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Wouldn’t you know it, it’s my 1st Blogiversary!

I was going to act cool on my 1st Blogiversary, casually mentioning it, thanking my readers, then moving on to bigger better things, but then  I decided HELL NO!

It’s my (blogging) party and I’ll celebrate if I want to!

Bear with me please as I put on a dodgy paper hat and blow up a few balloons!

I figured horns are made for hooting and good times are meant for celebrating 🙂

1st blogiversary

Well holy cow, how did I get here?

No, seriously, how the heck did this happen?

This blog started exactly a year ago with absolutely no clear direction.

It was supposed to be a place where I’d keep all the info I found interesting without clogging up my computer, as well as a quick writing practise before tackling my MA thesis.

In the first months I had told zero people about its existence, as there really wasn’t anything to say on the matter or to boast about.

I really didn’t know if it would be something I’d continue or most probably abandon after the first few weeks.

You must understand that exactly a year ago I was a lurking Armitage Admirer who had only left one comment throughout my entire 6 month craze, but more about that later on.

What I’m driving at is that starting out no one within the fandom had any idea who I was (some undoubtedly miss those good ol’ days…) nor did I seek the support of my RL friends to help push this thing forward, so in the first month of blogging I received a little over 20 clicks and I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I managed to get so many 🙂

Things have certainly changed, and with the amount of visitors dropping by I really do regret writing better, more interesting posts 🙂

 I’d like to thank each and every one of you for visiting, commenting, supporting and being an integral part of this experience.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again that without your presence here I’d just be a sad old (mad) cow posting for no one.

Hey, it worked in January but I think it would have lost its appeal by April…

Your friendship means almost as much to me as Lucas North’s bottom in tight denim jeans, and that really is saying a lot!

RichardArmitage Collage2

I’d also like to give special thanks to Servetus at Me+Richard, as she happens to be connected to many of my firsts!

She was the first blog I had visited after watching North and South, when certain Mr Thornton took possession of my heart and soul.

She’s the first blog I ever commented on some time in the autumn of 2011, under a different alias, and sweating buckets worried that I’d look foolish because of what I had written (being rejected by the RArmy was a big fear of mine back then, as everyone seemed so friendly with each other, and I doubted such a tight-knit group would accept me, let alone welcome me with open arms. You live, you learn!).

Servetus had written one of the first comments on this blog and I swear, I had been such a lurker/admirer over at Me+R it felt like a celebrity sighting 🙂

Anyway, how better to say a heartfelt Thank You! than a Richard Armitage thumb cupcake ( and yes I also think it may well be one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a while…).

Richard Armitage Thumb Cupcake Servetus Thank You!

Apart from search engines Servetus’ blog refers the most traffic to this site, followed by RAFrenzy!

Thank You for the support of other bloggers!

I adore being perched on your blogrolls, and I’m there in good company, so I’m grateful to you for sticking me there.

I’ll be updating my blogroll to include all of my blogging friends and fellow admirers, so please take a second to click on a few.

We all know how long it takes to write a single post, not to mention updating, checking comments, and in general keeping that machine running, so I can only applaud you for constantly providing new posts for Armitage Admirers worldwide!

Guy of Gisborne collage

Here’s my year in numbers:

I’ve written close to 450 posts in the past 12 months.

There are the good ones, the bad and the right darn ugly ones (sorry about those…).

A few months in I thought it would be the bees knees to get 100 000 clicks in the first year, but it seemed like a bit of a pipe dream.

Wouldn’t you know it, I’m just a couple of clicks shy of doubling that number and will be hitting 200 000 in the next few days, so THANK YOU!

Online traffic is a funny little thing as it often depends on where you’re placed in search engines.

That means that posts that aren’t really all that special seem to attract a huge amount of readers, while other are  popular for a few days after being published, and then go into (semi-) retirement.

Lucas Borth Collage

The posts that have attracted the most views are:

1. On Richard Armitage and Lee Pace

2. Marilyn Monroe and Plastic Surgery

3. DIY Pin-Up

See what I mean?

Anyway, I think the statistics will change in the next few weeks judging by the interest in Richard Armitage and all things The Hobbit.

Fanstra# collage

My favorite posts are:

Fanstravaganza3 was a blast and I absolutely loved taking part in it!

I also really enjoyed putting together all three of my Fanstra3 posts.

I loved punning it out doggy style, seeing Heinz Kruger in his tighty whities, and stripping Richard down just to dress him up again.

