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Ye can bet yer scurvey legs I’m missing The Hobbit!

Thorin Richard Armitage Pirate

Shhhhhh! *whispers* It’s me… don’t look around, pretend I’m not here…

Ahoy, me Hearties!

I should be studying hard, but being away from the fandom has actually opened up a floodgate of RA-ish related thoughts, not to mention a mean case of the North & South itches which I can’t seem to scratch no matter how many fanfics I read, and how many Thornton cravats I tie (and untie) in my mind…

Also, Richard and I had a bit of a tiff yesterday (although only one of us was aware of it for obvious reasons…) but I’ll tell you about it some other time.

I digress.

I have a quick question for you today, and was wondering what your opinion is.

I won’t be seeing The Hobbit in the cinema anymore.

Unfortunately there’s only the dubbed version still out, and I have clearly not yet lost my mind to sit through 3 hours of seeing Richard and yet not hearing him.

I can’t however wait for the release of the DVD, apparently scheduled for release 19th of March in the US.

No, really, I can’t wait.



I know I’ll be buying The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey DVD the moment it’s out, but I wouldn’t mind having something to tide me over.

I’ve been checking my usual online sources, but there haven’t been any good copies out, and I’m too afraid to download it from a torrent.

A part of me feels a bit icky about even contemplating it, while on the other hand it’s not like Warner won’t get my money anyway…

So, I have a question for you today, my dear Mayteys, but remember:

Dead men tell no tales, savvy?

So speak your mind or walk the plank!

By the way, if you do decide to cross over to the dark side, you’ll probably need a new Buccaneer name:

OK, Bloody Bones Holystone needs to go and get back to scrubbing the deck (aka studying for her philosophy exam…)!

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  1. Good luck with the studying! I always did better when I allowed myself some time for something completely different…

  2. Hi Bloody Bones, I just realized that has been long time since the last time I commented on your blog. Sorry about that….

    If I decide to go to the dark side, I would buy IT on the street, because I have no skills / resources to download it :::: 😛 well, I must admit that I’m only awaiting for a good version (so far everything is too dark, or without subtitle) ::::

    Greetings from Bretheren George Storm Swashbuckler! 😀

    • Hello Dear Swashbuckler! I too have been away for a while, so let’s be silent like sharks on the matter 🙂 I’ve seen some terrible versions of The Hobbit, and I really do believe the dwarves deserve to be seen in all their glory! I just read that 8th of April is when we’ll be getting our hands on the dirty company! Not sure I can wait that long!

  3. Ahoy to you all! Bloody George Byrd here! Now isn’t that a great name for a pirate or what?? 😉 “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum” and all that jazz! 😀

  4. Glad to hear from you. Allow yourself some free time to breath and relax… Later you’ll feel more energetic for the studies. Bye from Bucko Patch Jackson… 😀

  5. Love the fanarts. 🙂

    Good luck with the studying. 😉

  6. Just found your blog and enjoyed it soo much, (crying and) laughing myself to tears. 😀

    In Germany, the movie is still playing in the cinemas, but the hobbitless days are near, and the thought alone hurts deep inside. 😥 In the ages to come until the DVD release/the second movie, maybe I’ll read the book, then watch the Lord of the Rings DVDs over and over, then read the LOTR books, then maybe the Silmarillion and all those Middle Earth books by Tolkien. The Movie Storybook, the Official Movie Guide and the Visual Companion are on my wish list. *sigh*

    Just now I’m trying to desensitise myself by visiting on a daily basis, and by listening to the soundtrack, ending up playing and singing along “Misty Mountain” in an endless loop (although it’s hard to turn my mezzo-soprano into a bass voice, but I give my best to become a dwarf woman 😉 )

    P.S. The pics are great – too bad there are no dwarfs in the background of the second one. 😉 BTW, Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Caribbean are not a bad substitute drug at all! ❤

    • Thanks Frau Frau 🙂
      LOL! No, Pirates of the C are not a substitute for our dirty dwarves but how about an elf (meaning Orlando)? Germany also has the big April Hobbit event to look forward to, although I’m not sure Richard is a confirmed guest. I did witness the mass heartbreak on tumblr when Aidan Turner cancelled his appearance 😦 Never trust a dwarf, especially if he’s Irish 😉

      • 😀 Nooo, of coooourse the Pirates are not really a substitute – only a drug which I’ll try to numb the pain until December (alternately watching LOTR and yes, of course because of Orl… the elf 😉 ).

        • I’m hoping for maybe a LOTR + Hobbit marathon at my local cinema 🙂 Can you imagine getting lost in Middle Earth for 12 hours!?!! We’d all end up smelling more or less like Thorin’s company at the end of it LOL!

  7. Captain Bones Jackson:) hihihi!…fantastycznie:D
    PS: Ja nic nia zrobiłam Marek!;) ale kupię film , właściwie mam ich tyle że musiałam je powyciągać z oryginalnych opakowań by zajmowały mniej miejsca . Dość podobnie sprawa przedstawia się z książkami, z braku miejsca upycham je w tapczanach i tekturowych pudłach w piwnicy 🙂 Ostatnio odkryłam że można je oddawać w miejscowej bibliotece ale wciąż nie mogę się zdecydować które chcę oddać.

