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Making life a wee bit better…

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Attention readers!

Due to the fact that you have spoilt this blogger rotten with your kind words in the last 36 hours, she has developed a serious case of head swelling and therefore will, at least temporarily, refer to herself in the third person.

AgzyM would like to thank you all so very much for making her first blogiversary an absolute hoot and for putting a smile on that giant face attached to a head too big for her own good…

She would like to…

OK, I’ll drop the third person act (probably should’ve stopped it a few lines ago, but then it can never be said that I don’t know how to run a joke into the ground and grind it for what it’s worth…).

Anyway, I Thank You!  🙂

I have a few posts ideas, but I have college tomorrow, and I’m not prepared at all, so I’ll be busy catching up, but let me leave you with a thought I had yesterday.

There are a few mini pleasures in life, a split-second burst of joy that might not last long, but makes life that little bit better.

I’m not referring to the obvious pleasures like boozing, sex or winning the lottery (although all three sound mighty nice right about now…).

I’m talking about that fleeting moment of butterflies in your belly, a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day, unicorns, rainbow, dew and all that other crapaloo that puts a smile on our face.

Here’s my list of life’s little pleasures:

– sitting in a dark theatre moments before the curtain goes up

– doing somersaults in the water

– taking a steaming hot shower on a cold winter morning

– getting a mint condition iPhone 4 from Dad, then noticing it’s been pimped with a purple cover with hot pink polka dots

– awakening to new RA news


– coming across an older picture that takes your breath away (and making it your screen saver)

– finding a connection online with you’ never ordinarily have the opportunity to meet

– going down a size

– knowing the words (all the words) to the theme tune from Big Bang Theory and singing them correctly.


What’s your little pleasure that makes life a wee bit better?

Richard Armitage Fault Mag collage

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  1. A big bear hug from my husband. A smile from the same. Reading a sweet/funny comment from a blog reader. New RA news. Just to name a few. 😉

  2. Kiss from Lucky the kitten; roses blooming in January; phone call that friends are okay; smell of brownies baking, caramel simmering; a nice comment on something I’ve written; wishing a friend happy birthday; looking over at my newly framed photograph of Richard…

    • That’s a beautiful list, not to mention one that smells like heaven. Can I ask what picture is in the RA frame?

      • It’s the Accion! Cine one by Ashcroft. A friend and fellow Ardent Armitage Admirer gave me a copy of the magazine, which I carefully dissected and extracted the photograph. Another friend was kind enough to send me Empire with the lenticular Thorin cover. (be still my heart). As noted, there is a non-watermarked photo without the cover text that can be (very carefully!) peeled away from the lenticular cover. I did just that, and Thorin is now also framed in the other room. My JT silhouette I made is in good company now.

        • What I great chpice. I fell in love with that Ashcroft pic because Richard reminded me of a more manly James Dean 🙂 I think silhouettes of RA characters are a great idea. Discreet for those who try to keep the RA craze under wraps, but still a thing of beauty! I don’t really have any RA things hanging up, apart from my birthday postcards, but my sister took them down last week. I’d love to have the Weta figure, that would complement the decor of my flat 🙂

          • I don’t advertise that I am truly, madly, deeply, hopelessly smitten with Richard, but I live with my kitten, so generally I don’t have to worry about anyone else noticing.

          • I sometimes try to explain this strange complex RA fandom, but I get blank stares, so the most I can do is keep that North and South DVD circulating and hope Mr Thornton standing viewing his mill from above is worth a thousand words 🙂

  3. My first cup of coffee in the morning; listening to the sea waves; the smell of cake backing; the smile of my nieces after opening their Christmas gifts; reading your blog; reading the fresh news about RA; planning my next trip; looking at the photos I took during my trips; drinking wine and talking to friends…

    • I especially like the first two. It must be amazing to live close to the water. Having said that when I hear of the natural disasters hitting different places I’m happy Warsaw is placed on a nice flat piece of land, away from anything that can harm us. Having said that, no sound of the sea…

  4. Well, considering that Brazilian coast is fairly safe, I’d love to live by the sea, but unfortunately I live in the middle of the country…so… very far from the sound of the sea… 😦
    Guess, that’s what makes my visits to the coast so special!!! 😉

    • Very true! I’m about 4 hours away from the sea and about 6-7h from our beautiful mountains, so it’s not so bad. It’s no Brazil, but it’s not so bad 🙂

  5. Finally getting to talk to an old friend whom I’ve been just missing for awhile on the phone.

    • That’s a really good one, although I’m not one for talking over the phone. But catching up with an old friend is great, especially if it feels like you’ve not been apart more than a few days 🙂

  6. Watching my big lug of a Malinois sleep on his back with his feet in the air; knowing I’m going to get to see the Hobbit again this week (and no, I won’t admit in sane company how many times this makes); waking up on the weekend and realizing I DON”T have to get up yet; and finding a new interview with any of my fave actors that I haven’t read yet (read Hugh Jackman, Richard, Chris Hemsworth, and several others in there)

    • That’s a really great list! I have at least one more Hobbit viewing in me, but the problem is I’d love to go see it during the day when I have a moment and won’t have to explain what I’ve been up to. Unfortunately before 4pm they only show the dubbed version 😦

  7. Waking up in a rainy day. Seeing a day cloudy and cold. Seeing flowers and birds in my garden. Feeling the breeze on my face when I´m walking. Reading news about RA, reading a book and so on.

    • Lovely list Tereza! I love rainy days, especially if I get to see them from a snug inside. I actually don’t like the moment when it stops raining and the sun starts peeking from behind clouds, which probably says something very weird about me LOL!

  8. Pierwsza poranna kawa ,żadna inna już tak nie smakuje.
    Widok mojej śpiącej córki ,męża i naszego psa w jednym łóżku. Nie myśl że pies śpi “w nogach”, łeb ma na poduszce pomiędzy śpiącymi ,oczywiscie reszta ciała psiego pod kołdrą:)
    Poranne a czasem wieczorne wizyty na kilku blogach;)
    Jazda samochodem… o pięknych widokach nie wspominam bo zima(brrrr) ale latem to tylko morze Bałtyckie(pomimo jego kapryśności)
    Ogladanie całą rodziną fajnych filmów(szczególnie zimą) ,na jednej kanapie pod jedym kocem:)….uwielbiam też tańczyć (disco) ale już nie mogie bom jest stare pudło!

    • Kochana, 2 yorkie, skubane mają specjalne schodki na łóżka i kanapy… Takie to rozpieszczone że właściwie tylko takie małe chomiko- fretki to tylko kochać 😉
      Apropos kawy to z rana ta pierwsza to nawet paskudna cudnie smakuje…


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