I really (REALLY!!!) hope Fanstra4 will happen, because there’s no better way to celebrate the wonder that is Armitage Admiration 🙂

I also enjoyed blogging in July and August (December being my most flaky month…) as I was on holiday and could spend hours fiddling with images, gifs and posts to my heart’s content.

Gisborne's Boy cake kopia

I especially liked the run-up to Armitage Day and  Operation Armitage.

I really do hope that we manage to have a Richard Armitage-rekated competition every year!

I’d like to take this opportunity to give a special Thank You! to my partner in crime Seba from Gisborne’s Boy  for sharing his amazing talent and helping me with the competition.

I hope we collaborate on many other projects in the future (and if you’re reading this Bug, I’m waiting on your email!).

PinUp Collage

The thing is, in the past year of blogging I’ve made many friends, and lost a few (some I’ve mourned, to others I can only say: Good riddance…)

I’ve expanded my horizons, but also tested my patience and understanding.

I’ve bitten my tongue and stepped away from a fight more time than I have in RL, and I think I’ve also been more generous with expressing my delight, enthusiasm, friendship.

I honestly think I’m a better version of my RL self, so if you don’t like me here, believe me, it doesn’t get any better out there 😉

I’ve gone beyond anything I would have though myself capable of, but I’ve also made a few mistakes, some I’ve learned from, others probably not.

I should really finish by thanking Richard for getting this whole project started, but what I’m really grateful for is that by being such a stand up sort of gentleman he seems to attract the absolute best type of admirer any fandom could wish for.

Are there crazy fans in the Armitage Army?


But I’d like to believe that we’re crazy in our own special, unique way 🙂

AgzyM 2012 collage

While I’m on the topic of AgzyM (move over Thorin, I’m all about Me Me Me! today), I’ve decided to retire the Dita photo I’ve been using as a visual representation of my online alter ego.

I’ve had such fun with that particular image, but I needed something new, so here it is:

AgzyM IWantToBeApinUp 2013

You know it’s only a matter of time before I stick a beard on this gravatar!

And here is the full body superhero version, because it seems like it’s going to be one of those years when you really need a cape:

AgzyM 2013 Boom

Thank You!

About Agzy The Ripper

Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. OOh, am I the first to comment?? Congrats, Agzy! Servetus was one of my main influences in starting my own blog and I still get more referrals from her than anyone else. Here’s to a another great year ahead full of Armitage (and Turner!) love and pin-up goodness! 😉

    • Thanks so very much Angie! It’s been a wonderful year and getting such a response really makes me want to carry on 🙂 Servetus is the best, but she unfortunately makes it all look easy so people don’t realise how much work she puts into her posts and keeping us all together and up-to-date as a community, like Fanstra3 or her weekly legenda. Our fandom just wouldn’t be the smae without her!

      • Yes, Dr. S is a rock star of the blogsphere. She obviously puts a lot of time and attention and deep thought into her blogging and performs a great service through those legendas. This on top of her RL job! I am not working right now and I still don’t seem to have enough time some days! Armitage World wouldn’t be the same without our dear doctor.

        • She makes what she does look easy, therefore I’m not sure people realize that she’s not a pro blogger, her blog isn’t a money-maker, it’s a hobby, a passion that reaches the highest standard. A part of me would actually love to see her posts be published in a book form, although I doubt she’d share my enthusiasm for this idea 😉

          • I know what you mean. It’s a labor of love done with the highest standards. 😀 Long may she reign (and one day just maybe that book will appear).

          • Thanks for the kind words. One nice thing about doing this “for free” is that I never have to do it when I don’t want to 🙂 and I owe nobody nothing … given my real job, that is a huge bonus to blogging.

  2. Congratulations on reaching a year, Agzy! Happy Bloggiversary!!!! I’m so pleased that you set out on this journey. Your posts are always a bright spot in my day. Here’s to another fabulous year!

  3. I really loved reading this – and a big congratulations to you, my darling! And yes, I will be sending an email your way as soon as I post this comment. I promise! You’ve been doing such an amazing job this year with wonderful and hilarious posts, and yes – we must collaborate more this year, and hopefully fix together a few more competitions as well! So, my dear, Happy Bloggiversary!

  4. *singing* Happy Bloggiversary to you!!! (OK, I’ll stop singing now. LOL)

    Congratulations on your anniversary, A! I always find myself smiling, if not outright laughing, when I’m reading your posts. I love them!

    Here’s to another wonderful, funny, somewhat irreverent, always crazy year of posts!

    Grab your cape, sweetie! I have a feeling we’re going to need them!!! 😉


    P.S. Thank you for being one of my cheerleaders during my blog infancy here. You’ve given me so much support and inspiration. Thank you seems so insufficient.

