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Happy Sherlock Day! Now give me some smutty M/M fanfics to make it all better…

The post title refers to it being 02/21/13 (as written in the US) today, meaning 221 13 (B) meaning the house number of Sherlock’s residence on Baker St.

Most people don’t know that I’m actually quite a potty mouth in RL, but I don’t really feel like going back and deleting.

Not today anyway…


It never ceases to amaze me, at the same time freaking me the fuck out, how life, and the way you look at it, can change in a matter of minutes.

Things are definitely pants right now and I’m still figuring out how to cope with certain situations.

I know some of my fellow RA blogger find comfort in writing posts, either as a way of escaping RL crap, or as a means of actually understanding the whirlwind events in life.

I’m not sure I’m able to do that (or maybe not just right now…), not because I don’t believe that I would find comfort in my online friends or doubt the sincerity of their words and wishes.

It’s just that I have a very hands-on approach to any crises situation, not allowing myself a moment of weakness.

OK, I did totally lose my shit when I called my BFF to tell him what was going on, probably freaking him out as I doubt he’d ever witnessed me crying during our 12+ year friendship…

When you insist on being strong for everyone else, there comes a moment when you have to react, and passivity is my way out.

Tumblr is perfect for that, impersonal, somewhat smutty, not too challenging.

Escapism at it’s best.

It’s not so much the need to run away, at least for some time, but what I find most soothing, that has raised my internal eyebrows (whatever the fuck internal eyebrows are…).

You’d think I would retreat to RA, his characters, The Hobbit, Aidan Turner, or something down those lines.

I really can’t explain my sudden interest BBC’s Sherlock.

I think it was spurred on by a Hobbit/Sherlock crossover fanfic I had encountered, but not bothered to read.

I’d seen the series a while ago and absolutely adored the modern take on my beloved Doyle stories, not to mention how lovable I found Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Martin Freeman’s Watson.

It’s not the series itself, however, that seems to capture my interest.

I’m so much more interested in Johnlock (a combination of John and Sherlock).

Now, I blame Durincest and Bagginshield for my sudden interest in: fanfiction in general,  M/M character pairing specifically, usually of explicit nature, but I’ll go for some angst every so often.

Damn you: Peter Jackson, Hot Dwarf Armitage and Hot Dwarf nephews, and especially talented smutty fanfic authors who know no boundaries!

What can I say?

There’s nothing like a character played by Martin Freeman finding himself utterly wrecked by another male character to brighten up an altogether grim day.

For the record, as much as I like Freeman as an actor with his wicked sense of humour, and he’s appeared in some of my favorite TV series (UK The Office) or films (The Hobbit), I’ve never really found him attractive as a man.

So how does he end up popping up in my favorite fanfics, usually in some compromising position (and I AM smiling and smirking as I type this…)?

Anyway, the first Johnlock fanfic I’d read, and one that I’m afraid has ultimately spoilt me for all others,  is A Cure For Boredom written by emmagrant01.

Just so we’re clear, this is definitely explicit and covers a range of topics of a sexual nature that some may find disturbing, but I found wonderfully distracting.

Just when the author deserved an online hug from me for perfectly capturing the characters of Sherlock and John while still managing to place them in the smuttiest (and sluttiest) of circumstances, it turned out she’d also written Alternate and Missing Scenes from “A Cure for Boredom”.

These extra chapters are mostly written from Sherlock’s perspective and it was just what I needed to find today.

Oh, it was like finding a banknote stuffed in the pocket of an old jacket when you thought you were skint.

“I was Wats-off, but then you turned me Wats-on.”

My delightfully weird escape, which I can’t explain, even if I tried.

BTW, the way I’m feeling now, I’d sacrifice Martin flying all the way to New Zealand to continue filming The Hobbit just to have him stay in London to film season 3 of Sherlock and provide a new fix.

That should tell you something about where I’m at at the moment.

I’d still love for Richard Armitage to make an appearance in the BBC series though, so maybe I’m not a hopeless cause…

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  1. Thank you for this. Smut, escapism AND sherlock! This will be a good day afterall. 🙂

  2. Sending you many hugs, Agzy. I’m so glad you found something to brighten your day. Here’s hoping that whatever garage is going on in your life abates soon.

  3. I’m sorry you’re suffering and I’m praying for a satisfactory resolution. I hope Max is being nice to you.

    I wish I could get into the thought of Martin Freeman having sex (either as Martin Freeman, Watson, or Bilbo Baggins) but he seems so resolutely unsexy to me that I just can’t. It’s sad because it means that Bagginshield is hard for me to appreciate …

    • Thanks so much!
      I understand about Martin, he’s not my cup of tea at all and I can offer no logical reason why he seems to find himself *cough* compromised *cough* in most fics I read. That’s not nearly as interesting though think about as the ration of M/M vs F/M fics I read. That’s a head scratcher! If it wasn’t for N&S, my only fanfic experience would be limited to some very horny male dwarves and detective. Dear me, maybe best not to delve too much into that 😉

  4. A happy Sherlock day to you, as well. 🙂

    Hang in there, A, sweetie! *hugs* heading your way. And if need be, help kicking some ass. Seriously.

