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Turner turns me right round, baby, right round…


It’s a big day tomorrow here at IWantToBeAPinUp, so a quick post for today.

Have I mentioned that I find Aidan Turner a bit attractive?


Well, I do.

I’m crushing on the so-called Sexy Dwarf hard (HARD I TELL YOU!!!).


I’m not trying to be crude when I state that I wouldn’t mind him burrowing in my Lonely Mountain…

or braiding my bushy beard…

or swinging his sword in my direction…

*insert your own innuendo*

The fangurl in me picks  specific physical traits to crush over.

With Richard Armitage it’s the rear and the thunder thighs.

With Aidan?


It’s the cheeky grin and adorable hair!

And the Irish accent… I’m a gonner…

Hey, Aidan may be sexy and he knows it, I’m shallow and I know it too 😉


For those who would like to delve deeper into the wonder that is Aidan Turner, I suggest checking out the BBC series Being Human (more here), where he plays a tormented vampire Mitchell, and Desperate Romantics where he plays the member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Dante Gabriel Rossetti.


Talking about brooding beauty, Dean O’Gorman (Fili) took a series of photographs of some of The Hobbit cast, including Turner, where they portray Vietnam soldiers.

The pacifist in me is seriously conflicted!

Aidan Turner soldier

Here’s how actor/photographer/painter O’Gorman explains the thought behind the shoot:

“I’m not trying to trick anybody, but I’m just trying to play with the idea of how you feel about something that is not real but is made to seem real? Movies do it all the time, but often within photography I find it’s approached with quite an obvious parody or irony, I wanted to try to be more sincere.”

If you have a moment, check out Dean’s page and the other photos from the series.

There’s also an interesting article on Dean here.

Enjoy the boys and I hope to see you here tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Aidan is indeed a handsome man… 😉

  2. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

    Totally with you on the Aidan Turner love train!
    Been swooning over that Irish beauty since his Being Human days.
    There was excitment aplenty when he AND Richard were cast in The Hobbit!!
    And as uncle and nephew… oh my, such good genes, that line of Durin!


    • Oh, that hug at the airport when The Hobbit plane flew in. No, really, that hug! It was so increadibly hot I really regret I wasn’t a gay man 😉 I also suggest Desperate Romantics, if you haven’t seen it. Aidan has a British accent, but then he really gets down and dirty 🙂
      BTW someone mentioned fanfic about Thorin and Kili… not sure if I want to go there… Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably end up reading it, if only because I know I probably shouldn’t…

      • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

        Aren’t they just the cutest??!! ^_^
        Aye, I’ve seen Desperate Romantics… down and dirty is about right!!! Oh, Aidan!! 😉
        Have you seen Hattie? He’s English in that too…and is rather naughty…again! Um, YUM!

        Thorin and Kili fanfic, eh? Ooh-urh! I think there have been odd bits on Tumblr actually… hehe! Yeah, *probably shouldn’t* encourge it…but they are both soooooo pretty so I’m not going to be the first to protest! 😉

        There’s quite a bit of Thorin and Thranduil shipping going about too.
        Makes me smile because one of my closest friends LOVES Lee Pace, and I LOVE RA (ya know, just a little bit)… so seeing wee gifs of the two of them on Tumblr etc is rather adorable!! hehe!!


        • I haven’t seen Hattie yet because I can only find it with Polish dubbing and despite all appearances, I’m not a masochist, and there’s a limit to how far I’ll go, even for that smile. I am however excited about Mortal Instruments which come out this summer. Aidan’s part is small there and he cut his hair for the part, but I’ll take it where I can 😉 … and yes, I did read the book to see how big his part was 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            I think I have a recording of Hattie, from when it was on tv over here – you’re always welcome to a copy of it 🙂
            Oooh yes, I’d almost forgotten about Mortal Instruments. Good times! I’ve not read the book but I may have to check it out… 😉

