-licious characters!
P.S. If you have any thoughts on anything else you’d like to – *ahem* – “do” with these characters, or any others I’ve not mentioned, please feel free to share that too!

Perhaps you’d like Ricky Deeming to take you for a ride on his motorbike? 😉
Or maybe you’ve had thoughts about spending time with Monet and his….canvas?! 😉
Don’t be shy: share!


Merry FanstRA4 everybody!

Images borrowed from: RANet

About littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

Doodler; dreamer; tea drinker. Kinda small. Kinda awkward. Aspires to be much muchier. Would muchly like to stroke Richard Armitage

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  1. Group 1: sleep with Lucas because anything more serious could be trouble; marry John Porter because he’s loyal, kind, tough, sweet, effective, hot, and a good dad; take Thorin to my reunion because everyone who didn’t want to know me back when would see that I had a very hot, regal date, and Thorin and I would have fun.

    Group 2, a more difficult choice: marry Guy, because we’re a good fit; sleep with John Standring because he is incredibly sweet and there’s lots we could enjoy; take John Thornton to my reunion because not everyone can take a thesis subject to her reunion and he dances well.

    Group 3: marry Harry Kennedy because he’s adorable, sexy, and into books; sleep with Alec Track because I want to and his profession makes him difficult husband material; and take Heinz Kruger to my reunion because we would be able to talk physics with my former classmates and colleagues.

    Of course, there are other chaRActers I find VERY appealing, but those are other stories…

    • littlesallyboots

      Hey, Leigh, thanks for sharing! ^^
      And nice clear reasons for all! hehe!
      Porter would make a wonderful hubbie…he really does tick all the right boxes 😉
      I fear there would be some rocky moments being married to Lucas, but I am prepared to work through them – basically, I’d do anything for a piece of that hot spy!
      Oh my, and being married to Guy…Yum! You could wear matching black leather outfits and apply one another’s eyeliner in the morning. Nice!
      Peeps would definiely notice you if you brought Heinz as your date. And if the reunion turned out to be really dull, you could steal a car and speed through the streets together. Good times!

  2. Love your post, it’s great !

    So, here’s my answer :

    Marry with : Harry Kennedy

    Harry will make a lovely and nice husband.

    Sleep with : Guy of Gisborne

    Because he’s a sex bomb in black leather. ❤

    Take as my date to a school reunion : Thorin Oakenshield

    Because to have a king as a boyfriend, that's great, lol.

    • littlesallyboots

      Harry would make a lovely husband! Can you imagine curling up in his arms every night?? Awwww! He’s the sort to cuddle you and make you tea when you’re having a bad day…or any kind of day really, because he’s so lovely! 😉
      If he were my husband, I’d make him read to me every night. That voice!! *swoooooon*

    • Oops, sorry AgzyM, I just realized that I have “mixed” the 3 group… 😉

  3. Well, erm, can I just have Thorin Oakenshield for all 3? Sorry for spoiling the game (there’s always one in the playground)
    I would be quite prepared to head off into the mountains with Throin as his new bride-imagine waking up to that every day?!
    Definately sleep with- oh Thorin with your big sword *cough* again, if I was married to him I could get some Thorin action every day – and believe me, it would be EVERY DAY!!
    As for school reunion, hello bitches, look what I scored – and theres you with your balding, overweight nerdy loser husbands. And look at mine…So majestic!
    See it all ties in quite nicely

    • littlesallyboots

      So, if I’ve read this correctly, the only way for you is Hot Dwarf King?! 😉
      Totally understandable. And totally justified. -_-

  4. OK Group 3, here’s my answer:

    MARRY Harry Kennedy, because it would be lovely to be married to Harry… all of that warm, delicious gentle man to wrap around you, sitting by the fire and looking up at you &c.? And the snogging. With tongues. As specified. lol

    SHAG Dr. Track, because he’s a doctor and ostensibly knows where all the important bits are/wouldn’t need tiresome amount of instruction. Also, if one were to die of surfeit of pleasure, he could administer CPR. With tongues.

