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Cooling Down in 2013

snowman  cool down hot dwarves

There have been plenty of those filthy Hobbitses (as Gollum would call them) and Dwarveses here lately, but then how often do you get to cheer your favorite actor on while he promotes one of the most important movies in his career?

2013 is upon us and I was thinking of making a list of my New Year’s Resolutions until I realised they’d be pretty much the same as last year.

Makes me think that perhaps these resolution don’t work too well or maybe don’t know how to work them.

I find myself in the same spot year after year, so maybe I do suffer from one of  the worst ailment known to mankind:

I keep doing the same things and expect different results!

The question is how the heck does this hamster get off the wheel.

How about some new ideas that could change things up?

This list makes sense:


How about just breathing and enjoying life?

What would life be like if we accessed our inner Pin Up and face each life with a smile (not to mention showing plenty of leg…).

Anyway, here are some beautiful ski bunnies to inspire us this winter.



 William_Medcalf tumblr_ldjplgk6vW1qcpztmo1_500  lf Fritz_Willis Elvgren_NAPASkier 2239280538_cb17df34be


I hope you have a wonderful hot/cool Sunday 🙂

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  1. I like your rules–excellent choices! And the snow bunnies are lovely! I wonder if RA got to meet any such honey bunnies when he was skiing in NZ? 😉

    • I don’t know about the ski bunnies in NZ, but did you watch that interview from the Polish telly where that journalist lost her cool confronted by Richard’s beauty? There’s just something about that man that seems to melt Polish woman’s hearts. I did like the question regarding who he called after he found out he got the Thorin part. He’s turning out to be an adorable mummy’s boy!
      I have no idea how he manages to ski at all without the snow turning into boiling water 🙂
      Richard skiing? Water skiing more like 😉

      • I haven’t watched that one yet. Awwww, his mum just has to be soooo proud of her son. He’s so beautiful and sweet and gracious on top of all that talent. Hmmmm, envisioning him in swim togs on the water skis, droplets of water running from his wet, tousled hair down the planes of those taut abdominals muscles . . . I guess his phobia about water might make water skiing less appealing to him.

        • I think his water phobia may well come from him melting ice and snow everywhere he goes. He probably spends winter standing in a puddle 😉
          Re the interview, it’s pretty much what we’ve heard before, but the girl is so huffed and puffed she literally blew that studio down, and who can blame her?!? It’s a wonder women (and more than a few men…) interviewing Richard and Aidan don’t just turn into drooling idiots, sitting there basking in their wondorous beauty. I mean both have mega-watt smiles you have to wear sunglasses to look at directly as not to burn your burn your cornea!

          • He does seem like he could generate a considerable amount of heat, doesn’t he?? 😉 Bless his heart, he just can’t help it.

            Aidan does have a wonderful grin, too. He could be the most adorable vampire as Mitchell. Also incredibly bloodthirsty and scary, but then Richard is also good at the duality. 😀
            What a delight it would be to interview those two (and I also love Dean’s dimples!)

          • Aidan sexiest scary vampre around, and it’s not that easy to portray an interesting fang-owner as there are so many actors playing similar parts. And yes, I think Vampire Richard would make all of us give up a pint of blood willingly 😉
            I’ve heard it mentioned that someone out there (I don’t know details, but then I’m too chicken to check…) has actually written fanfic about Thorin and Kili. It came up when I was admiring the pair of them on twitter, although I wasn’t implying that I’d like to see them TOGETHER bathing under a waterfall and such… I’m tempted to check it out, then again what is read cannot be unread, and what is seen cannot be unseen, so I’m not sure I should risk it.

          • Yeah, there’s a plethora of vampires out there these days, but Mitchell definitely stood out for me and for more than just his good looks. He captured the angsty conflict of a guy trying to “be human” and fit into society and fighting that eternal thirst for blood.

            Richard–oh, I’ve thought Richard would make a hellagood vampire for ages. I really wouldn’t mind seeing him play Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches, either.

            I knew there would be some sexy dwarf fanfics being written. But I also understand your trepidation at reading something like that. I recall with pleasure writing my Guy/Allan AU fanfic with several scenes at a pond and beneath a waterfall. But they weren’t blood related, either. A different situation altogether.

          • If it were just Thorin and Kili, that’s one thing. Anyway, we don’t really know if even one of them isn’t really a female dwarf. There’s no way of telling 😉
            The blood relation is a bit odd, but then I do enjoy the running storyline in Arrested Development about the cousins fancying one another (although I haven’t finished watching the series and they may end up not being related at all). Oh, and we’re in general talking about fictional characters who reside in Middle Earth, so I doubt the same moral code applies 😉

          • Something I read on DJ’s Heirs of Durin site was a comment by a Tolkien scholar saying that the proposed storyline with Thorin losing a sweetheart/fiancee in the destruction of Erebor would have been unbelievable because he would have been far too young (25-30) to even show interest in females and think of marrying.