    • Thanks Darling! Got some beyong good news today, with the big scary C eliminated, so I’m beyong chuffed! Talking about kicking some firm Lucas-shaped butt, I understand you will be taking part in FanstRA4, right? I really can’t wait!!!!

  5. Hope your day has become a little bit brighter. Glad you could find something to cheer you up. I myself am just getting into fanfic haven’t got into the “smut” stuff yet. Baby steps…

    • I understand. I hadn’t actually read any fanfics before I dove into durincest and aidean and bagginshield, which really says so many disturbing things about me, I’ll just lay that though to the side, just out of eye-shot LOL! Now anything described as ‘teenager’ seems a bit too vanilla, but it all depends on how well the fic is written and how well the characters are captured. Really, if done well, Sherlock and John going to a sex club seems like a natural progression of their relationship 😉

  6. Hope things are going better for you. I started Cure for Boredom and can’t stop reading it! You troublemaker. 😉

    • Yes, yes I am 😉 Then again, you know how you can start making some trouble of you own… I do remember a Guy, a waterfall and a nosey Marion… whatever happened next, I do wonder (probably more often than I should…).

  7. Can I ask where do you get your fanfics? I’m trying to find some sites that don’t have fics written by 12 year old girls! 😉

    • I’m a member of and I really enjoy the high quality of fics. I’m sometimes right darn shocked at how good they are 🙂

      • thanks for that. Im assuming i can just go ahead and join? I have to confess im getting right into fanfics – never thought i would but there are some really good ones around. I might need to *ahem* explore some more…er…distracting ones.

        • As far as I know you don’t need to join to enjoy the fanfics. I usually just google ‘fanfic’ and what i’m looking for 🙂 Then I disregard the G and PG13, because that’s just the dirty person I am 😉

          • That’s just the dirty person we love 🙂 Glad it’s not the big C.

          • Ok great thanks. Found a couple last night that were pretty good, I thought they were quite “smutty” but I’m new at this so perhaps they were still quite tame to what is out there!

  8. I don’t think people have to be strong all the time so… cry, shoult, curse or read a book, watch a filme… it something makes you feel better… GREAT!!!
    In the meanwhile, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope the ‘crisis’ is over soon!!!

  9. Cześć Agzym:) Dawno u Ciebie nie byłam, strasznie brakuje mi czasu.
    Przykro mi słyszeć że życie postanowiło dać Ci kopniaka…nie za bardzo wiem co powiedzieć w takich razach, może tylko to że chciałabym Cię uściskać ..jutro będzie lepiej Agzym! trzymaj się ..trzymajcie się!
    PS: prawdę mówiąc typ poczucia humoru prezentowany przez Martina Freemana bardzo mi odpowiada , już jakiś czas temu uznałam że jest interesujący a od tego tylko krok(przynajmniej w moim wypadku;)) do uznania go seksownym. Nadal jednak nie dostrzegam atrakcyjności Benedykta C…chyba jednak muszę obejrzeć tego nowego Sherlocka Holmesa:)
    Tyko kiedy ?

  10. Someone mentioned Cure For Boredom months ago and I’m not sure how but I found another Fic that completely hooked me and caused me to jump fandoms. These days I troll thfrustration. Mind linking the I am John Locked Fic?

    • Although I’m not a Tom Hiddleston fan, I do understand fan swinging. I’m a terrible fancheat 😉 The John Locked pic on the side was just my expression of adoration for the character 🙂 It’s a symbol for all the Sherlock fics I read. I’m actually re-reading A Cure for Boredom. A few days ago I read Alone on the Water and it had me in tears. I prefer smutty to pure angst, but this one Ohhhh…..

      • I like both & alternate often back n forth, thanks for the link – I’ve never read more smut since I found the Hiddles fandom though not the only reason I read Fic for. My favorite is Magnus Fic – his Wallander character – it’s the fanfiction which pulled me in the fandom LOL

        • I can’t even really be sorry about the amount of time I spend reading fanfics. I sometimes find myself in an office waiting for a meeting reading some John on Sherlock! Oh, if only they all knew 😉

          • I stopped reading gossip magazines at my beauty parlor, much rather keep up w fanfic on my phone, I did wonder (slightly nervously) if my hairdresser caught something of the story over my shoulder yesterday 🙂

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