    CLASS REUNION might be much improved by Heinz Kruger; if someone needed killing or a fast getaway were in the cards, BOOM. There’s your man. Or if you need a cyanide tooth to drop in someone’s drink, a quick snog (with tongues) and you’re in business. Plus, he’ll know how to hide the body.

    And all three men meet my primary requirement: tongues. 😉 I’m a simple girl, really.

    • littlesallyboots

      *cries with laughter*

      Awesome answers!!
      And I am sure Armi’s tongue would be pleased to be of use in every possible situation!
      hehe!! 😉

  5. Bed? Easy! ARMITAGE CHARACTER ORGY (and don’t you DARE judge me!!!!
    Marry: Mr Thronton. I think he’d make an honest girl out of me.
    Reunion: Thorin because what could trump bringing a king who (kinda) has his own freakin’ mountain as a date!!!

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  7. Oh dear, we have to CHOOSE? I like the sound of the orgy better. 😉 Fab post, anyhoo!

    Hm, this is not quite the same as snog/marry/avoid, so options are a little more tricky. I hope you don’t mind me using the term “shag” … it’s not a controversial word in Britain, but it might be in the US?

    The third set of characters is the easiest one, so let’s start there:

    MARRY: Harry Kennedy, in a heartbeat. My kinda guy. Bookish, ADOOOORABLES AND he’s good with numbers. (Having a partner who’s good with numbers is extremely useful if you’re dyscalculic, I’ve come to realise!) Also, he’s sweet and actually not a million miles away from the man I actually married. 🙂
    SHAG: Heinz Kruger. It could be very interesting. And you’ll have to read that sentence in a very forced German accent.
    DATE: Pfft. Dr Track, of course, if he can find the time. Sounds like it could impress the ol’ classmates. “Yeah, this is Alec, he’s totally saving people all the time.”

    Okay, now it’s getting difficult.

    DATE: Sir Guy. I don’t think I’d be happy with him as marriage material. He’s a little too intense, I think. But I could be wrong. No, imagine bringing him and his glare to a reunion. I wouldn’t have to talk to people much (hooray!) and could be somewhere in the back with him instead. 😉
    SHAG: John Standring, in the back of a Land Rover, of course! ;D Something about that rugged sheep farmer is oddly appealing. And he has more than sausages to offer … but I don’t think country life with him is quite stable enough for marriage, so:
    MARRY: John Thornton. He’s lovely, if a bit stiff at times, and while his mother is very involved, I think he’s stable enough financially to not worry about the bills every second of every day, so life would just be more comfortable. Not to mention HE WEARS CRAVATS EVERY DAY. Ohh, I should be so lucky! 😀

    DATE: Thorin Oakenshield. “Yeah I know he looks a bit rough, and yes, he’s a bit short, but he’s a KING, you know!” And when he gets all obsessive and greedy, there’s no break-up, because he just accompanied you to a reunion.
    SHAG: Lucas North, because he’s a spy, so I don’t think I could trust him in a marriage. But being a spy sounds exhilarating.
    MARRY: John Porter, because I think he’s a really nice man. If only he could give up being a soldier and settle down and do something else. Not being a janitor, perhaps, but y’know … something less deadly than being in the SAS.

    Well, there you go. 😉

    • littlesallyboots

      Oh my, you married a Harry-esque chap? Does he have any brothers/friends…? ;P
      Harry is popular marriage material: perfection in a stripy jumper and long red scarf! Bless!

      I love your reasons for taking Guy as your date! hehe!
      I wonder what other kinds of dates Guy would take his lady on…? Riding through the land and a quick tumble in the forest wouldn’t be too shabby! 😉

      Thanks for taking up the challenge!!