    • Ja jestem strasznie zachłanna jeśli idzie o książki i chyba nawet głodującym sierotom z dużymi oczami miałabym problemy oddać je. Na szczęście przerzuciałam się w dużej mierze na ebooki, co prawda zapachu drukowanego papieru nie ma, ale mam pewność że nie zginę przygnieciona lawiną książek z empiku 🙂
      Swoją drogą czekam i czyham na pojawinie się Hobbita na jakimś chomiku, ale coś te cholerne gryzonie są wredne i jakość kiepska. A ja jestem w potrzebie i łapie się na tym że tak se myślę o brodach tych krasnali, która ładniejsza itd. To są myśli desperaty!

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  9. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

    Hobbit is still showing in some cinemas near me…though my local screened it for the last time on Thursday, so I may or may not have taken myself off for a sneaky visit to Middle-earth… *ahem* 😉
    Thats probably the last time for me seeing Hot Dwarf King Thorin, sorry ,The Hobbit, on the big screen. But I think 8 times is a good number to leave it on. I can make peace with 8! 😉
    Only 10 months ’til part 2!! and two months until part 1 on DVD! o_o In the meantime, I’ll probably listen to the soundtrack, drool over more Thorin pics and giggle over mad Hobbit related gifs on Tumblr! Happy days!! 😉
    Lucas North will help ease my Thorin withdrawal symptoms too. He always helps… *eyes glaze over momentarily*

    Anyhoo, that’s all for now from Old Squiffy Legs Creeper From the West
    (Er, I have 3 middle names so… ;P)


    • Oh you Creepers, seing he film 8 times may actually make you a bit creepy as well LOL! I jest! I’d totally hit that a few times more, lthough I’ve always felt there one fight scene too many in The Hobbit. When my friends and I started discussing which should be cut, it got bloody (the burning trees? really? you b*stards, we’re friends no more!!!!). Also, not enough topless dwarf scenes, but I’m preparing to write to Sir PJ about that 🙂
      BTW, how’s Lucas? I hope you’re lookinng at him through new interesting eyes 😉

      • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

        Hehe! 8 times is perhaps a tad excessive…but it’s like a drug! A beautiful hot dwarf king drug!! -_-
        Aw, the burning trees scenes is one of my faves! Not because I get a kick out of seeing trees on fire, but more because my heart beats like its about to burst from my chest when Thorin steps all majestic like from the flames, ready to take on that mean Orc, Azog!! Ooh, the determination on his face!! His hair all flying about the place! The slow motion running! THOSE BOOTS!! *falls to floor*
        Anyhoo… *ahem*
        Yeah, Lucas is definitely being looked at! 😉
        I might have to send you a wee LN email later in the week… *wink wink*


        • Thorin climbing down that tree, standing up and walking towards his enemy does things to me that I should never admit to in public… 😉
          My shizzz was dealt with today, so I’ve been letting my mind wonder towards my Lucas-style thoughts 🙂 Can’t wait to swoosh ideas around!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            I can’t help the noises that escape me during that scene… *ahem* I’ll say no more…
            Ooh, yey, glad you’ve got your shiz sorted! That’s a load off your mind at least! 🙂
            And yey too to swooshing some Lucas ideas about the place. I look forward to it!!


          • The thing for me with lucas is those jeans… I really can’t help admire those thighs and butt in those tight (TIGHT I TELL YOU!!!!!) trousers 🙂 It’d be nice to get a fresh perspective LOL! BTW, I’m also a big fan of season 9 and the Lucas/John storyline. Seriously. I love the Lucas character unravel like a woolly jumper and Richard plays out the somewhat far fatched storyline to the absolute best of his abilities. So yeah I like the season because of Richard’s acting and that ridiculous arse LOL!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            I with you on the tight jeans! One of the many, many MANY reasons I heart Lucas so darn much!!!
            Aw, season 9 did break my heart, I cannot lie. The whole “okay, so I’m not actually Lucas” storyline…I willed it to not be so!!! I even shouted “Nooooo!” at the telly-box (yes, that actually happens! ;P). Uh, devastating! And when Maya goes and betrays him…I wanted to shoot her myself!! Boo!! His little face when he realises she’s got a tracker on her… I just wanted to grab him and say “I’LL RUN AWAY WITH YOU! PICK ME INSTEAD!! WE COULD BE GREAT TOGETHER…!” *ahem*
            But I do agree with you when it comes to RA’s portrayal. He acted he socks off!!! And he looks so bloody beautiful in S9!! I mean, he’s beautiful throughout his spell on Spooks, but I think because he’d gained the weight he’d lost in the beginning he was extra yummy and buff and delicious!! ^_^
            Ya know, I think what upset me the most was that Lucas North is such a “cool” name – it stands out. John Bateman…well, it’s just a bit blah! (Apologies to all the John Bateman’s out there…!). I just wanted him to be Lucas!! LUCAS!!!!
            But I had a wee discussion with some peeps on Twitter recently and we concluded that Lucas faked his death and is alive and well somewhere… being all tall and beautiful and wonderful…with his legs all long and luscious…and preserved in his trademark tight jeans. The end! -_-
            Right, kinda went off on one there…and breeeeathe!!!!

  10. I’ve been looking truegh your blog and this was so funny. I’m Red George Jones, it was a good name but I’m a man. Then I had theck out Richard Armitage pirate name and it was even funnier but a really cool name too, Miss Storm From the West. Haha he is the lady pirate and I’m the male pirate.

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