    • Thanks Z!!! I’m pretty sure that it’s you who brings the Haha’s every time you visit 🙂 And regarding the crazy: I’m not sure I could do it any other way… Crazy seems to follow me and crawl out of most things I do or touch. Therefore I’ve chosen to embrace it (and feel fortunate that it doesn’t come with a straitjacket!).

  5. Congratulations! It’s always been a pleasure to interact with you, which is obviously reflected by the number of people who I see here commenting and drooling all the time 🙂

    And: thanks for the thumb cupcake — that IS seriously weird. Talk about something that is a vaguely disturbing visual double entendre. But I’ve learned to expect no less from you.

    Here’s to many more posts of joy at “I Want To Be A Pinup.” Prosit!

    • Thank You Servetus, I thought about getting you the real thing as a real Thank You, but then I’m not sure it would ship well (DHL gets iffy about transporting things like that), then you’d have to keep it in the freezer, plus there are only 2 out there, so in 2 years time I’d run out anyway…
      So, I decided to give you the next best thing (OK, a car would probably be the next best thing…then maybe a bunch of flowers…a book…yup, maybe not really the next BEST thing…)
      OK, instead of the real thing, I decided to give you a disturbing image of RA’s thumb stuck in a cupcake. There you go! And Thank You! 🙂

      • and no more new pictures of it. I mean, even I am not *so* thrilled by closeups of severed thumbs …

        but I do really appreciate the thought. That explanation was so convoluted it might be worthy of my own nightmarish blog drafts 🙂

        Congratulations again and enjoy the love!

        • If a girl can’t enjoy a little celebrity severed thumb talk on her blogiversary, then when can she? 🙂 BTW, I feel I need to make it clear that I’, no Patrick Bateman! Just so we’re clear and no one calls the police on me!

  6. Happy blogiversary! Serv has been responsible for quite a few of us starting up. Amazing, eh? I know I rarely comment but your blog is in my reader. It’s unique, quirky, and fresh. I really enjoy your posts and hope you keep it up. Your voice has been a lovely addition to this fandom, babe. Here’s to many more posts to come. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m just really happy you’re back because Armitageville just isn’t the same without you!
      Regarding a certain someone who had done so much for our fandom to bkeep on ticking, ove over The Hobbit stamps in NZ, the RArmy should release their own commemorating our Servetus! I see a whole collection of RA thumb and boot stamps 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your first Blogiversary dear Agzy ! The first post I read from you was “punning it out doggy style” during Fanstravaganza3. It was so funny ! At that moment I knew your blog was a place to satisfy my fangirl’s insatiable needs.
    Thank you so much for your hard work and please continue to delight us !!!!

    • Thanks Nadia my Dear! I think FanstRA3 was a wonerful way to introduce myself to many new readers 🙂 I promise to try my upmost to satisfy your fangurling need to the best of my ability! 🙂
      I’ll provide the dirty if you bring the naughty dirty mind LOL!

  8. Congrats AgzyM!
    Thanks for all the great and funny posts! I hope there are many more to come!!!

  9. Wow – congratulations Agzy!!! I enjoy reading your blog even if I don’t comment that much. So here’s to the next 200.000 hits, 450 more posts and lots of new readers. Keep rockin’, babe!

  10. Happy birthday! Your posts have kept me smiling since August 🙂 One of my faves was the hot dwarves fashion extravaganza! Blog on ang long live the RA fans who are as fab a bunch of peeps as I’ve ever met! Cake for you x

    • Thanks Bev! It’s lovey to hear 🙂
      The RA fandom is simply faboosh! We’re as hot as the Kardashian’s but with class and talent (although probably not the money). The world needs to keep up with us! LOL!

  11. Congratulations for your 1st blogiversary Agzy ! 🙂

  12. To już rok ? Przyjmij gratulacje i podziękowania Agzym 🙂
    Jestem pełna podziwu dla Twojej( i innych RAblogerek ) pomysłowości, podejrzewam że takie blogi dają autorom wiele przyjemności ale też po jakims czasie mogą stać się czymś w rodzaju obowiązku. Mam nadzieję ze jeszcze się nie zmęczyłaś? Ciekawa jestem czy wy wszystkie jesteście świadome ile dobrej roboty odwalacie ?… naprawdę nie pamiętam kiedy tyle się śmiałam , kiedy tyle chichotałam… jak wariatka:) ….i kiedy tyle rozmyślałam na różne tematy. Acha! pragnę jeszcze dodać że nigdy w zyciu!, za nic!, nie spróbowałabym tego ciastka z wkładką dla Servetus’a!:)
    Dwie najfajniejsze wschodnioeuropejskie Siostry “Sisters” NIECH ŻYJĄ!!! 🙂

