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Due North: Lucas North

*Guest blogger alert!*

As you may know from the lovely Agzy’s intro yesterday, the awesome Armitage admirer has granted me this exciting (and ever so slightly scary) opportunity to be a guest blogger for this week of Armitage delights!  ^_^
So here I am – eeek!
It all came about with a spot of Lucas North perving *ahem* rambling/general admiration for his beauty – one of my favourite/daily/hourly pastimes…Oh, Lucas!

What better, for my first post (EVER), to talk about that insanely beautiful spy!?!
(I can think of nothing. Except perhaps stroking that beautiful spy. *mind wanders*)

SO! (Take 2)
SPOOKS is my “go-to” RA viewage.
It’s what I turn to when I need a bit of a pick-me-up; or when I just *need* to see his FACE!!
(I’m sure you all get those needy pangs!)
I cannot get enough of Lucas and his luscious legs. Boy, do I love his legs! But more about his legs later. (No, really!)

THUS (which is really a fancy “so”)
In the name of FanstRAvaganza4,
I invite you to take a trip down Lucas
Memory Lane with me….
I have picked 10 of my fave Lucas moments/attributes/ponderings/
swoon-er-iffic type stuff.
One for each letter of his name! Happy days!

If you’ve not yet watched Spooks I should probably add a

So (last time, promise!), without further ado,
let’s hop on the hot spy train:


First stop:





I remember seeing the BBC trailers for the new series of Spooks, and getting all excited by his wee FACE!
Oh, the anticipation!!
And then he arrived.
Dear Lucas North was delivered back to Blighty after spending 8 years in a Russian prison. And Mr Armitage had lost over a stone in weight to meet the character’s description.
Oh, the commitment!!
They lifted that hood. He squinted as he adjusted to the light. He staggered over to Harry Pearce in his faded and frayed blue jumper…wee bit of stubble, hair slightly greasy and tousled…looking tired, in need of nourishment and a decent cuppa!
Meanwhile, in my living room, I whimpered and whispered many-a-thank-you the casting people of Spooks…

Next stop





One simply cannot discuss Lucas without mentioning his tattoos!
They are, like his FACE, a work of art! -_-
And they are EVERYWHERE (well, near enough; I’ll bet there are one or two others we are not privy to. ALAS!)
Now, I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan of men with lots of tattoos, indifferent really; but DEAR GOD, I was (still am) in awe of Lucas’s!
I think what I love about them is that they near enough “define” Lucas. They are not random tattoos he decided to get “for a laugh” or when he was drunk; they were all attained during his 8 year imprisonment and were integral to his survival.
“Tattooing is part of the culture in there, if you don’t do it, you don’t belong; if you don’t belong…you’re dead.”
Lucas to Harry, as he stood in that bathroom…washing himself…(oh my!)

So, in short: I really (reeeaaally) like Lucas’s tattoos.
Let’s all take a moment now to think about them…

Third stop on this journey is



CHASE ME WITH THOSE FINE LONG LEGS!                                              (Preferably whilst wearing snug-fitting jeans)


Agzy will know I am a lover of Armi’s legs.
They are just so long and lovely…
They come up to *here* when mine only come up to <there>….ya know? -_-
They are damn fine legs!

Lucas does a fair bit of running in the name of MI5, and I fully support it.
Tea has been known to have been spilt when he zooms across the screen, taking big strides as he goes in pursuit of the baddies. Or to get away from them.
Whichever, I just like all the running.
What’s also impressive, is that he can do all this running whilst wearing some rather tight-fitting jeans. They show off those fine legs without actually showing the legs.
And now, please enjoy a medley of (completely gratuitous) pics of Lucas & his legs.

Scheduled stop No.4 is




Mr Armitage can say it all with a look.
And a flutter of the eyelashes. And, while we’re at it, a raise of the eyebrows.
(Those beautiful eyes really suit a heavy application of eyeliner too; but er, that’s not necessarily relevant right now… o_o)

  There’s so much depth to the character of Lucas.
He’s intelligent and shrewd; enigmatic and complicated.
He’s constantly battling with an inner torment and – shush – secrets!
And those eyes glitter with all his emotions and sensibilites.
I could watch Spooks on mute and still comprehend all his heartache.
(But I wouldn’t do that too often because it means I would be deprived of that gorgeous voice…!!)
The eyes: They really do say it all.