          • Now, tell me more about this magic recording you have 🙂 Would it be hanging somewhere in the magical kingdom called the internet, where I could maybe visit or invite it onto my computer?
            Re Mortal Instrument, I enjoyed the book (it;s typican Young adult fiction) but I felt like it was written quite badly and it is very predictable, but then I’m about 20 years older than its’ intended audience 😉 I’m just trying to stay young for as long as I can without botox 🙂 Tomorrow? Pigtails LOL!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Well, I believe I sneakily recorded it to my dvd hard drive when it aired on BBC3, but I have also come across a decent copy on the interwebs… it depends if you’re okay with a sneaky download here and there… >_>

            Ah okay… I wasn’t expecting Mortal Instruments to be groundbreaking material… but it’ll be fun picturing Aidan Turner’s pretty face whilst I read it…until we actually get to see his pretty face when the film’s released, that is! hehe!


          • Let’s say I like to preview before I buy, and I usually end up getting my own copy, ya know, for the pretty box and stuff, some DVD’s I have in 2 copies- one to distribute amongst friends, the other for when my Thornton pangs hit. I’ll go digging a tad and see what Turners…eeerrr… I meant turns up 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Having two copies is a fab plan…just in cases… 😉
            Righteo, well if your digging doesn’t turn up with Turner, I still have a copy on my hard drive, so it can always be turned into a dvd! 😉

          • Yay Thanks Honey! Let me pull out the old shovel and see if I can unearth a sexy Irishman. If not then I may be knocking on your door asking for a cup of sweet Irish sugar 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            No worries 😉

            He’s a wee bit of a rascal in Hattie! YUM!!


          • OK, confession time. I ended up watching Hattie last night, although dubbed in Polish. I lovd it!! I had no idea this was about ‘matron’ from Carry On… I was so touched by te story and not focusing on Aidan’s dodgy wig, it’s really worth checking out 🙂 Glad you twisted my arm LOL!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Yey! Glad you managed to watch it, and enjoyed it so much! 🙂
            Really felt for her husband; he was such a sweetheart, and clearly loved her so much! Poor chap.
            Oh my, I’d forgotten about Aidan’s hair! haha! It’s been a while since I’ve watched it…still, I guess we can forgive him for the dodgy barnet, with a face like that! 😉


          • I felt so very sorry for the poor husband, who turned out to be such a warm and wonderful man, despite that tough upper-lip. That really was a marriage based on friendship and decided to move to the attic bedroom while your wife’s lover moves into the bedroom, just to be close to her, be part of the family and household- that’s something I can’t imagine doing. Setting fire to the place would seem like a more appropriate response…. not recommended though, but you get my point…

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            No, I can’t imagine many people would do what her husband did – what a sacrifice to make for the sake of remaining close to her and his children. To just step aside and let someone destroy your marriage – jeepers!! He clearly loved her deeply, but was also too afraid or heartbroken to really fight for her. Sad times!!

            Despite all that – a thoroughly enjoyable programme!! 😉


      • Could you please tell me where I can find this fanfic please ? 🙂

        • It’s best to check out tumblr and #Aidean or #Durincest. The latter was a bit much for me, but both are very addictive and I spent a few hours yesterday in the land of the very naughty 😉
          Here’s a link to a story about Aidean + Richard Armitage. Please be warned it’s not for the faint-hearted, it’s NSFW and has a gay theme.
          You’ve been warned!!!

          • Thanks. 🙂

            I have understand that it’s not for faint-hearted. 😉

            By the way, what’s the meaning of “NSFW”. Does this mean “not safe for work” or “not suitable for work” ?

          • I think it means not safe for work, so you shouldn’t really get caughty reading how Aidan, Dean and Richard spend their free time …. together, becasue that would really be hard to explain to your boss LOL!

          • @Agzy : I’ve read the fic yesterday at home. It’s naughty but I’ve read some worst on 😉

            What is weird in this fic is that it’s about the “real” Richard-Dean-Aidan and not their characters. But I have survived, lol.

