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How much is too much Hobbiting?

I came across this image by Aimo of the Durin boys Thorin Kili, Fili, rocking it hard with the support of Bombur  here.

It’s about time The Misty Mountain got a rockin’ treatment!

Those dirty dwarves sure know how to get down and dirty 🙂

by *aimo

My family is in a bit of a crisis mode today while we’re waiting on some news regarding my Dad’s health, so just a quick post to keep my mind off worrying and a question to satisfy my curiosity.

After expressing my apprehension about the 48fps and 3D viewing experience, I was surprised to read in comments(or maybe not so surprised come to think of it…) that many of you have seen The Hobbit multiple times.

I bet a nice percentage of the billions the movie has made in the box office is due to the Armitage fans chasing the Thorin high 🙂

I’m still planning on seeing the movie at least once in the cinema and then throwing the DVD on my present wish list.

Is there a number of times of times you are able to see a movie without feeling you’ve crossed the line?

Would you ever go to a different cinema just so the staff don’t recognise you and brand you a multiple-viewing weirdo?

The reason I ask is NOT because my sister Magzy went a bit crazy with the Twilight saga… *cough*…uhmm…

Nope, that never happened…nope…

Less said sooner mended…

Time to spill the beans and tell me:

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  1. Will keep your dad and you in my thoughts. Hope the news is positive.

    I saw it the fifth time on Tuesday.

    • Thanks S, the news for now is OK, but not great. I’m left putting out fires at home caused by my other parent. Would probably rather be at the hospital with my Dad, believe you me, at least we’d have a giggle at how absurd today turned out to be…
      I hope you watch it many times more because I’m selfish and like reading your posts after each viewing 😉

      • Oh, man. I hear you (this sounds a little like my summer). Hang in there and make sure you have time / space for yourself.

        I am going to see it many more times. I found a way this week to make it more affordable and also cut down the amount of time I have to spend. Let the analysis commence 🙂

        • I’m beyond lucky that we were raised to be very strong and I’m super close to my sister so there isn’t a problem I have to deal with alone. It really does make all the difference.
          Re The Hobbit at this point of Richard’s career, and the direction things are going, getting RA related items at a discount is probably a wise thing 😉 It’s stopped being about a RH boxset here or a mug there. We’re talking about a major investment here, despite them saying love doesn’t cost a thing.

  2. Hi Agzy, I hope you get good news regarding your father’s health. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him! I saw The Hobbit 3 times, the last time was in 2D back in Budapest, and concluded that for me, the 3D was superfluous as well, because watching it in 2D didn’t lessen my enjoyment one bit. And I didn’t miss the 48 FPS either. So there! 🙂

    • Hello Judit, a little tweeting birdy told me you weren’t feeling well. That’s no way to start the new year Dear Lady, so I prescribe a heavy dose of Armitage loving, to be applied whichever way suits you best 😉

  3. Hey, Agzy,wishing all the best for your dad, sweetheart.

    I have only seen it once, in HFR 3D. Not sold on all the bells and whistles either. Want to see it again in plain old 2D so I can focus on characters and story line more easily.

    Some of the high-tech stuff was fun but it just wasn’t the amazing immersive experience I was expecting *Richard was magnificent, of course) 😉 I will likely only see it one more time and wait for the DVDs.

    • Hello Angie, Happy New Year 🙂
      I didn’t even mention how much I enjoyed the acting in general, not just Richard and Aidan (after seeing them in HFR 3D I feel we’re on first name basis the image of the two hot dwarves was so clear LOL!). The whole cast was superb in in my opinion. There were some beautiful shots of the boys and I can’t wait to get my hands on then DVD in order to freeze them for my own amusement and satisfaction 😉

      • I think the overall acting was really excellent. I was very proud of the cast and their hard work to get the film made. I particularly enjoyed those familial moments between Thorin and the sister-sons, too. That glances and smiles and looks that spoke without words. I believe that a really strong bond did develop between them. I remember that hug Richard gave Aidan when he got off the plane in NZ. But yeah, the nice thing about DVDs vs. the cinema is you can pause and remind and pause . . . all to your little heart’s content.