      • Yeah of all RA’s characters, Harry is the one most like my hubby. Enjoys books, good head for numbers (not an accountant) and all around wonderful. ❤ They look nothing alike, though, and he doesn't have any stripy jumpers either. 😉

  8. I would sleep with Thorin, just need to try that, Anythithing else I don’t care about.

  9. Ooooh, your groupings are so bad!!!!!!!! They force me to decide several characters I would love to marry or shag. I did this via the exclusion method. But here goes:
    Group 1: Lucas, Porter, Thorin
    MARRY: Hard to decide whether to go for Lucas or Porter for the long-term commitment. In the end I chose Porter – such a gentle giant (just remember his scenes with Katie Dartmouth). Might be on mission for longer stretches of time, but that’s a plus considering that I like my own independence. Not sure if I’d be up to dealing with Lucas’s psychological trauma from having been in prison…
    SHAG: Thorin. Would look out of place at the school reunion and probably get up everybody’s nose with his arrogant majesticness. So better shag him than alienate my friends with him.
    REUNION: That leaves Lucas. Good-looking piece of totty to impress old enemies with. Plus, he’s good at assuming all kinds of roles. He might pretend he’s the Russian oligarch for the evening. In that case I’ll throw in a shag after the reunion *ahem*

    Group 2: Sir Guy, Standring, Thornton
    MARRY: Has to be Guy. I want access and total control over that man forEVER.
    SHAG: Standring. Might be a nice, gentle and quiet change, if I ever need a break from the rough knight. Plus Standring doesn’t seem quite so easy in social settings like a reunion. Better not make him feel uncomfortable and make him comfortable in my bedroom instead.
    REUNION: leaves Thornton. Again a looker to turn everyone’s head. Adept at dealing with nasties. Good in arguments. Probably also a gentleman who will not leave my side unless I want him to.

    Group 3: Dr. Track, Harry, Heinz Krüger
    MARRY: Harry. Exclusion method: Track is married to his work, so not good marriage material. Heinz Krüger is a Nazi – I couldn’t have ideological problems with a husband. Harry is a bit too sweet for my taste, but might be malleable *evillaugh*
    SHAG: Heinz Krüger. Just out of spite. Use the Nazi for own pleasure and then discard him. Ha!
    REUNION: Dr Track. Good-looking hottie (is there a theme here??? Jesus, my schooldays must have been traumatic re. looks…). Interesting job that everybody would like to hear about.

    You can see from my exhaustive answer that I have thoroughly enjoyed your post. Brilliant idea, Hannah – a total hoot. And now I need to go into conclave (…) and figure out why my RL husband is a Harry Kennedy and not a Sir Guy…

    • littlesallyboots

      Aw, sorreee! 😉 That’s the order they came out of the Hot Dwarf King mug! ;P

      You’re the first to choose Lucas as your date to a reunion. He would be impressive to walk in with. And I loooove that you’re thinking of taking Russian Lucas! That’s thinking outside the hot spy box!! ^^

      I imagine Guy would be very possessive with a wife. And quite rough and ready in the marrital quarters. NOTE: these are not complaints!!

      Hot doctor as your date and a quickie with the Nazi! Nice!

      Loved your answers… Gold star!

      hehe! Have you asked your hubby to wear some eyeliner now and then? Tell him the look is very “in” right now! 😉


    • Oooh, bringing Lucas to the reunion because he can play anyone, that’s a very good idea. Not sure I’m ready to swap a shag with him for a shag with Thorin, though. Thorin’s kinda short and hairy, and I do like men to at least be taller than I am. 😉

  10. Group #1 None of them really appeal to me as husband material, but if I HAD to pick one it would be John Porter. I would sleep with Lucas North because he is handsome and sexy and good for nothing else as far as I am concerned. Thorin goes to the reunion with me, although I might be embarrassed walking in there with a man who only comes up to my hips.

    Group #2 I am definitely marrying John Thornton. I love Thornton’s focus and loyalty. Imagine too being kissed by Thorin every morning when I leave for work. Thornton also dresses impeccably. I would sleep with John Standring because he is so sweet and caring. Guy goes to the reunion with me. Unlike most RA’s fans Guy is on the bottom of my list because half the time he looks like he needs a bath, so I would never sleep with him. You couldn’t pay me to sleep with Guy. The most I could handle is taking Guy to my reunion after making sure he bathed and washed his hair.

    Group #3 I would marry Harry Kennedy in an instant! I would sleep with Alec Track. Heinz Kruger goes with me to the reunion. I would make sure to take lots of pictures of us on my digital camera and then have them published in the newspapers. Once Heinz’s fellow nazis sees with their own eyes that he went out on a date with a black woman….well, as the kids would say when I was in school, “his ass would be grass.”

