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This needed to be done…

Richard Armitage New York glamour December 2012 glasses taxi

I just have time for a quick post today.

The following needed to be done badly…

Richard Armitage glasses

I can only regret that it stylists didn’t see fit to incorporate the glasses, therefore forcing me to bend reality using my trusty Photoshop.

We’ve waited forever for people to realise what a wonderful actor Richard is, now I’ll be waiting eternity for some stylist to realise he looks amazing in glasses.

People need to go back and rewatch Armitage stuff, like a certain John pretending to be Lucas pretending to be a Russian millionaire…

Richard Armitage Glamour photo shoot glasses

This girl could really make passes at such a guy wearing glasses…

Dear stylists, snap to it 🙂

Richard Armitage cardigan glasses New York The Hobbit

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  1. I’ve got a big grin on my face now!!!

  2. Great googly moogly yes.

  3. This is why it’s so easy for me to envision him playing Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. He could sport some cool 30s era glasses and three-piece suits and wow us as lawyer and loving daddy. 😉

    • Agreed, and so many more possibilites, as long as the accent is good enough (which I really REALLY hope for…). A suburban husband from the 50s, a Mad Man driving a Ford 🙂 The stylists tapping into retro looks for Richard is doing things to me… 🙂

      • Oh, yes. And I thought of Cary Grant roles where he wore glasses, too, because Richard has that sort of suave, gentlemanly charisma that Grant exuded. Richard reminds me much more of the old-time film stars than he does most contemporary actors. He’s got “it.” I love all the retro stuff, too. What that man can do for a cardigan ain’t nobody’s business. 😉

        • He’s what happens when a geek who was dressed by his mum grows yup to be a sexy hunk, an ovary-popper 😉 Bless those little boys who think no girl will ever like them. Those beanpoles with huge noses. One day they’ll wear a cardie and glasses (at least in my dreams) and drive people (because it’s not just the women…) mad with lust!

          • I love geeks, I married one. And he grew up and into his looks, too. RA is someone I can easily see straight guys having a serious mancrush on, as well as gays and of course, we red-blooded females. So many wanne-bes think they are all that, when RA IS actually all that and MORE! and still such a modest and humble sort of guy, bless him.

        • I’ve always thought Richard has a Cary Grant-esque quality about him. Can’t you just see him reprising the John Robie role in “To Catch A Thief”? ‘Scuse me, I need to go over in the corner and *SIGH* for a bit. 😉

          • John Robey the Cat?? I am SOOOOO already on that ship. I even did a blog post about it, zan! Humor, intrigue, romance, beautiful scenery (and I am not just talking about RA here) and Richard in head-to-toe black. Works for ME!! (Love Grant AND Hitch).

          • GMTA!!!!!
            Looks like I need to go read (or re-read) some of your posts, Angie! I don’t remember that one. But that could have been before my time here.

            Grant and Hitch were a great team. Agreed!

            Maybe I’ll pop the TCAT DVD in whilst finishing up the laundry and imagine dear Mr. A in the lead role. 😉

          • It’s been a while and there have been so many posts LOL You know one of Richard’s favorite films is a Grant/Hitch collaboration. “North by Northwest.” Also one of hubby’s and mine. 😀
            I will have to go back and try to find that TCAT post.

          • Found it! Read it! Spot on!
            Thanks for telling me about it.

            OK, I’ll stop hijacking A’s ‘glasses’ post now. 😉

          • Oh, good! I don’t think Agzy minds. It is tied into RA, after all. 😀

          • No, of courcse I love to read your comments ladies 🙂 No such thing as off topic or monopolising over here. Oh, or spelling mistake for that matter LOL!

  4. I love it!!! He looks so good in glasses. I’m thinking Harry Kennedy and the ep of Spooks in which he wears the protective glasses. Yum!

    • Yum Yum in this weirdo’s tum 🙂 Reading glasses… I’m melting… I have a thing for them on ordinary people, I’d just fold like a deckchair if it turned out he wore them. Oh, and this specs appreciation is coming from someone who had Lasik to get theirs fixed… I feel like such a hypocrite 😉

  5. OMG!! I LOVED him in glasses!!! Great job!! 😉

  6. Perfect! I can’t stop smiling!!! 😀
    Thanks, A!

  7. O Jeeezuuuu! Cudownie Agzym! 🙂 ( twoje kocie okulary tez śliczne)

  8. I like the glasses. It’s a great look.

  9. Y’know there was me thinking I was the only fan in the universe that loved him in glasses! How wrong can a girl get???? I gotta say that I liked him as Harry wearing glasses better. Just didn’t like the style that John (or Lucas) wore. Hope I don’t face a universal stoning for that…

    I kind of have a thing for a good looking guy in glasses. I’m thinking David Tennant for starters. Sorry going off topic there. But I’m as blind as a bat and a regular specs wearer myself. Perhaps I’m just weirder than I first thought!

    • Sexy men wearing glasses! Simply delicious! Oh, and with regards to not being a huge fan of some RA look, we’re so lucky because theye are so many hot looks to choose from, it’s more than OK to not like something. If I’m totally honest, I love Harry, but the glasses? Not so much. How about we share? I’ll get Russian Lucas, you get the accountant? 🙂

  10. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

    Oh my! I’m sooooo happy you did this!!! ^_^

    RA + glasses = swoon-er-ific!!

    Take note, stylists. We dig the glasses!!


  11. Fantastyczne są te okulary!!! To ostatnie, jeśli pozwolisz skradnę Ci i wrzucę do mojego folderu z tapetami. Będę się w nie wpatrywać i uśmiechać, bo Ryś naprawdę zadziornie patrzy przez te okulary;)

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  13. Nerds rock! Love the spectacle looks 🙂

  14. Great photoshopping – especially love the first and last one!


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