    • Dzięki kochana, ale tak naprawdę to post staje się fajny jak np. taka wariatka Joanna przychodzi, zatrzymuje się i komentuje! Wtedy to wszystko ma ręce i nogi, jak i inne członki! A odnośnie ciasteczek, to i penwnie gorsze rzeczy w życiu jadłam, bo paróweczkami polskimi się swego czasu zajadałam LOL!
      Kochana, bardzo się cieszę że coś Cię podkorciło i tu wpadłaś, tym dziwniejsze że wracasz, ale smutny byłby to dzień gdybyś nie wróciła. No to siup w ten nasz głupi dziób! 🙂

      • Ach bo to wiesz szanowna pani Servetus mnie podkorciła:) a do niej trafiłam z bloga dowcipnej Nat , po obejrzeniu świetnego teledysku o przygodach” The Adventure of Stick- Figure Richard”..a do Ciebie póki zyję będę wracać;)
        …Ha! no to już wszystko wiesz o moim poczuciu humoru.

        • Wariatka jesteś i już! Może wariatka jak Twoja matka, albo szmatka wariatka, nieważne, ważne że jesteś i już!!! Co do blogu Nat to zawiesiła działalnośc w któtkim czasie po tym jak zaczęłam go czytać, ale przysięgam że to nie moja wina 😉 Zawsze podziwiałam łatwość z jaką mnie rozśmieszała. To sztuka w kilku zdaniach i obrazach stworzyć coś rozrywkowego, szczególnie że ja jestem za leniwa by pisać więcej 😉

  13. First of all, I’d like to say that I LOVE your blog!!! Definitely, your posts make my days more special!! So… CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts and things you love with us!!! 😉

    • Thank You Luciana! As I’ve mentioned before, you have been the one who’s commented most here, and I really wouldn’t want it any other day!!! I can’t imagine this blog without your visits, so don’t ever leave, OK? 🙂 Huge hugs Luciana!

  14. Congratulations for this happy occasion! It is always a pleasure to see what you are up to here. 🙂 Just imagine if you had never come out of lurk mode? It’s been a hoot getting to know you!

    • Thanks Phylly, I really and honestly can’t imagine not experiencing this past year and the joy of being a part of the Armitage Admirers, but then I wouldn’t have known what I was missing!

  15. Gratuluję! Lubię tu do Ciebie zaglądać, nawet jeśli nie zostawiam zbyt często komentarza, więc teraz powiem, że bardzo Ci dziękuję! Dziękuję, że dzielisz się swoją kreatywnością, świetnym poczuciem humoru, że dzięki temu mogę się śmiać szczególnie, kiedy RL nie daje zbyt dużo powodów do uśmiechu. Z niecierpliwością czekam na następne 450 ( i więcej!) postów!
    Ściskam mocno :*

    • Dzięki bardzo Kochana 🙂 Bardzo mnie cieszy że Polska jest tak świetnie reprezentowana! Szczególnie że w większośi nie sąoby z mojego RL! Jesteśmy wszystkie wariatki, ale myślę że to spowodowane jest Czernobylem, tak naszym pokoleniem pomerdał i taki oto wariatkowy rezultat!

  16. Is it really a year??? We all had a blast with your contributions. Thanks for the ride and hopefully we get more of Agzy’s specialties on offer. Count me to your regulars, always willing to order……. See you soon!!!!

  17. Congratulations, Agzy! I simply love following your blog and look forward to another year of your wonderful posts. Servetus’ Me+RA blog led me to your site, as well as to the entire world of RA fandom. You even encouraged me to finally post my first fanvid 🙂 Congratulations again!

  18. Congraturalions for your first year, sweetheart. I don’t usually read that many blogs and of course I found this because of Richard so thaks to him. I really love your blog so I will keep on looking in. I hope you will write a lot next year too about Richard, pinups, anything you want.
    And I hope Richard will see this blog too.

    • Thanks Thora my Dear! That’s lovely to hear 🙂 I too hope to write more about being swept away by Armitage (especially with that tornado film around the corner!). I’m pretty sure Richard doesn’t hang out here, but if he were to ever stop by I’d like him to know that obsessionhim the highest form of flattery LOL!