Next station is




So the lovely Lucas wasn’t very lucky in the love department.
Okay, Elizabeta was rather sweet.
But then came Sarah. Humm.
Her American accent was my main problem, it was just so awful – as in, so obvious that it was a non-American actress attempting to do an American accent. And failing – that it really ought to have been enough to put Lucas off in my opinion.
(*Holds up hands* I just had to be honest there. I’m sorry! Sort of).
Next up, of course, was moody Meya. Or traitorous madam. Whatever works for you.

Now, what I really would’ve loved to have seen was a wee romance between
Lucas & Ros.
They would have made an interesting and rather sophisticated couple, what with Lucas’s charm and chiseled good looks & Ros’s frosty “bit of a badass” persona.
Shame. I think there was a spark there… ^^

Which leads me nicely to our next calling point…



…but I think “Pete” would have made a fine fiancé!


Just a shame he was a fictional fiancé, eh?
Still, credit where credit’s due:
“Pete” (AKA Lucas) did send flowers to “Jenny’s” (AKA Ros’s) “workplace”.
He turned up for a “surprise” visit on her “first day”.
His fictional office only being “round the corner” after all.
And he even threw in a few kisses and told her “boss” that he was her fiancé.
Okay, all was in the name of the wee undercover op that was being staged, but hey, you gotta love Lucas’s commitment. He really sold it!
And check out how chuffed Ros looks in the bottom right pic. Yes indeedie –  she luuurrrves Pete too!
So let’s hear it for Pete!!
Woo to the hoo!
(P.S “Pete and Jenny” did look rather cute together! Aww!)

For the seventh stop, I bring you




Clue: a bucket of cold water may need to be thrown over me!

Lucas, being a troubled and complicated soul, has a lot of repressed anger inside of him, and when he has the chance to vent some of it – oh boy, he doesn’t hold back!
Now, I wouldn’t want to cross Mr North, but if he wanted to jump into a swimming pool to punch a bad guy out, (perhaps in my honour), then I am not going to stop him.
Jeepers, do I heart that scene!
No messing about – straight in the pool, fully clothed and out to get results.
And the result that I’m not so secretly grateful for is Lucas in tight WET jeans…shaping his thighs and bum very nicely…very nicely indeed!
Job well done, angry Lucas!

On we go now to




My heart skipped a beat the first time Lucas spoke Russian.
First the tattoos, then the Russian – all in his very first episode!
Okay, so he’s been in a Russian prison for the last 8 years, and his ex-wife is Russian, chances are the hot spy is going to know some of the lingo.
Even so, knowing that Armi learnt to speak Russian for the role… ugh, he is just too perfect!


And not only were we treated to Lucas speaking Russian, we also had Lucas pretending to be Russian…remember that wonderful episode…?


The penultimate stop brings us to




Okay, so Lucas tends to wear a lot of blue clothing.
We know he looks good in blue; the wardrobe department clearly know he looks good in blue. I’m sure the man himself knows blue is a good colour on him.
(Brings out his eyes, innit!)
But there was that out-of-office-hours item of clothing that Lucas seemed to favour; and it made an appearance in all three of his seasons as a spook.
Yes, that fetching black vest top.
Nice tight fit. Showed off the arms. Showed off the tattoos.
Looked good with his dark hair.
I approve of this black vest top.
Oh look, here he is putting it on…

(I really should have put those pics in reverse order…Lucas taking clothing off is much more fun. ^^)

Last stop now, kids! And it is of course




One can’t deny that Lucas North’s story wasn’t a bloody emotional one.
He arrived damaged. He’d been tortured. He’d suffered for his country.
No one was sure if he could be trusted.
He had to work hard to prove his worth to Harry & co.
And prove himself he did with his many bold moves, courageous acts, and save the day in his special Lucas way moments.
His journey was chock full of thrills and spills and edge of the seat action.

He ran around, putting those long legs to good use.
He drew us in with his piercing blue eyes and made us want to hold him and love him and all that jazz!
He spoke Russian and had lots of tattoos.

He breathed and blinked and everything.

You wanted him to arrive on your doorstep and say:
“You’re coming with me!”
(I wouldn’t even stop to grab my coat).

