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About that tiff between Richard and I…

Richard Armitage Canada The Hobbit

Yesterday I mentioned that Richard and I had a bit of a tiff, although, for obvious logistic reasons, only one of us really let the argument get to them 🙂

Here’s what happened:

I came across the clip from George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight where RA was a guest.

I hadn’t seen it before as I was in my pre-Hobbit blackout mode when it first aired.

I thought the interview went well, Armitage was delightful, and the fanvid twist was fun (not to mention the Guy Yum!).

And then that weird thing happened some time around the 10:00 minute mark.

The mention of fans=seats sold

Errrmmmm, I’m sorry, what?

At first I was taken aback by the quip that lasted merely a few seconds.

Then it started gnawing at me that Richard would think about his fans in terms of money and revenue.

It started out as a passing thought, but the upset just built up (I am a woman after all!).

I wasn’t sure if it was that Thorin Oakenshield cockiness that had rubbed off on our usually kind and humble Richard, or perhaps we were seeing the slick Hollywood version of Mr Armitage, meaning the one who was too cool to concern himself with the little people in any other way than what they could do for him.

 I felt compelled to remind him that, as loyal as the Armitage Army was, we had barely made a dent in the almost $1 billion worldwide box office takings, even if we did probably make butt cheek dents in the seats at our local cinemas.

In terms of power and money, let’s be honest, we’re quite powerless, even if we’re Oh so cute! and are a fun to mention during interviews.

What is more, many of us would have seen The Hobbit anyway, regardless of who played Thorin, although having Armitage there made a huge difference.

What we had been doing as Armitage Admirers for years is something that, although not as profitable, some may value much more.

I’m actually really proud each time I hear a fellow admirer representing us so well at events and such.

I’m proud not because they’ve the ones that bought the tickets (and the DVD’s…T-shirts, mascots, action figures, ridiculously overpriced magazines…the list goes on…).

I’m proud because we’re worth so much more than that, something you can’t explain in monetary terms.

The person who made the mentioned video mentioned during the interview spent a lot of time creating something to share their Armitage admiration with other fans, and I’ve also been known to spend hours on silly little pictures, gifs for the sheer joy of being part of this community (I mean what twisted person creates an Armitage tooth fairy or a busy bee? seriously??!!!???).

I really got  myself worked up.

Really worked up!

I decided that I wasn’t able to let go of the likes of Thornton or Lucas North, but maybe me and Richard needed to take a break, meaning I’d stop admiring him while he was oblivious to my existence.

And then I saw this… (taken from The Marilyn Denis Show).

At the end Richard mentions the Armitage Army.

Oh Richard, I’m so very sorry I ever doubted you, I really and truly am!

What can I say?

I’ve been a naughty fangirl and I really need to be punished to apologise.

Let’s kiss and make up shake hands and agree to never doubt one another’s good intentions in the future.

Mr Armitage, you have managed to warm the cockles of my frozen heart…again…

PS. Not sure if this is a good time to mention that your last Christmas card got lost in the mail…..errr….nevermind….

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  1. You know, I never saw that remark about buying tickets the way you did. I’m awfully pragmatic (to a fault sometimes) and it just seemed to me that Richard was acknowledging that he might not be where he is today without his fan base. I do see where you were coming from, though, but I’m glad to see you two have made up 🙂

    • I’m going to level and blame my hormones! How could I EVER doubt Richard?!? He’s been nothing but kind about our craycray fandom 🙂 All well that ends well!

  2. I’m glad you made up…it is infuriating when one side refuses to engage 😉

    • I know what you mean. Richard is ALWAYS the strong silent time when we fight an I so wish he’d speak him mind LOL! (OK, time to seek professional help me thinks…).

  3. Hahaha! Fajnie Cię “słyszeć” po przerwie. Jak się masz ,co u Ci Agzym?
    ….a ten….tego….niczym się nie przejmuj …ja przed okresem też jestem taka drażliwa ( PMS)? 😀

    • Co jakiś czas kobitka musi strzelić focha 🙂 W tej sytuacji niestety zostaje sama z fochem aż sama nie dojdzie do pewnych wniosków hahahaha!

  4. Glad you made up. I was not offended by his remark because it is a very American thing to say, simply because the Movie Industry is exactly that, a for-profit group of corporations who allow thousands of people to support their families by creating art. Of course, you know that. As someone with a business degree, I can tell you that Richard paid us a compliment because “They’re the ones who buy the tickets” = WE are his bosses. He welcomes our videos. He welcomes the adulation. hahahaha … Now dress him up as whoever of his characters you prefer, and do a little cosplay in your dreams tonight, okay? ;p

    • Can I just take a long pause at the thought of being Richard’s boss…. that needs more than a few minutes to analyze LOL (not to mention something I’d really like to spend my money on!)! I want to say so many things here on this specific topic, most of them probably taken straight from an Xrated movie with such a theme, but less said, the better 😉

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