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What does a Hot Dwarf have in his pocket? And it’s not what you think…

Thank You for all your positive thoughts!
My Dad is better, we have a diagnosis and he has his sense of humour back (won’t go into detail  about when the hospital priest came visiting), which means he’s on the mend 🙂
I’ve had a funny sort of day today ferrying people to and from the hospital, running errands, as well as attempting the difficult task of changing my family’s habits by actually making breakfast and dinner and eating it together (a novel concept, sad to say).

I’m actually teaching my Mum to make a healthy dinner in 15 minutes and I can only hope (and dream) that she will actually continue this new food habit once my dad is back home.

At least for a month.

A week maybe? I hope.

This weird day also meant plenty of free time to surf on a computer that wouldn’t allow me to add pictures to my post.
I came across some videos that lifted my mood and me laugh out loud, both courtesy of Empire Magazine.
Firstly, do you know what how dwarves carry in their pocket?

If you’re anything like me, let me tell you the answer isn’t what you think, so get your dirty fangurling mind out of the gutter!
Here’s the answer:

Aidan Turner and a lighter?
I smell a smoker!

No, really, I’d love to smell that smoker (I’m crushing on Aidan Turner hard, can you tell or am I hiding it well?).
In oppose to Andy Serkis Richard Armitage doesn’t reveal his Claridge’s room number, much to the disappointment of women wanting to access their inner Ros Myers and doing a little breaking and entry.

May I also suggest that in future we don’t take Richard and Aidan’s word for it!

I volunteer to carefully examine the pockets for content, just to be thorough…

While we’re on the topic of ridiculously hot dwarves that heat up my Lonely Mountain (I really don’t know what that means but it’s been a weird kind of day, so I’ll take it where I can…), can you name all of them?

Let me try:

Thorin, Kili, Fili…eeerrr….Ori…Grumpy…eerrr…the fat ginger one…eeerrr…. Gollum….

OK, I give up and leave it to the pros:

These videos are adorable and it’s always the simple questions that yield the best answers!

So what do you have in your pocket RIGHT NOW?

Dare I hope someone has a Thorin or Kili action figure in their pockets 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear you have a diagnosis. Changing lifetime habits is hard.

    • Yes, especially when stubborn parents are concerned! If I was a betting woman I’d say I’m going to fail, but at least I’m giving it a shot!

  2. At this moment, I don’t have a pocket… 😀

    • Me either and I bet most of us are wearing sweat pants, pj bottoms, flannel pants with no pockets and I bet one are two aren’t wearing a single thing 😉
      At home even when I do have a pocket, there probably just a used tissue there or something. I need to pimp my pockets!

      • LOL
        By the way, I’m glad to know about your father’s health!!! Hope he’s back home soon!!! 😉

        • We don’t know when he’s coming back although we joked that the hospital it was like staying at a spa- peace and quiet, plenty of time to read and watch telly, take naps and even the sheets are monogrammed sheets. Shame they say: National Health Service 😉

  3. I wish all best luck with your parents. Changing the habits of a lifetime is hard, but it can be done. Like donkeys, people need a metaphorical carrot in front and a stick behind. What those are is highly individual.

    What’s in my pocket? Phone in left trouser pocket, keys in right trouser pocket, ID (required) in left breast pocket, tissues in right hip pocket. Not very exciting, is it? Now if I had a Claridges’ master key…

    • Those are some well organised pockets Leigh! I couldn’t boast those even on a good day!
      Talking about that Claridge’s, is it wrong to be a tad jealous of that chambermaid that got to hoover a certain hotel room with a certain British actors stuff all around? No, seriously, is it because it feels a bit loony 😉

  4. Hannah (Sally_Boots)

    “The room…my room…the key to my room!”
    One of the most adorable Armitage answers! ^_^

    • I know, but how funny would it be if he actually had plans for a new bedroom in his pocket, say, of his new house? OK, now I’m stetching, so I’ll shut up and rewatch the clip becauseit makes me extremely happy for some unknown reason 🙂

      • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

        Oh my, as if “the key to my room” hadn’t already sent my imagination to a naughty corner…the things you’ve put in my head now…haha! ;P

