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I want Candy… Eye Candy that is…

I’m busy with college this weekend, so I’d just like to leave you with a few hot pics to help you combat the frosty weather 🙂

Here are a few collages of my favorite Richard Armitage photo shoots representing the past, present, and future and His Highness Gorgeousness I (and hopefully the start of an equally beautiful dynasty).

The past from 2010, during the ‘blue Lucas’ phase

The stance, the beautiful blue eyes and Prada shirt.

And the jeans with no room… for error 😉

Richard Armitage 2010 Blue

The present favorite from December, taken in New York during The Hobbit promotion.

Armitage goes for a more youthful look (Yo! Dude, love the hoodie man!!!), but I like this shoot mostly because it’s so animated and ‘real’.

I like a man who’s good with his hands… errrr… meant to say a man who talks with his hands…

Richard Armitage New York The Hobbit collage

And hopefully Richard’s future styling from now on, from Glamour Magazine UK

The classical styling kills me and I adore the hairstyle.

He even looks like he smells fabulous!

Scratch and sniff…

Sniff and melt…

Melt and scratch… and repeat the process…

Richard Armitage Glamour UK December 2012 collage

All images: RANet

What’s your favorite photo shoot?

What melts your inner-snowman?

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  1. I was here, sitting at home alone, in a “cold”, rainy day and you gave exactly what I needed… Richard Armitage… WOW!!!
    I loved all of them (of course)… But the second ones from the promotion in NYC… he really looks more natural in them and today they are my favourite!! 😉

    • As I wrote about the frost and isiotic snow falling all day today (hated having to clean car from snow) I though that your biggest problem today was a palm tree that probably needed dusting LOL!
      Re the NY shoot I was staring at the pics (for a short while, not in a disturbing kinda’ way… ). What’s interesting is that he’s not caked in make-up, so it’s a very natural look for him, you can see veins on his forehead etc. It’s a very casual look despite the fact that the clothes are probably very expensive and have been carefully selected by an incredibly lucky stylist…

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you!! Oh, this man usually looks great without much effort… lol 😉

    • Less is more. I think this applies to Richard, but I’d have to research the topic more, and Richard should volunteer to show me his less, so I can be the judge of that 🙂 it’s been a while since the good ol’ stripped down Porter days 😉 Those darn dwarves wear too many layers LOL!

      • LOL
        My fingers will be crossed for the success of your research!!! Let’s us pray Richard shows us a bit more of his less in the future!!! 😀

        • Amen! That should be the goal for 2013! To get Richard Armitage to show us more of the less 🙂
          Hear that Peter Jackson? Dwarves need a bit of sunlight (to get a healthy dose of Vit D!), even if they are on unexpected journeys, battling dragons or going there and back again! 48 frames per second and not one shows Throrin without his shirt off? Not fair!

  3. Now my favorites are those taken in New York, especially RA with “speaking hands” *sigh*
    A poza tym ten człowiek jest stworzony aby nosić skórzane rzeczy …

    • I really do love a man who’s expressive with his hands. It seems like there’s no limit to what he can do with them 🙂 And yes, this look is a modern twist on Guy’s tight (TIGHT!!!) leather look. This is probably what Guy would wear if he found himself in 21c. NY!

  4. Thanks to you, now my laptop has a new wallpaper… there’s a very handsome actor dressed in a black lether jacket… The future problem will be stop looking at the picture and doing something else!!! 😉

    • I know what you mea 🙂 I have Richard’s back as he’s dressed in a grey woolly jumper from the Fault shoot video. There’s something about that pic that makes you want to cuddle to that back. Luckily for Richard women in RL don’t seem to have the smae impulses, because can you imagine him trying to do his day to day with a dozen women attached to his back LOL!

  5. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

    Oooh, the Glamour photoshoot is on my list of all time faves. LOVE what he’s wearing! He just looks so suave…*melts*
    And those blue shoes are amazing! 😉
    Oh my, first I mention my love of the Thorin boots, now the blue shoes…maybe I have a thing for his feet as well as those fine long legs!! (Maybe).

    Another of my fave photoshoots of late is from the Hobbit premiere in Toronto. I think it’s from there anyhoo – Mr Armitage in the grey cardigan…?! I’m a sucker for a handsome man in a cardigan. True story!


    • I freakin’ love a sexy man in a cardie 🙂 If he had added glasses to the mix, that’s it, I would self-combust! On top of that a guy who can wear casual clothes and sexy old worn boots?… I’m melting 😉

      • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

        The man can pull off the classical look, casual cardies and even make Middle-earth dwarf attire look bloomin’ hot!! You said it: *melting* 😉
        And glasses… oh boy, I’ll admit right now that I have a soft spot for a man who wears glasses. Aaaaand it’s just brought to mind Lucas North, (doesn’t take much for me to think about him), anyhoo – it’s brought to mind the episode where he poses as that Russian government chap…and the glasses he wore. YUM! Glasses + his Russian accent. YUM-MY!! 😉


      • Wchat szi set ? tchat Ruski akcent iz seksi? Dzifne!;)

  6. Bardzo lubię tę sesję z kapturkiem, powiększyłaś moje ulubione ujęcie:)
    ….chociaż ta kamizelka i to sznurowanie bucików…ej lepiej zasznuruję buzię bo mi jakie nieostrożne słowo wyleci…ograniczę się do wycia *uuuuu*! 😀 a to zdjęcie od tyłu i te rękawki podwinięte…aj! waj! Dzieki Agzym bo zaraz mi cieplej !a spółdzielnia nas nie rozpieszcza ciepłowniczo;)

    • Trochę ciepła się przyda, bo tyle u nas śniegu że niedługo misie polare faktycznie wyjdą na ulicę 😉 Polecam grzaniec, termofor i przegląd zdjęć Ryśka dla ogrzania ciała i duszy 🙂


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