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On the need of lurking and why tumblr is perfect…

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I’ve been spending a lot of my free time of tumblr recently, and I’m  not the only one.

Jas is making it all Richard Armitage pretty with her amazing backgrounds, and Seba has been hiding out there too.

You may ask why a group of bloggers who usually invest their time in posts end up going over to the dark side to do their fangurling (and it does feel like a very dark place at times…).

I can compare it to the feeling of running like crazy in the rain, laughing your head off and I enjoy that freedom, but I’ve written about this before.

It’s fastpace and very energetic, with posts that include either images, grafics or fanfic coming fast amd steady.

There’s a constant stream of new information, literally 24h a day. Think twitter but with pictures, gifs etc.

Another interesting aspect was I’ve found fascinating to watch is the process of ‘discovering’ both Richard and Aidan.

It’s a strange sort of pleasure to witness new Hobbit fans get excited over North and South or Being Human, not to mention when younger viewers realize that Armitage played Kruger in Captain America.

Tumblr is naughty at times, and it fulfills my need to swear, scream, get down and dirty.

We’re sometimes like a bunch of unruly kids who feel the need to break social norms and taboos (hey, I bet some of us ARE teemage kids…).

In other words I allow myself the type of behaiour that I’d feel was crossing the line here.

For me tumblr is a very passive involvement, with pressing the little heart in the corner to show my ‘like’ being the most I feel obligated to do.

In other words tumblr brings me back to the good old lurker days when no one knew me from Adam, and that feels good sometimes 😉

I track Richard Armitage,  Aidan Turner, and Thorin, but I’ve also crossed over (waaaaay over) to the dark side.

I’ve  tracked Aidean, meaning stories about the actors playing Kili and Fili (tread carefully, it gets very graphic), Bagginshield (stories about Bilbo and Thorin, especially in a romantic light), and I’ve checked out Durincest, which is pretty self-explanitory and not really my cup of tea.


I was going to write a post about Hobbit/dwarf fanfic you can encounter, but decided that it’s an individual choice of each and every reader to acknowledge or ignore it.

I was determined not to venture into that territory, although deep down inside I knew that sooner or later I’d break, and of course I did.

When I went to see The Hobbit for the third time I realized that the fanfic had influenced the way I viewed ceratin relationships in the movie, but perhaps the less said about that right now, the better…

If you’re also following the Hobbit fanfic and would like to share your thoughts or a link to a favorite one, please do   🙂

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  1. This is what I’m *most* enjoying about tumblr at the moment — watching the posts swirl as people discover Richard Armitage. They may not devote their entire lives to him — but seeing those exclamations about him when all of a sudden they discover him — priceless!

    • I adore watching the enthusiasm and I think partly it’s catching on. Sometimes a sexy dwarf is a sexy dwarf who’s popping your ovaries and what a perfect space to express that! I also enjoy the smutty sense of humour and creativity.

    • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

      I remember checking the RA tag not so long ago and seeing a fair number of posts to keep a girl happy 🙂 Then Thorin graced the big screen and pretty much overnight it just went CRAAAAZY!!
      Yes, good people of the world, Richard is that beautiful! And that amazing! Pay attention!! hehehe! 😉


  2. I have definitely crossed over to the dark side as well. I love that Tumblr seems to be a place where just about anything goes. I think it is funny you mention the Hobbit fanfic. I’ve been contemplating do a post with links to some of my favorite fics…major warnings included so people know what they are getting into if they choose to click the links.

    • Me too Jas! For the past weeks I’ve been toying with the idea of linking to fanfic, it’s also come up in comments, but I’m not sure I really want the headache. You know you’ll always get someone who opposes it and gets very verbal about it.
      Those who are interested will find their way. Everyone has a different level of what they’ll tolerate or find acceptable. The more fanfic I’m reading, the further the line goes for me 🙂 Honestly, right now I could come across a fanfic where all the company could fall in love and get down and dirty, and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid LOL!

      • I knew there was a reason I liked you. 😉 No seriously, I’m totally crazy about the fanfic too. And holy crap is there some seriously racy stuff out there. I think I might go ahead and do a post with some of the ones I really like, even *gasp* the RPF involving the cast. I know there are people who don’t like the stuff. But I figure as long as they are warned about the contents before hand, they have no one to blame but themselves if they go and read the fics.

        • I have wrestled with this problem a lot (as you know) and I don’t think there’s one answer. There are sure people out there who are ready to give one grief for endorsing anything that’s slightly off the rated-G path. That said, *I* would be grateful for a list of fics.

        • Honey, if liking the racy naughty stuff is wrong, there’s no way I can be right 😉 I’m so hooked on Aidean, I bow my head in shame, but as some gif said, that ship sails itself LOL! Fili and Kili? Dear dear me. I’m not writing about the fics, but I’ll click on all the links 🙂

  3. I like tumblr for a number of reasons. One of them being that the forces that feel the need to “monitor” the blogs and call out what they see as questionable behavior (or are easily offended) are powerless to police the madness that is tumblr. Long live tumblr!

  4. Te fantastyczne tumbrly to złodzieje czasu! hmmm…jakby tu tym wszystkim utalentowanym ludziom podziękować?

    • To ogólnie fajne miejsce. Ostatnio patrzę że fajny avatar ze zdjęcia Aidanka/ Kili w różowych okularach ala Lolita 🙂 Taaaaa podobało mi się, bo sama je zrobiłam i opublikowałam w ktrymś poście niedawno LOL! Ale i tak fajnie że komuś się spodobał na tyle żeby buchnąć, bo zwykle myślę że przyjemność to sprawiają mi jak się bawię na PS 🙂 Ano niech buchają! Takie zasady tumblera. Ostatni bastion wolności! Frontiera!

      • A mnie to trochę złosci Agzym, tzn. czy to takie trudne zapytać a potem wymienić imię autora ? Jeśli ktoś zagląda do Ciebie to musi być świadomy że nie miałabyś nic przeciwko temu . Mimo wszystko cieszę sie że tak do tego podchodzisz 🙂

        • Nie, pewnie gdyby nie o tumblera chodziło to co innego. A tak widzę tego avatara często, bo często zamieszcza zdjęcia i mam uśmiech na twarzy, bo ktoś z setek tysięcy zdjęć Aidanka wybrał to 🙂

          • Aidanek, no miodzio!- ach gdybymż to ja była te 10 kilo młodsza..a tak to czuję się jak kuguarzyca;)

          • A co, starszego mamy sobie niby brać? To stało się passe jak skończyłyśmy 17 lat hihihi! I co, niby łysego? Dziękuję bardzo, ale wolę tą burzę kłaków!

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