    • littlesallyboots

      Aw, good for nothing else? Poor Lucas! 😉

      Thorin is actually the perfect size for me! hehe! I generally prefer my men a lot taller, but I would make an exception for that majestic beauty…Yum!!

      Thornton is a gentleman and a fine husband he would make!

      Haha, I love that you want to wash Guy before you’re seen with him in public!
      I know I would love to take a bath with him… -_-


  11. Too difficult to decide!!! 😉

  12. Group One:
    Marry – Thorin Oakenshield – Sing Misty Mountains to me every night, my King! (I bet he’d get turned on if I stopped saving my legs, too.)
    Sleep With – John Porter – I love me a man in a uniform or out of one, in his case.
    Date – Lucas North – Lucas would be fun making legends to mess with my classmates. (And I don’t really want to sleep with anyone who got prison tats.)

    Group Two:
    Marry – Sweetie John Standring –He’s a perfect partner in life. He’s hardworking, down to earth, generous, protective, loyal, understanding, nurturing, etc…
    Sleep with – John Thornton- Kiss me silly, and then tie me up with that cravat because you’re angry about my speculating on the markets. I’ll call you my Master all night long.
    Date – Sir Guy -We would have a total blast hanging with my classmates talking about D&D and Madrigals.

    Group Three:
    Marry- Harry Kennedy – Sexy, smart and funny, now that’s a triple threat. Going for long walks, reading books while spooning on the couch, and snogging with tongues.
    Sleep with – Heinz Krueger – He’d get the mission done. Not marriage or reunion material.
    Date – Dr. Alec Track – Because who wouldn’t want to show up at their reunion dating a handsome doctor?

    • littlesallyboots

      Thorin probably would appreciate a bit more hair on his women! What an excellent reason to stop shaving your legs! haha!
      Hot doctor as your date to a school reunion – you really can’t go wrong there! 😉
      Awesome answers and (well thought out) reasons – thanks! ^^

  13. What fun! This sounds like a “Fantasy Football Team” that the guys play. Ha!

    And it is so hard to choose. But here goes.

    1) I would marry: Lucas to give him some TLC;
    John Standring (I kinda already did, ha!); and
    Harry Kennedy because I haven’t done my taxes yet. Ha!

    2) I would sleep with:
    My husband, I hope. Ha! But as “backup” husband, I would take:
    Thorin, because I wouldn’t have to strain to kiss him;
    Sir Guy–love that Guy Candy; and
    Dr. Track–that bed side manner, you know

    3) For my reunion dates:
    John Porter–just to see the other gals drool over his “guns”, too;
    John Thornton–handsome, successful, honorable, & gorgeous; and
    The man behind Heinz, but not Heinz–for obvious reason.

  14. What a great idea for a post! There are some really difficult choices here, but I am game for anything. I am in agreement with your choices for the first group – and for the same reasons too!
    As for group 2 – this is the hardest choice for me between dear Thornton and sweet Standring for marriage. But there is no trouble deciding who to just sleep with! Sir Guy would be quite the experience I am sure! I think finally, if I have to choose – then I would say that Standring would be my choice for marriage only because he wouldn’t be as impressive as Thornton at the HS Reunion! How’s THAT for shallow? (Well, I had to break the tie SOMEHOW!)
    Group 3- was easy as I am all for Harry as the marrying kind – I adored his proposal! As for the other two, Dr. Track would definitely be choice bedmate, which leave Heinz as a very interesting Reunion date.
    Thanks for the fun daydreams! 🙂

    • littlesallyboots

      Aw, another vote for marriage to Lucas! That’s a grand total of 3 for that hot spy! 😉

      Nah, that’s not shallow; you want to impress as a school reunion, (if you have to go to one), and nothing like a pretty man in a cravat to impress folk! hehe!
      Heinz would be the most interesting choice for a reunion date – peeps would be talking about him for reunions to come!