        • I really though Sir PJ hit gold with the cast, but then he didn’t really have the pressure of having to hire well know faces from Hollywood. He could pick and choose and did so very well.
          The whole Durin boys dynamic is very interesting, although I’m not sure if it’s clearly stated in the film that Kili and Fili are related (BTW, that’s one family I wouldn’t mind marrying into…). Can you remember it’s clearly stated?
          I thought Richard was amazing, but I must admit Aidan shook my Middle Earth, and I’m so happy they didn’t pile on the prosthetic nose and other parts of him 🙂

          • Yes, he could pick the right people to do the roles justice, instead of having to put well-known Hollywood faces in there, and that’s great. Earlier in the movie there is some reference to Fili and Kili being Thorin’s nephews, but it would be easy to overlook. That is a family with some exceptionally fine dwarf genes.
            Actually, when I was watching the film, you did pop into my head at some point when Aidan was onscreen. 😉 He’s a cutie pie.

          • Both Kili and Fili are adorable and PJ sure knew how to play games with our poor dwarf-loving hearts 🙂
            I’ve had comments left by new RA admirers who were disturbed by the emotions stirring deep in them caused by Thorin/Armitage and found comfort in the fact there’s a whole bunch of us. there’s nothing quite like a little group madness!
            Yes, without a doubt PJ knew what he was doing when he was putting together the cast!

          • Same here with the new recruits. I have a Tolkien scholar and blogger who wrote a wonderful essay on Thorin and the lads and is now firmly entrenched as an RA fan. She’s been watching RH (I told her to hang on through the cheesiness and campiness, that Guy was worth it LOL) and just saw him in VoD, so she’s working her way through his oeuvre. She just discovered the YT vids with his poetry reading and was enthralled.
            (of course, I never had any doubt this would happen) 😉

          • Some of us were afraid of the new RA recruits, but they seem to be going through a similar path as we did, despite falling for Armitage during the promotional blitz of The Hobbit. It gives me great pleasure to recommend N&S because I knew the best truly is yet to come. I wonder how many new fans got hooked because of Thorin and the movie and how many saw Armitage in his snazzy new wardrobe giving eloquent interviews and were gonners that way?

          • I think it’s a mixture, not sure how it breaks down percentage-wise re those who fell before seeing film vs. after.
            I know numbers were going up at the blog during the promo tour and Richard starmeter was rising at IMDB.

            But after it came out I started seeing some of the academics, the scholars who had really worried how the dwarves and particularly Thorin would be portrayed speaking out and saying how overwhelmed they were with RA’s presence, charisma and sheer majesty onscreen.

            They seem to feel that Richard (with PJ and fellow writers) really did use the appendices coupled with Norse legend and other sources to flesh out Thorin and make him a truly heroic figure rather than just a rather pompous, cantankerous old dwarf. And they are largely pleased with all the performances. Particularly happy RA got their seal of approval. 😉

          • I am one of those new recruits. Because I was such a LOTR fan, I was not expecting much from TH. Therefore, I didn’t really follow any of the pre-movie events (now, much to my chagrin). I had seen RA’s pic in EW and thought he’s nice looking and left it at that. I saw the movie on 12/14/12 and was blown away with his performance. I went home, looked him up on IMDB, watched VoD that night and the next day N&S and from that point on there was no turning back. The last few weeks I have been immersing myself in every bit of info, video, etc. So, it’s his acting that was the catalyst for me, all else is bonus (and what a bonus)!

  4. Hannah (Sally_Boots)

    After not seeing it for almost 2 weeks, I saw The Hobbit for the 4th and 5th time this week!! I love it so much!! ^^ And, not gonna lie, Richard Armitage on the big screen…for the best part of 3 hours… Well, it makes this girl very happy!! 😉

    Sending lots of love and luck today re the news you’re waiting on…

    Hannah xx

    • Thanks Hannah Darling 🙂 Some people felt like there coulld have been more Richard in The Hobbit, and let’s be honest, there can never be enough of him, but I think Thorin’s story was very well told.
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I was really missing the “Dwarves bathing under a waterfall” scene and have written to Jackson to squeeze it in somewhere in the next one 😉

      • Hannah (Sally_Boots)

        Oh, really? I was actually impressed (and delighted) by how much Richard there was! ^^ I mean, I know from reading the book that Thorin’s a key character, but I was surprised by how Thorin focused the film was…you know, considering it’s called The Hobbit ;P. I loved that we got more of an insight into Thorin’s past etc.
        Another Hobbit loving friend and I agreed the other day that the film could have got away with being called “The Hot Dwarf King Thorin” hehe!!

