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Wrapped up in Thornton on Valentine’s Day

Wrapped up in Thornton on Valentine’s Day

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John Thornton Richard Armitage Valntine's Day North and South

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve actually been getting into a frisky romantic mood in the past few weeks, probably due to a need to escape the pressures of RL and exams and such nonsense.

My go-to haven turned out to be North and South, and once again, Mr Thornton kissed and made it all better (although no train stations were involved this time around…).

I tend to rewatch this BBC mini-series about 4 times a year, and when the time comes to pop it into the DVD or my laptop, a girl just knows.

There an itch that only a cravat can scratch.

There are emotions that are forgotten more than a pair of worn leather gloves, and they need to brought to light.

N&S is so much more than merely a love story set in a dirty smokey industrial hell of Milton.

I adore some characters, like the Thornton’s, at the same time I adore to loathe others, like the Hale’s (Yeah, that’s right! I said it! They need to ALL climb out of their self-important arses and get with the Milton program!).

Overbearing Mill master John Thornton North and South

As fulfilling as the series is, I decided to go looking for some fanfics that would prolong my N&S glow.

There’s quite a mixed bag out there, and I was horribly disappointed on more than one occasion when I got terribly involved with a plot (as in 3am and I’m still reading…) only to find out the fic had never been finished.

I’d like to recommend some N&S insipred fanfic, but this is by no means a full list.

Please add any other fanfic recs to comments.

John Thornton collage North and South Richard Armitage

Let’s start off with something a bit saucy.

There are two stories I’d like to recommend, both dealing with the physical aspect of John and Margaret’s relationship after they get married.

I love me some smut, but full-blown slash doesn’t seem to work for these two characters, so I really enjoyed the following stories.

Take Her there with me by Redizded


The story is an exploration of  how things might be between John and Margaret in terms of sexuality, taking into account their passionate nature, but also the strong Victorian inhibitions and rules that undoubtedly would have influenced any couples’ sex life at that time.

And let me tell you, Mr Thornton does not disappoint 😉

Touch by fiablue


The story is set during the course of one evening.

Margaret and Mr Thornton are forced to marry as a consequence of their actions during the riot.

Emotions are still running high, and they are both having to make some big adjustments to their life.

It’s an interesting take on sexual tension and Victorian sexuality in general.

Plus, who could resist the urge to touch a sleeping Mr Thornton?

Lavender and Ink by  FadingWinter


A quick one-shot in more ways than one…

Mr Thornton is alone in his office and can’t stop thinking about Margaret, so he decides to take matters into his own hands… *cough*

Sick of Shadows (chapter 1-8) by lettered


I really enjoyed this fanfic, although it was never finished (but a girl can hope!).

Chapter 9 continues HERE .

You can find what the author describes as Victorian porn (bless her!) meaning the rest of chapter 9 HERE.

Poor Mr Thornton does the right thing and saves Margaret from ruin by marrying her.

This story is full of angst, and the misunderstandings are thick, but there isn’t much John’s love cannot conquer.

John Thornton, Look Back at Me  by Loyal Wynyard


You can also buy the book HERE.

John is tortured by the loss of the woman he so desperately loved, only to learn that things are much, much worse, as Margaret is now a married woman.

A Heart for Milton by Trudy Brasure

You can also buy the book HERE.

The is probably the most famous continuation of North and South, and I really enjoyed it.

This tale unfolds the joy, hope, passion, and fulfillment of the love forged between John Thornton and Margaret Hale as the reader follows their journey through the uncertainties of their engagement to the trials encountered in their first year of marriage …and beyond.

Only criticism? Mr Thornton seems to be a ig fan of the missionary position… just saying it like it is 😉

Master of the Mill by whatcatydidnext


Some of you will loathe the story in which Margaret has to get a job at the mill, Mr Thornton is enjoys some rough sexy time with a slutty Miss Latimer and I’m not even going to start on Henry.

I’m adding this to my rec list because it boldly goes beyond what we believe to be true about our beloved characters.

I hope you enjoy my recs and please feel free to leave yours in comments.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I, too, suffer periodically from the “itch only a cravat can scratch.” Have you tried “The Whistle Echoes”? It’s on DF (see the fiction by character list for John Thornton for this and others). An edited version is also available for purchase on Amazon.

    Then there’s the responses to “The First Time” challenge, which you might enjoy.

  2. Thornton is Thornton… sigh… 😉

  3. Agzy, thanks for this suggestions. John is always such a treat and quite often badly needed! From your list I’ve only read Trudy’s (which is a real classic!!) and Caty’s which I also enjoyed immensely and recommend with all my heart. It actually has a certain edge to it (nothing too sweet here as you mentioned correctly)!! There’s another terrific story (amongst loads of others!) that I liked a lot. It’s written by kleindog:

  4. Pingback: Legenda 66: Stuff worth reading « Me + Richard Armitage

  5. Loved Take Her There with Me and surprised that I’d never heard of it before, even though I’ve heard of the others. Wish I could write N&S fanfic like these awesome people, but it being the first time I’d ever seen RA in, and Thornton being the magnetic figure that he was portrayed has made me in awe of him that he’s still up on that diety pedestal somewhere and I sure ain’t going there…yet 🙂

    • Me too! I’d love to be able to write like that I’m amazed at the high quality of writing when I read different fanfics. I have only just started and I think a fear of love quality held me back. All I can say is Thank Thor for the internet and for all of these talented people sharing their creativity! BTW Take Her There is my feel good fic. I think it’s what I would regard as the most in keeping with the characters 🙂 I’d like to think Thornton was a kind and understanding lover to Margaret, confident and patient 😉

  6. There are fab fics for every taste. Even if you don’t think you like time-travel tales, “How Far the World Will Bend” is a must. It’s the only fic that made be bawl. (It still ends well, don’t worry!) All Kleindog’s fics are good, IMO. Her Guy & Marian story is also not to be missed. “Grant What I Wish” is at C19 and Wattpad.
    I like “True North” by Damaris at C19. If I recall, there’s a scene in the master’s office…. 😉
    For anyone in love with the book, my favorite book continuation is ‘Pack Clouds Away’ at C19. The story feels like a seamless continuation from Gaskell’s. Very sweet honeymoon scene. Rated PG, but the story has Victorian sexual tension and is just lovely.

  7. can sm1 plz gv links fr the c19 fics mentioned here?? i hv read and loved all the others.

  8. Hi,
    I wanted to say thanks for the recs of Sick of Shadows (which was wonderful), and Master of the Mill (which was unexpected and WOW!) in return I offer a rec for Silerias’ The Manufacturer and his Wife on AO3. Alovely and tender series every piece of which is very well written.


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