        • Me? I will not have you insinuate that I am some sort of dirty old fangurl with a serious Lucas bum fetish and near obsession with Porter’s abs… Oh, sorry, yes, it does sound just like me… never mind 😉
          BTW there’s no naughty corner here. It’s a whole naughty house LOL!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Hehehe! A naughty house with a perfect(ly beautiful) reason to be naughty… ^_^
            I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to chat to you on here…your blog always make me smile 🙂 Just shy, I think! Silly, eh? -_-


          • Thanks Honey 🙂 That’s so lovely to hear, but I hate to boast, but I really do (usually) get the best readers ever! They are so smart and funny, not to mention friendly, so I have a feeling you’ll fit right in, Miss Shy No’ Moore 😉
            BTW, can you guess what would be my wallpaper design in my naughty house? Let’s just say RA would probably get that restraining order againsts me based on the decor alone LOL!

  5. Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

    This is the perfect place to *not* be shy I guess…around lots of fellow RA lovers! Yey! ^^

    Humm, is that Lucas North’s bum I spy on your naughty house wallpaper?? Nice! 😉


    • Yup, got it in one! And it’s one of those optical illusion ones. You have to stare at it to see a secret 3D image hidden within 😉

      • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

        Love it! 🙂
        Maybe it glows in the dark too, so you can stare at it in bed…?! Hehe!

        • 3 words for you: Scratch and sniff… 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            This house is too perfect!! When can I move in?? haha!

          • Bring your own Thorin sleeping bag and The One Ring PJ’s 😉 It’ll be an Armitage sleepover! LOL

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            I am there! Like I could miss an Armitage sleepover…;)

          • Great! I’ll bake the cupcakes and make the popcorn, you hire the dwarf-lookalike strippers 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            I’m on it!! 😉 But I’m not booking them unless they have Thorin-esque boots! (I bloody love those boots!! As well as the pretty dwarf wearing them… -_-)

          • When I was in London I got to see the Thorin Weta figure up close. The detail is amazing and the boots…Oh the boots were beautiful. Maybe we shoul buy one and split it, I get the thighs/bum, you get the boots and so on. Maybe that way we’ll be able to afford it 😉
            Re the strippers, it reminded me of the Friends episode where Danni DeVito danced dressed as a policeman. That’s who we need for an authentic Hobbit flavour, dressed in the Durin finest threads 😉

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            Aw, amazing! All the work that must have gone into their oufits…wow!

            That does sound like a plan – anything to get my hands on those boots!! (I really REALLY have a thing for those boots!! -_-)

            Oh yes, hehe! Mr DeVito would be perfect for our dwarf stripper Armitage sleepover!! Though ever so slightly less sexy that the real deal…! ^_^


          • I think I need to write a post about an Armitage sleepover 😉 It sounds like a golden plan. A bunch of slightly mad women from all corners of the world with an Armitage fetish. What could go wrong?
            BTW re the Thorin Weta figure, I absolutely loved reading Servetus’ post she wrote when she got hers, she had me laughing out loud and crying more than once. I really loved the way the figure looked and a part of me really wanted to have it, but until it inspires me to write a cycle of posts like that, I dont seem myself worthy of it. Maybe Servetus will chip hers and its nose will come off and she’ll offer it up as a competition price. Or maybe some other sticking out piece will chip off…. a girl can dream ( of the misfortune of others, sorry about that…)!

          • So far, mine’s in good shape … I wonder, too, if I ever tire of Armitage, what I’ll do with this accumulating stuff? Oh well, worry about it when it happens, I suppose 🙂

          • I’m signing up for the Thorin WETA figure! First in line! See, Polish people are really good at standing in queues for stuff and making lists. We were signed up for a landline for 15 years 🙂 By the time they installed it my dad already had one of those huge mobile phones 🙂 I’ll wait it out Servetus, even if I have to wait 15 years for you to get bored of it LOL!

          • Hannah (@Sally_Boots)

            An Armitage sleepover sounds like something that *needs* to happen!!
            How wonderfully mad but ridiculously right would it be?? 😉
            We can all meet in our various corners of the globe and then connect as a whole via skype! PLAN! 😉
            Tire of the Armitage, Servetus? Perish the thought! Hehe!

  6. Co mam w kieszeni dnia 9-go tego miesiąca? powiedzmy że do jutra jest to temat mocno drażliwy;)


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