        Haha, yes, that scene would be most welcomed *swoon*
        Maybe it’ll be on the dvd’s deleted scenes…;)

        I really want Fili and Kili to have some more “moments” with their uncle in part 2 ^^
        Especially Kili, hehe! Had a thing for Aidan Turner since Being Human, so was proper chuffed by that casting too…though would have loved him to have kept his beautiful Irish accent. Still, seeing him and RA on screen together was even better than I envisioned ^^ oh my, the line of Durin has v good genes indeed!! 😉

        Sending lots of love to you & your family, look after each other 🙂
        Hannah Xx

  5. My fingers are crossed for the good news about your dad’s health. In the last two years I faced some health problems involving my parets as well. I guess I understand what you’re going through.
    Regarding the movie, I’ve just watched it once in the ‘old’ 3D and have to confess I was a bit disappointed with the movie in general, but I’m thinking about watching it in the new technology!! 😉

    • Hello Luciana, the news is OK, all things concidering. He has to stay in the hospital for the next 3-4 days and get blood transfusions. And no, my dad isn’t a vampire 🙂
      For now it’s all managable, so I really can’t complain about the outcome.
      Re The Hobbit, I’s suggest seeing it a second time, no matter if it’s in 2D or 3D. I think the movie gets better each time you see it and I felt I could focus more and notice more details.
      What I’d love to do is watch it as part of a LOTR marathon as clearly Jackson tried to link it to the previous Tolkien movies, although perhaps that’s where he made a mistake.

  6. Hi A. Hope things with your Dad are getting better. I’ll keep him in my thoughts.

    I absolutely love that image of “Oakenshield the Band”! Can’t you just hear ‘Misty Mountains’ done a la Queen or Metallica (I’m thinking their version of Whiskey in the Jar 😉 )? 😉

    We’ve seen the movie twice, as I mentioned on the other post. There will, more than likely, be one more cinema viewing. Then I’ll wait for the DVD, so I can view it as often as I like. 😉

    • Hello and thanks Z, I really appreciate it! There’s nothing like Armitageville to take your mind off the worries of the day 🙂
      Three is a nice number and I think that’s the amount of times I’ll end up watching it too! Because I’m also crushing hard on Aidan Turner/Kili I feel like I should double the viewing just to give each hot dwarf the pervy AgzyM attention they deserve 😉

      • Oh sweetie, Aidan/Kili is worth the crushing! 😉 Sir Peter/Philippa/Fran know their casting stuff, eh? 😉

        (Look at me … I’m Shallow FanGirl! -cue superhero music here- Hey, do I get a cape or something? LOL)

        • If fangurling makes me shallow, I’m wafer thing 😉 Nothing wrong with letting those hormones take over for a bit and to get that blood running through your vains pushed by a heart that has swollen with dwarf pride 😉

          • My fangurling reminds me that in spite of certain health issues that will always be with me, and the fact I am no spring chicken anymore, hope—and adoration—and admiration—and good old-fashioned lust—spring eternal in this human female’s heart and soul.

          • My new year’s resolution is to transfer my online philosophy into RL. That means that it’s OK to be enthusiastic about something to the point of being silly, it’s good to think the best of people, and to walk away from a fight. I can show your disapproval by simply ‘unfollowing’ them without the need to roll up my sleeves and get a bloody nose. I’m always happy to meet new people and expand my horizon online, I need to be more open in RL. That’s all come my way thanks to a little crush on a dashing man. Not bad!
            Anyway, lust expands the bust and who doesn’t like that LOL!

          • Yes, yes, yes. Esp. the loving things and not feeling silly about them.

          • Yup! I keep telling myself that no one is looking at me and judging me because everyone is too busy worrying that everyone is looking and judging them! I’m happy I’m ‘out’ with my Richard, and now Aidan, fangurling because if I need to let my emotions come shooting out (as we all sometimes do) I feel free to do so!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your father’s health Agzy and hope there is nothing serious.
    I saw The Hobbit in 3D with French subtitles and plan to see it in 2D next week. Unhappily in my town the film in 48 FPS is only shown in French version but I intend to watch it anyway.
    I know I’m a little obsessed with Thorin but his majesty is so fascinating !

