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Mr Armitage, I like you in your blue jeans, you give me sweet dreams…

Many of you know the particular fondness I have for Richard Armitage and his jeans, especially of the tight (tight I tell you!!) Lucas North variety.

I’ve discussed them and what lies beneath, bounced coins of them, even compared their appeal to Porter combat pants.

Therefore I see it as fate that GizTheGunslinger takes my personal fetish to new heights.

This is one of the most beautiful fanvids I’ve seen in ages.

It’s so stunning, I dare you to watch it just the once!

I haven’t watched a fanvid so many times in a row since discovering Sexy Back 3 which has now become an Armitage Army classic and was even mentioned in the Richard Armitage Glamour UK interview 😉

The images are so powerful they actually make Lana Del Rey sound really good (this is me being bitchy in 2013, to hell with resolutions…).

Looking like that, blue jeans will never go out of style 🙂

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  1. “Gonna love you ’til the end of time” — so true. And he can make me believe that only one man on the planet can wear jeans like that.

    • Denim jeans were made for those thighs and bum 🙂 Having said that he’s been knocking me out with the deliscious collection of classical clothes. Let’s hope he never combines the two and we don’t see him in a denim suit (perish the thought!) 😉

  2. This man looks good in anything he wears… specially when he doesn’t wear anything!! 😉

  3. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)


    Ya know, I have a thing for RA’s legs (well, and his face, arms…the list goes on…), but his legs…oh my! I think it’s because they’re so long! Teehee!
    When I *make* peeps watch RA related shows/clips etc, I often say to them: “LOOK.AT.HIS.LEGS!”

    Um, that was all! Bye! ^^

    • I and many MANYothers know just what you mean. I have a thing for the bum and thighs, Servetus is a thumb and boot admirers, others go for the eyes, nose or voice. The nice thing about Richard is there really are so many stunning elements to choose from. He’s Iike a sexy Mr Potato Head!
      I was just telling my sister how every now and again someone within the fandom pops up and accuses fans of objectifying Richard.
      The man is hot.
      Me not mentioning it, not writing about it or discussing it with others doesn’t change that fact.
      Some needs to get over themselves, the little prudes and just succumb to the power of the Armitage physical magnificence 🙂

      • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

        It’s true! We’re spoilt for choice when trying to pick a favourite feature of The Armitage! ^^ Everything about him is beautiful!!
        Oh, and that voice of his…*melts*. I can’t listen to audio books and other stuff he’s narrated for long because, after about 3 minutes, all I can picture is him reading bedtime stories to the children I’ll never have with him! hehehe!!
        Objectifying? – bah!! Peeps who say that do need to build a bridge… We’re merely appreciating his beauty!! Amen!

        • LOL, he should be a doner because MANY of us wouldn’t mind him being our baby daddy 😉 I’d be riding the Hollywood alimony pony 🙂 Now, that’s a dream to aspire to!
          Oh, look, I just objectified him again. Back to the naughty corner I go 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Haha! Yes, there would be maaaany girls in that queue! (Pick me!! PICK ME!! ;P)

            Ah, all us Armitage admirers live in the naughty corner. It’s a happy place! La la la la la 😉


          • There’s a turkey baster joke just lingering there somehwere, but I’m just going to leave it be 😉 No, really, it might burn my tongue or I may start choking on it, but I’ll leave it be LOL!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Don’t choke, luvie! I think you sent me that joke by the power of telepathy… hehehe!

      • ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Sexy Mr. Potato Head ……………….
        Oh, that’s just too priceless, A!!! (seriously wiping tears from my eyes)

        Objectifying is a bad thing? Send me to the naughty corner, too, then. 😉
        Why is it wrong to do so with one who has the magnificence that is Armitage? (Richard Crispin, that is … not that *other* one! *shiver*) We’re just enjoying his presence, in all its glory.

        I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, I think. My observation, from many years in another fandom and of just human nature in general, is that the phrase “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” often is true. They object so much that, well, I believe they lose all credibility. That they are doing the exact same thing as all of us *bad* fans are. They just aren’t as honest as we are. *giggle*

        *bursts out laughing again*
        Sexy Mr. Potato Head …………….
        Oh, A! I’m going to have one heck of a giggly day, now. Thank you!!! 😉

        • Very true, what’s wrong with admiring the perfect human form? It’s always the quiet ones, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths that end up being a suburban madam! I have an outlet for these thoughts (which entails drooling all over my keyboard), and I’m comfortable with my admiration!
          Re Mr. Potato Head, if only the Hobbit merch specialists consulted the fans, we’d see completely different stuff in shops 😉


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