  15. I might need some intense therapy after this post. Who knows who I’ll end up dreaming about when I finally get to bed in about six hours! Okay, you evil wench, I will answer the question:


    Two thirds of this answer are a given, because I am already married to Standring and Thorin in different RP’s. Therefore, loyalty dictates I choose them. The problem comes with the third group. No way would I marry a Nazi. Well, unless I was a spy and wanted to milk him for information for years. So, he’s out. On the other hand, Dr. Track is not ready for commitment at all and uses his work as an excuse not to open his heart, and he’d have to leave the ringer on constantly, which could lead to pesky phone calls at completely inappropriate moments so, no way! This, ironically (I can almost hear God laughing at me and saying ‘I told you so’), leaves me no choice but to marry Harry. I say no choice because being alone is hell, people and, well, the man IS hot and loves to read! The accountant part…meh. The only good thing about that would be to have someone to do my taxes, just as long as he doesn’t talk about it.


    (cue the strings of Bootylicious)

    I am not a fan of men who are covered in tattoos, but Lucas is my twisted love and I would feed him well, bulk him up and then he can grab my wrist and pin my arm over my head while he kisses me all he wants! *cough* The second choice is a given. C’mon, it’s too easy! We’ve all seen Guy wet. Just get him a bar of good, moisturizing soap, help him out of that shrinking leather before it cuts off his circulation and teach the man what love is all about. Marian can go live in the forest with her pimply boyfriend while I hold on to Guy’s long, curly hair as he screams my name. Oops! Sorry, guys, I forgot that this is not a fanfic. *cough* Last, but not least, I always loved to play doctor as a child, so why not play with the real deal? Paging Dr. Track!

    (cue the strings of Urgent)


    Ah, John Porter. Por-tah. Owner of the Porn-ter. OOOF! If there ever was a smoking hot hero, our favorite soldier is it. He can rescue me any day of the week. Heck, if ever I am kidnapped by terrorists for real (God forbid), I will pretend Porter exists and is coming to rescue me, so I can find hope in a hopeless situation. So, yeah, I would show him off to my former classmates and let the intensity of his sass, courage and raw sex appeal burn holes into their eyes as they ogle him in my arms and die of jealousy! Ahem…moving on. Next, the brooding Mr. Thornton. He’d have to leave the huge chip on his shoulders at home but the prospect of ‘accidentally’ untying that cravat of his while we dance is almost too much to bear! That, of course, leaves Mr. Nasty Ketchup Spy on the roster. He’d have to take off his glasses, though. I’ll just get him an elegant, well-cut navy blue suit that clings to the peaches and thighs of thunder, and away we’ll go, to scare the heck out of the witches who used to bully me way back when. If he needs to practice his poisoning or backstabbing skills while we’re there, so be it. I survived and so can they!

    Thank you, Miss Boots. This was fun, but Guy is calling me. Over and out!

    • littlesallyboots

      Wow, that was some well thought-out reasons!

      You mentioned one of my fave Lucas seduction moments…the whole pinning wrist to the bed thing! Oh my! *swoon* (Bloody Sarah! ;P)

      I love that you’ve sent Marian off to live in the forest! Haha! She is/was a fool! As was her er, “pimpley” bf! haha! It’s all about Guy! And I would most definiely jump that hottie too!! YUM!!

      If I took Porter to a reunion, I would accidentally on purpose spill my drink down him so he would have so spend the rest of the evening topless! Or, ya know, just convince him to turn up topless – tell him was a topless theme or something! -_-

      Thanks for taking up the Armi challenge – your responses made me laugh so much!!!
      And thanks for the soundtrack inserts! hehe!

      *runs off to read your Sir Guy post*

  16. I have returned in the light of day to have a look again. This is still as funny as it was last night. I sooooo loved reading everyone’s responses. This should really be kept for keeps, if you know what I mean… Maybe this should be part of a Armitage Army Membership Application Test 😀

    • littlesallyboots

      This has been lots of fun – I’ve loved reading everyone’s responses too. Choosing between Armi characters has sure proven tricky! hehe!

      Oh my, an Armitage Army Membership Application Test! Genius!
      Roll up! Who’s ready to take their AAMAT?! ;P

  17. I got a great laugh out of this one about Porter: “He’s just so tough and strong and steaming hot!! I’d want him to pick me up and throw me on the bed! Yum!”
    So whose footwear would be looked at the most during your reunion? Thorin’s or yours?


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