  19. Hi Pin Up!
    Loved your post! Congratulations on your Blogiversary and your wonderful stats!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  20. Congratulations, Agzy!. Your blog is unique, youthful and fun! A breath of fresh air in our community. ! I wish more success for you! :0)

  21. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)


    I can honestly tell you that I heart your blog so very muchly! ^_^
    I’ve followed it like a secret squirrel for many many months…you’ve made me awwww, ahhhh, squeeee and hehehe!! And allowed my inner and outer RA fangirl to swoon and dance around the bedroom in a fabulously excited fashion!
    I’m kicking myself on the inside for not posting comments and chatting to you on here earlier (than, er, about a week ago!! o_o) But I’m just a wee bit shy and, like you mentioned in your post, just unsure of the reaction I would receive from other RA admirers…even though I’ve been cray cray for that ridiculously beautiful and talented fella for a fair few number of years ^_^
    THANKS for the warm welcome into the naughty house! 😉

    Your blog rocks as hard as John Porter’s abs! And is as pretty as Harry Kennedy’s smile.
    Long may it and your love and frequent mention of Lucas North’s bum continue!!


    • Thanks My Darling, it’s you and me both that’s happy that you decided to step out from the shadows! I’m wondering how you didn’t combust from holding in all your Armitage love for *gulp* a fair few number of years! That can seriously damage some organs. That’s why we’re here. That’s why the Armitage Army was created. It’s a way to keep a sea, nay, now an ocean of women from not damaging themselves with all the access Armitage passion LOL! I always say the man should come with a health warning (I suggest tattooed on the bottom part of his abs right above his..oh, nevermind…)!
      Re Being shy, the only shy you can be is Shiloh, and that’s only if you’re a Jolie-Pitt 🙂

      • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

        A health warning sounds about right, hehe! RA is most harmful to one’s health, but one I’m willing to risk it for!! Plus, on the flip side, he is good medicine too! Delicious medicine!! 😉
        He was officially added to my list (of ridiculously beautiful men I constantly enjoy swooning over) when I sat down to watch that life-changing Vicar of Dibley Christmas special… oh, that was a goooood day!! ^^ I was ruined when he quickly returned to my TV screen as Guy of Gisbourne with his guyliner and complicated bad-boy charm, and when it comes to my feelings for Lucas North… oh my, how long have you got? 😉
        I waited a while before I watched North and South, but my oh my…it was so worth the wait… ^_^
        Ah, I feel better for coveying my wee RA love story to you! hehe!
        Sometimes I wonder how I didn’t combust; but I’m very lucky to have a friend who’s as crazy for Lee Pace as I am for Armitage, so we often swoon over the handsome chaps together, and are always understanding if the other needs to take a wee moment and vent all the pent up hysteria 😉

        Ooh-urh! A Jolie-Pitt is something I have never or will ever aspire to be! Eeek! ;P
        No, the shyness has been left in the shadows!! Yey! 😉
        That deserves a virtual High-5, right??! 😉


        • Yay a huge virtual high-five (especially for not aspiring to be adopted by the Jolie-Pitts. I’m waiting on Madonna too) 🙂
          People take many paths to end up in Amitageville, but the end result is the same: Last stop: CrayCray for Richard!!!
          All aboard!!!
          I need a whistle *looks around frantically* Darn, need to get a whistle so I can be a conductor on the Armitage Railway Choo choo train to Armitageville LOL!
          HOOT HOOT!!!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Indeed 😉 And Armitageville really is the best place to be – it’s where all the cool gals hang out, all together in the naughty house shaped like Lucas North’s…um, I’ll leave it there… -_-
            But yey! Just yey! Just because! 😉

          • I love the idea of our fandoms house being shaped like Lucas North’s…welll… errr…ya know…. but then what would the front door be?… LOL! You’re killing me 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Hehe! It’s probably the back door that we should be most concerned about!! o_o



          • LOL! You’ve just doscovered my weakness: I have the sense of humour of a teenage boy 😉 Add a fart joke to that and I’m a gonner LOL!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Well, you’re in good company when it comes to humour of that kind… but I’ll try to contain it…
            *inserts one fart joke*


          • I tried, you can only contain it to a certain degree, but the naughty schoolboy slips out every now and again. believe me, I’ve tried 😉

  22. I’m so glad you decided to start blogging!! It wouldn’t have been the same without you. You make me smile often. : D

    • Thanks so much Frenz! The only way I’d make you even crack a smile is if you had a pretty decent (staggering understatment…) sense of humour yourself 🙂

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  25. Hi, I hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy blogiversary… 🙂 🙂 I thank you ’cause through your blog I’ve learned many things – and laughed a lot, too ….

    ♥ ¡Besos y abrazos! ♥ A bear hug to you! ♥


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