            @Fanny : Thanks for your response. 🙂

          • Yes, in theory it’s the ‘real’ characters, but then of course it’s not. It’s a mind trip for sure, that’s why I gave it a fair warning. I think it’s so far-fatched I really don’t have a problem with mixing up reality and pure fiction. Others would no doubt disagree! Ps. I’ve never been on What do you recommend there?

          • I’ve read only a few fanfic at Dreamerfiction” and only short ones, because my English is not good enought to read an entire fic (or book) in English. 😉

            It was months ago and I don’t remember the titles, but just one thing : warning, because there’s many NC-17 fics in Dreamerfiction and some are very “hard”. 😉

          • OK, I’m heading to Dreamerficion right now because I’ve heard so much about it 🙂

          • I hope that you will like it. 🙂

          • Jas has posted a bunch of fanfics she recommends on her blog 🙂

          • I saw that yesterday. 🙂

          • Hope you liked it. I thought it was a very good selection 🙂

          • I’ve read them yesderday. It was hot, hot, hot, lol.

          • Good! Then it’s not just me then 😉

          • I haven’t read any dwarf slash yet, I’m not really feeling it yet, though Guy & Alan slash? Sure. NSFW either way is just a warning not to open it in a public place, S either meaning suitable or safe, you basically might not want to get caught with it on your desktop, visually or content wise 🙂

          • Confession time: the dwarf slash isnt my cup of tea, safe or not. It didn’t steam my kettle, rock my boat, heat my oven. Now, Aidean on the other hand… I don’t know why, but I’m hooked. Must mean I’m a dirty dirty girl who will now proceed to the corner 😉

          • I’ll take a recommendation on Aidan Fic though 🙂

          • So would I, but I haven’t come across anything. Only Aidean with a sprinkle of Richard.

  3. Aidan’s smile was an added bonus in the hobbit! I was so pleased to see more of him than expected! I second recommending Hattie, even if his looks aren’t very flattering in it, he plays a sexy devil.

    • Oh, maybe I should just see it dubbed in Polish and if I really love it just get in on DVD from Amazon? These actor crushes are proving to be expensive, so I’ll be execting a Thank You for your support box of chocolates from both Aidan and Richard!!! 🙂 Won’t hold my breath…

    • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

      Sexy devil is right…Or, sexy sex devil! hehe! 😉

      • Talking about sexy sex devil I checked outr Aidean fanfic and Durincest. Of dear dear me, it’s not for the fainthearted and yet I couldn’t stop. I need to write a post about it and possibly upset many of my readers. If you like I dare, I dare you to check out #Aidean. I died! The dwarves getting it on was a bit much for me, but still it’s interesting to check out.
        Oh, and it’s very NSFW, very naughty but then tumblr usually is, so you’ve been warned 😉

  4. Aidan can definitely give Richard a run for his money, but will lose. As for Dean’s photography, he is real good! Very impressive.

    • LOL! I’d love to see Aidan and Richard battle it out for my affection and for the title of The King of Sexy! I promise to sell tickets if and when this ever happens, special discount for the Armitage Army 😉
      Dean can take pictures of the event LOL!

  5. Bardzo, bardzo apetyczny jest ten Aidan!:)…ale muszę go zostawić córce,oj gdybys widziała te maślane oczy. Mój komputer i Zuzy telefon jest że tak powiem “wytapetowany “zdjęciami Kiliego.
    PS: Utalentowany jest ten Dean. Swoja drogą, ciekawe co Hollywood zrobi z tymi wszystkimi “naszymi” chłopcami tzn. Aidanem,Deanem,Richardem? Oby nie tylko nie przeżuł i nie wypluł.

    • To dobre pytanie co ten głupi Hollywood zrobi. Jedno jest pewne, jak ci Amerykanie ich nie będą chcieli, to my tu w Europie będzimy czekać i przyjmiemy z otwartymi ramionami. Jedno ramię dla Aidana a drugie dla Richarda, co się świetnie składa i chyba właśnie 2 mężczyzn miała na myśli matka natura projektując kobietę 😉


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