He was pretty darn awesome.
And soooo beautiful.
Okay, so not everyone was a fan of Lucas’s “road to ruin”.
I was pretty heartbroken.
But come on, Armi embraced that “what the fudge?” plot twist and he
At the end of the day, whatever did or didn’t or should have occurred:
LUCAS NORTH, know this…

❤ ^_^ ❤

Well, if nothing else, I think I’ve proven that I could ramble on about Lucas North all day/month/year…
There’s lots of things I love about my favourite spy, but I hope the handful I’ve shared have made you smile 🙂
I’d love to know your fave Lucas moments/scenes etc, so please share them if you so wish!

I reeeaaally love Lucas -_-
*runs away*

x x x x

*runs back*

One more thing!
Now you know that Spooks is my “go-to” TV viewage when in need of an Armi fix, I’m curious to know… What’s YOURS?
Are you devoted to Mr Thornton, or is Guy with guyliner your character of choice?
Are you happy with Harry, or are you a fellow Lucas lover?

Vote for yours here! (Ya know, if you fancy it… ^_^)
And if your fave isn’t on the list, please tell me all about him in the comments box.

Thanks for reading!!
Happy FanstRA4 everybody!! ^_^

About littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

Doodler; dreamer; tea drinker. Kinda small. Kinda awkward. Aspires to be much muchier. Would muchly like to stroke Richard Armitage

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  1. I loved this post! You made me smile – I’m a newcomer to Richard Armitage Appreciation and am currently making my way through Spooks – (and Strike Back, just finished Robin Hood) and Lucas North is sooo delicious and i heartily agree with everything you said! but for me my go-to viewing has to be Thorin Oakenshield, he just makes me melt, turns my legs to jelly and makes me want to go live in a mountain!

    • littlesallyboots

      Hey! Aw, thanks, happy I made you smile; well, happy Lucas made you smile, hehe! 🙂
      Glad you’re enjoying catching up on Spooks. Lucas is definitely delicious – I’d sure like to lick him! ;P

      Oh my, Thorin Oakenshield! -_- Seeing Armi on the big screen in his full dwarvin’ beauty did things to me I can never recover from. Nor do I want to. 😉
      Hehe, yes, I’d happy make the mountains my new home too, if it meant being by that hot dwarf king’s side! Yum!

  2. Great post!! Thanks for sharing your love for Lucas with us!! 😉

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  4. Yay Ms Boots, what a wonderful post!
    That Lucas is a bit of alright! Wouldn’t kick him out of… well… you get the idea.
    The thing that I adore about our sexy spy is that he’s different in each series, both physically but also undergoes a huge change. I know many don’t approve of season 9 but I always say this. Not many Spooks characters get to have an exit that lasts all season long (usually a quick bomb does the trick) and Richard played that unravelling of Lucas so well, the story may have been stretched as much as Lucas’ jeans, but Richard made it work (again, like filling out those tight Lucas jeans…)!

    • littlesallyboots

      Yey! Glad you like! Thanks for letting me decorate your blog with all things Lucas! 😉
      It’s true – an entire season was devoted his exit…well, the run up to it! That’s because he was too awesome to be lost in a mid-season explosion!
      I love how he looks in season 9 – all extra buff and gorgeous and come-here-and-let-me-stroke-you! Armi not only showed us how you rock a major plot twist, he also looked damn fine for his last season as a spook! Yey him!

  5. Brilliant post, Hannah (?). I loved the bits and pieces you focussed on. And as you know, I am very much with you on the lingo issue. I only need to hear Lucas say “spassiba” and I am done… Anyway, I lolled quite a bit while reading, your asides are priceless. Hope to read more, soon or somewhere 🙂

    • littlesallyboots

      Hey! Aw thanks, so chuffed you enjoyed it 😉
      I loved putting it all together…and spending time with Lucas is never a bad idea!
      If that wasn’t swoon-worthy enough, spending time with Russian Lucas – oh my! *falls to floor*
      I may have to make Lucas speaking some Russian my new text message notification! ^^
      And yep, it’s Hannah – SallyB is my wee nickname – it’s a Pushing Daisies thing! 😉

  6. Great post!! It made me smile. I’m doing my first RA post this year too, and I hope mine goes as well as yours did. 😀 Well done!!

    • littlesallyboots

      Thanks so much, glad it made you smile! Yey!
      Best of luck with your post, I’m sure it will be fab. And I will be sure to check it out when it’s up! I had so much fun putting my post together, so if you have fun you can’t go wrong! Plus, it’s all in the name of the tall beauty, so yeah, ’nuff said! hehe!

