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Yup, it’s official! I can’t write a post that doesn’t at least mention Richard Armitage…

Be warned, this post is littered with RA pun pics I never got around to posting for Valentine’s Day.

They truly are not funny, a much too punny.

My only excuse? He made me do it!

:ucas North Spooks car rev my engine

Thank You to all you for your faboosh pics!

I could literally create the perfect Armitage Admirer, a Frankentige, if you will 🙂

I still need more of your face/body parts for my FanstRA4

Keep them coming!

Someone (I call her Miss DoubleS as in super smart for coming up with it…) sent the pics directly from PicMonkey, doing so anonymously, so remember you have the option to ‘share’.

Harry viacr of dibley richard armitage books

I spent the last weekend at the cinema, trying to catch up on all those interesting Oscar films I’ve had to ignore during my exam season.

It was a mixed bag really, and none of the films really knocked my socks (or any other part of my clothing) off.

Time for an  incy wincy confession- as I mentioned before, I absolutely love those few seconds right before the movie or play starts, when the lights go off and you’re waiting for things to start.

Each time it happened I was more than a little disappointed I wasn’t seeing The Hobbit.

Thorin Air New Zealand The hobbit aeroplane

Yup, I think I’ve finally flipped.

Reading dwarf porn and such didn’t convince me, but this has.

But I’ve not completely gone over to the dark side as I still refuse to watch it dubbed.

No, I tell you! Never!

Lucas North spooks Richard Armitage coffee

Anyway, one of the movies we watched was the Kathryn Bigelow film Zero Dark Thirty.

I’m not going into details and I shan’t be reviewing it as I hardly think I’m objective as a student of American Culture, and have a somewhat warped insider/outsider perspective.

The reason I mention it though is because this happened:

The scene shows waterboarding.

I lean over to my BFF Max and whisper:

Me: That looks hellish. Do you know Richard had to film waterboarding twice and it was a horrid experience for him cos as a child he fell into a pond while strapped in a stroller and the experience scarred him for life and he hates water now, but even for Captain America he had to sit in this weird submarine capsule and then they had water pouring into it… poor Richard…. *catching my breath*

Max: Usually grandmothers tell their grandchildren anecdotes about their own life.

You’re gonna be telling them stories about Richard Armitage’s life…

Touché, my dear friend…

And I’ll provide plenty of pictures so my grandkids can see what a real man looked like back in the day…

Lucas North spooks Richard Armitage bum jeans

On top of that, all that sexy commando crap featured in the movie has got me yearning for Porter, so I may have to pull out my combat pants and sexy scarves and give dear John Six-pack a visit soon.

Yes, it’s been a little Armitage crazy around here of almost no fault of my own, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Armitage obsession is an involuntary condition, something you contract, much like the flu.

John Thornton North and south tea cup

Unlike the flu though, some milk and honey and garlic won’t make it all better (unless you think of a VERY creative way of using it… OK, nevermind…).

Then you also need the support of your loved ones to either help you quit altogether or make you as comfortable in your condition as possible.

My sister decided she needed some cheesy viewing and we are rewatching Robin Hood.

Salt, wound, leather, Gizzy…

Can you blame a girl for not being able to come up with a good non-RA post?

Monet Richard Armitage the impressionists

As I suffer my condition, I shall not suffer it in silence (I really can’t do anything in silence…).
So what almost everything reminds me of either Richard, a part he’s played, something I saw/read on tumblr or a fanfic?

Who said that’s not an appropriate way to view the world, filtered through the beauty that is Armitage?

Don’t answer those questions, don’t ever answer them!

If this is wrong, looking at RA, how can a girl ever want to be right?

(again, rhetorical question, no need to answer…).

And that’s what I’m going to be telling my grandbabies 🙂

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  1. I shouldn’t be writing it here (hope nobody hates me for that) but I had a similiar obsession with RA and his characters in the beginning. Now, I’m very comfortable with my admiration for him… I just watched The Hobbit once and don’t feel the need to watch it again… But, regarding Mr. Thornton… there’s a different feeling… I just don’t get tired of him!!! 😉

    • You should write whatever is in your heart without any fear! I think my RA emotions come and go in waves, sometimes I feel more, then I need a little rest. The unknown, unoredictble element for me is the fandom itself. Even if RA and I are on a break, I still feel connected to the fandom and my friends here. We’re a bit like the mafia (of good taste in men…). Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in 😉

  2. I am addicted to Richard. And, NO, I won’t go to rehab! I am not getting over him, and I see no reason why I should want to. Richard improves my life so much, it’s all good. So, yes, I understand, and thanks for the punny valentines.

    • There’s a logic to this loving RA madness and so much good comes of it, I can’t imagine ever really making an effort to back out. The only things that would make me stop are:
      RA turns out to be an arsehole, and let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen
      people in the fandom start acting like arseholes, and that seems even less likely.
      So in other words, as long as I see myself as the only arsehole around, we’re good to go 😉

  3. Bahahahaha! I have just started following your blog – this is the first post I’ve read. And I won’t answer your questions but you and I seem to have a lot in common!!!!

  4. It’s fast coming up on the first anniversary of my Armitageaholic Addiction. And yes, I’m really glad there isn’t a cure for it! 😉

    You already know my answers to those rhetorical questions. LOL

    Love the punny Valentine’s, sweetie!

    Heck, who’s waiting for grandbabies to arrive? I’m telling those around me NOW! (And garnering a few new admirers for him in the process.) 😉

  5. Is it wrong that you ALWAYS mention Richard in your posts ? 😀
    I laughed at your friend’s remark because it perfectly shows how a fan links everything to the object of her/his affection ^^

  6. I love your heartfelt declaration of infatuation! My DH (dear husband) has been tolerating my boundless crush since December. I am also re-watching Robin Hood, mostly because I didn’t enjoy Sir Guy enough the first time through!

  7. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

    I like that Lucas’ bum made an appearance. I like it very much… *ahem*
    I shall now retire to bed and dream of him running and showing off that beautiful booty! Um…yeah… -_-


    • Oh, can you image the money someone would make if they sold a cast of Lucas North’s bum???? Millions, I tell you, would want to *cough* get their hands on it, and they’d be able to order it in stone (like the work of art it is), or maybe velvet (and leather for those kinky Guy admirers)!


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