            Apparently dwarves are close to 100 before they consider courtship and marriage. The male dwarves spend their time focusing on fighting skills and other useful stuff. They don’t seem to have an urge to mate before then. I was a bit disappointed to hear this LOL but I have no doubt that this lady, who knows FAR more about Middle-earth and its inhabitants than I, has it right. So—if one of the younger dwarves has a crush on Tauriel the elf, I guess Sir Peter will be taking some liberties.

  2. Yes to all your rules; they are good ones. I love the ladies doing winter sports; how fasions have changed!*giggle* I don’t think it’s just Polish women whose hearts melt when confronted by Richard. We’re seeing evidence that the effect is worldwide.

    A good indicator of a man’s character is his relationship with his mother, and in Richard’s case, 😀

    As to why he doesn’t melt the snow, I think he must ski very fast indeed, so there’s not enough time for heat transfer…

    • He probably goes down the slope fast, and I can imagine sparks flying from under his skis, as he zigs here, then zags there. I’m seing a hat with a huge pompom, goggles shielding those baby blues, tight (tight I tell you!!!!) ski pants shielding…well… his pompoms… I see him managing his ski poles like Guy would a sword. Oh, my mind’s eye is on overdrive today 😉

      • I love imagining him skiing. The azure gaze so keen behind those goggles, the beauty of his form, moving with such grace and agility and SPEED . . .*sigh* *thud*

        • What you wrote reminds me of a scene from a Bond film, Roger Moore playing 007, with the dodgy green screen and our beloved agent being chased by thugs on skis and snow scooters while he’s gracefully avoiding them and making his way down the slope…oh and probably making love to a Russian spy in the meantime. Richard=007, me=Russian spy (gladly!) 😉

          • And RA wouldn’t need the dodgy green screen. Amazes me how gracefully he moves as Thorin in some of the battle scenes, even with all the padding and heavy weapons . . . wow.

          • He looked heavenly when the bird was carrying him off. I kept imagining that albino baddie looking at that and saying: Look back at me! 😉

          • I know—his long hair flowing in the wind, those eyes closed (love it when he feigns sleep, or in this case, unconsciousness), looking so kingly and beautiful. *sigh* I think everyone should be in love with Thorin! LOL

  3. Well…I don’t make new year’s resolutions… I just pray to be a better person and deal with problems in a clever way (if this is possible)!!
    Looking at these lovely Pinups in winter costumes, I can’t stop smiling… just because over here it has been impossible to sleep without the air condicioning is on! 😉
    Wish you a wonderful Sunday!!

    • LOL! I think of the temperature difference, especially when it was -18C on Christmas Eve 🙂 But I have seen people skiing in the sand, wearing nothing but a bikini. Maybe that the best option for Brazil! How are your sand dunes? Worthy of a piste?

      • Over here temperatures are over 30 degrees Celsius… Difficult to imagine Christmas Eve like this… lol… but it’s our reality!! 😉
        On Brazilian northeast cost there are huge sand dunes which are wonderful for ‘skiing’. You have to try someday!!!

        • Luciana, there are many things I’m willing to try and do, but skiing (even for Richard) isn’t one of them! Skiing in the snow is bad enough, sweating in your winter ski clothes, carrying that heavy equipment, you go up and down a few times, your knees start to hurt a little and all you want is to go indoors, strip off a few layers, and have a (large) glass of mulled wine.
          If I were to go through all of that dressed in a bikini, well, you’ve just described my biggest nightmare 😉
          BTW, when I say I wouldn’t do that even for Richard I’m not being totally honest. It would all depend on how nicely he asked me 😉

  4. You are just my kind of a girl. I’m totally retro and I so love the pin up pictures, I’m totally grazy about 30s and 40s, specially the fashion and the movies.
    And then I’m also a huge Hobbit fan, I want some hot dwarves, please.
    I’m totally stuck in the spell of Richard Armitage. Him as Thorin is the hottest thing I have ever seen. I also love that he seems to be such a humble, oldfashioned guy. What a dreem it would be to see him in a movie that is like the movies were in the 1940s. Maybe in something with romance ore a film noir movie.

    Wonder if he wants himself a pinup girl!

    • Hello Darling 🙂 I loved the Glamour UK shoot because it’s a bit Cary Grant. The slick polished look does him justice and after not looking so hot in the 30s fashion of Captain America (although I have a soft spot for Heinz Kruger..), I feel Richard’s retro look has improved 🙂
      BTW I was actually thinking how he’ add intensity to a part in a romantic movie. We’d have steam coming out from our ears watching that LOL!


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