  7. Nice to “meet” you, Ms. Boots. 🙂
    Your whole post made me laugh out loud! (Can we become BFF’s?)
    I especially love how you call Richard “Armi.”

    • littlesallyboots

      Howdy, Nat, my new BFF! hehe!
      Happy as can be that you enjoyed my love for Lucas ramblings! ^_^
      I sure enjoyed putting it all togther and spending extra time with the hot spy!
      Teehee, I’ve got into the habit of referring to him as Armi recently; I like to think that he’d approve, and quite possibly find it quite an endearing nickename! 😉

  8. I love Lucas too!!! Lucas is one of the sexiest character and I enjoy going back to watch those episodes of Spooks.

    • littlesallyboots

      Yey! Lucas love high-5! 🙂
      He sure is one damn sexy spy! I never tire of watching Spooks and watching him run around the streets of London. Yum!

  9. I really enjoyed this post ! (i must say I’m having a Lucas blues because you now, bravo 😛 )
    Here’s the link of a gif where Lucas TAKES OFF the black vest top… enjoy 😀

    • littlesallyboots

      Sweet lord! I just had to pick myself up off the floor! Yummy!! Thanks for sharing! 😀

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Aw, don’t have the Lucas blues… unless it’s his tight blue jeans! 😉


    • How could we fail to enjoy something as heart-stopping as that! 😉

  10. Wonderful post, thanks AgzyM. 🙂

  11. Just great fun! Really good post 😀

  12. Fantastic post. There’s so much of Lucas to love. I would add: the episodes where he deals with teenagers.

    • littlesallyboots

      Hey! Thanks muchly, I really enjoyed getting intimate with Lucas 😉
      I feel Lucas is rather father figure-esque when he deals with teenagers…which makes me think of him fathering children…which makes me go all giddy! -_-

  13. Where in the world did Agzy find you, Miss Boots? Welcome to the fold, naughty lamb!

    Lucas North is a character who haunts me. To paraphrase part of an answer Richard gave to a question once: “His voice is what stands in the corner of my room at night.” Your choices for the anagram were very good. His story broke my heart and part of me has never been the same. I can’t…

    • littlesallyboots

      Hey there!
      I’ve been a follower of Agzy’s fabulous blog for quite a while, but I only stepped out of the shadows to say cooio a few months back! hehe! And now I’m blogging my Lucas lovin’ heart out! My, how things change! 😉
      The character of Lucas is definitely one you can’t forget in a hurry(/EVER).
      I remember crying “noooooo” at the tv (yes, that actually happens ;P) the first time I sat down to watch ep1 of season9, when it’s first hinted that he might not be who you thought he was… everytime I watch it back I my heart cries a wee bit. But Armi did portray the part so well, and he’s just so beautiful… I can’t help but love him! 😉
      Sounds daft, but I was more upset by the fact that his name wasn’t really Lucas, than by his shady past! Lucas North is a cool name! Therefore I will only think/refer to him as Lucas! Haha!
      Thanks for the welcome btw! ^^

  14. I love all his roles- and Lucas was a real favourite, but I think my favourite besides Harry Kennedy was John Standring. He really tugs at my heartstrings. He is such a sweetheart.
    Thanks for this post!

    • littlesallyboots

      John Standring is a cutie pie! Good choice! 😉
      I’ve not watched Sparkhouse in ages (I really need to see it again)! It was actually the first thing I saw Armi in, though a few years before I took a real “interest” in him… that came about when he moved into Sleepy Cottage as that handsome stranger. Yum! There are some nice shots of his lovely long pre-Lucas legs in Vicar of Dibley too, hehe!!

  15. Words cannot convey how much I loved reading this post.
    You, madam, are brilliant. And so correct. Thank you for putting into words and pictures everything I (we?) love about Lucas!

    • littlesallyboots

      Aww! *cyber high-5*
      So happy you enjoyed my Lucas lovin’ ramblings/picture frenzy!!
      My love for that hot spy really is off the chart! hehe!

  16. Fantastic post Sally Boots!! Loved the whole thing – including all those swoonworthy pics. 😀 I had to choose John Thornton of course as he was my first love, but Lucas is certainly a close second – or should that be John Porter, or Guy, or Harry, or Dr Alec?? You know how it is! Of course lately my mind has been taken up with a certain Dwarf King! *guh* It really is hard to choose one over the other, if not impossible, when behind each incredible character is the same multi-talented gorgeous human being.

    But to get back to Luscious Lucas – he had me from the first glimpse of him emerging from the black hood and I was never quite the same again. IMO, no other actor could have played that beautiful, complex and troubled spy; “sublime” was how Hermione Norris described him and I agree with her 100%. Even though his “downfall” broke my heart, I had to admit that he pulled that off too, looking – amazingly – even more stunning if that were possible. No small accomplishment when I think Lucas was so gosh darned sexy right from the moment I clapped eyes on him in S7!!

    • littlesallyboots

      Hey! Glad you enjoyed the all things Lucas Love fest! I had to remember to breathe whilst making those collages…he is just too beautiful!
      John Thornton is always a good choice; that adorable character is like a big warm hug in period attire! ^^ He’d probably be my seconds choice…thoughit might be Harry, or Porter, or Guy…or, yeah, same problem – they’re all rather wonderful in their own way! 🙂
      Mr Armiatge as Thorin Oakenshield did things to me that I shall never fully recover from! Seeing him on the big screen as a insanely pretty dwarf…MUH!

      Ah, yes, let’s get back to Lucas 🙂 I quite agree, I don’t think there are many actors who who could have portrayed the complexity of the character in such an intense and mesmerising way. And Hermione Norris deserves a high-5! 😉
      Despite everything that came about, he still drew you in and you still had sympathy for him. And still wanted to rip that fetching black vest top off him and have him throw you on the bed… *AHEM* -_-

  17. Hi Little Sally Boots! I do love Lucas, and all Mr. Armitage’s characters. But I have a special soft spot for John Standring. He was just so sweet!

    • littlesallyboots

      Aw yes, John Standring is a lovely chap, he definitely tugs at the ol’ heartstrings!
      I want to ruffle his hair and hug him! 😉

  18. Thanks so much for this brilliant blog – I loved it. And how right you are, he certainly had me at “hello, Harry” – his voice at its haunting best.

    • littlesallyboots

      Hi there!
      Yey, glad you enjoyed all the Lucas love! ^^
      Pretty much go weak at the knees whenever he talks; his voice is as enchanting as his face…*SWOON*

  19. Lucas North is not my favorite character, but he looks soooo good! * sigh * Great post!

  20. Miss Boots, this post was perfection! So much humor and Lucas’s fine attributes all tied into one delicious package! I’d say more, but my mind is a little bit fuzzy after all of those delectable pictures. 😉

    • littlesallyboots

      Aw, thanks muchly! Glad you enjoyed hopping aboard the hot spy train! 😉
      Hehe, my mind went rather fuzzy too when creating all those collages -_- Spending so much time with Lucas brought with it a lot of swooning! But I picked myself up off the floor every time and soldiered on! Ah, the things we do for that tall beauty, eh?! 😉

  21. I love what you say about Lucas and Ros–there were all the hints of chemistry, especially toward Ros’ end. Too bad. I thought sparks would have flew between them. Love your post–Lucas so much can be said about him!

    • littlesallyboots

      Tis too bad about Lucas & Ros, I think the writers missed out on a wonderful spook-y romance there! ^^
      Oh my, I could go on about Lucas all day…and sometimes I do! ;P

  22. Great post! I just love Lucas’ black sleeveless t-shirt! It’s so, “I’m dressed, but I can change than in an instant if you’re up for it.” Ha! Sorry, I’m feeling wicked.

    • Go ahead Grati!! You’re in good company! 😉 We might as well decamp to the Naughty Corner en masse! 😀

    • littlesallyboots

      I just had to give the black vest top a mention – he always looks mighty fine in it!
      And you’re so right, it can be taken off in one swift move if the occasion calls for it! Yum!
      Let’s all go to that naughty corner! It’s a happy place to be, hehe!

  23. Love the post. I think you can tell from my user name, I’m with ya!

  24. Love this post! Lucas is my “go to” also.

  25. After seeing the part of the pictures involving legs which clearly shows his well-formed butt, I thought of something. If we saw more of RA, you could start a segment of your blog called Bum Watch.

    • littlesallyboots

      You may have started something there, Brooke. We could all do with more of Armi’s beautiful behind in our lives! 😉


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