    • Thanks Nadia, it seems to be working itself out!
      Love the phrase: His Majesty Thorin! He really is regal in The Hobbit. There’s something of an aristocrat in Richard’s features 🙂
      The only reason I haven’t seen the 2D version yet is is was dubbed and I just couldn’t go there, but maybe experiencing 48fps is worth it, if only to form an opinion on the topic 🙂

  8. I will be keeping your father in my prayers! My own is experiencing health problems as well, and it is really frightening and stressful, isn’t it?

    I am one of those who has seen in numerous times. I saw LOTR Return of the King 12 times in the theater and am almost up to that for TH. I live in a small town so the staff at the theater know me. 🙂

    I loved the HFR but was underwhelmed with regular 3D, except when I saw it in regular 3D at IMAX. Unfortunately to see it at IMAX in HFR would require a 4 hour drive. (But it’s not out of the question, yet…). 🙂 Going back to 2D from HFR has not diminished any enjoyment of the film.

    I can’t say enough good things about TH. It far exceeded my expectations.

    • Thanks so much Valerie! Jackson should invite you to spend some time at one of his villas as it seems you’ve payed for them in part 😉
      I happen to love LOTR, although I think I only saw each movie once in the cinema. I’m now keeping an eye out for a LOTR/TH marathon as they seem to fit beautifully together, which was Jackson’s intention.
      I’ve only ever seen a movie waaaay too many times, and been ashamed of it to the point of lying to friends, with the Twilight Saga, but then I’m not a teenage girl who listens to Beiber, so I felt very infantile returning time after time to watch teenage vampires and werewolves.
      What’s the worst thing someone can think of when you see a Tolkien adaptation time after time? Being a geek is cool thanks to the likes of Gates and Big Bang Theory or my favorite non RA blogger at It just seems acceptable to get a multiple hit of Hot Dwarf 😉

  9. Sending prayers your way for both your father and the rest of your family, Agzy.

    I’ve seen The Hobbit twice so far. Once in HFR 3D and once in 2D. I’m hoping to squeeze in another viewing. That’s not even including when it makes it to our local dollar theater. I may have to really restrain myself then. 😉

    • Thanks Jas I really do appreciate positive energy and good thoughts.
      We don’t have those cheap cinemas I so loved when I was living in NY, but I’ve actually thought about the moral implications of downloading the movie before it’s out on DVD. On the one hand it would be something to tie me over and it’s not like I won’t be being an original copy, on the other hand I’m not a fan of downloading new movies. Oh, the problems that come with loving hot dwarves 😉

  10. Thoughts and prayers go out to you AgzyM for you, your Dad and all the family. It sure is tough when loved ones get sick. In my extended family (in-laws of my daughter’s) two of them – a husband and wife which somehow makes it worse – are now on chemo. The whole family is devasted as you might guess.

    I saw The Hobbit for the third time the other day. The first two times it was in the 48 fps format which I have to say I loved! This last time was in IMAX 3D which I did NOT like one bit. Thankfully concentrating on Richard helped me through it. 😉 I now want to see it in 2D – just for comparison’s sake of course! *cough* Seriously, I have NEVER gone to see a movie three times in my life before!

  11. AgzyM, trzymam kciuki za Twojego Tatę!
    A odpowiadając na pytanie, TH widziałam raz i to w 2D i z dubbingiem, ale mam w planie obejrzeć jeszcze raz w oryginalnej wersji i mam nadzieję, że tym razem pan ( bardzo młody pan) od sprawdzania biletów nie będzie się na mnie tak dziwnie patrzył 😉

  12. AgzyM, best wishes for your father’s health and all your family. I have seen the movie twice, both in 3D-HFR, and I loved it, didn’t have a problem with the technology. I do want to see in 2D though, for comparison. That image you have posted of the dwarves rocking it out makes me laugh. I have come across so many covers of Misty Mountains Cold on YouTube, including several “rock” versions, of which there are some very good renditions. I even came across a Marine Band performance yesterday, really good. Other covers include piano, strings, harps … makes me want to dust off the electric keyboard and give it a go!

  13. Trzymaj się((( Agzy)))! …tak ogólnie trzymajcie się dziewczyny…
    PS: Hobbita widziałam na razie tylko raz ( w 3D) i dobrze się bawiłam. Mój mąż zapytany “i co?” stwierdził lakonicznie “no dobra swietny casting”:) o Ryska nie musiałam pytać bo za każdym razem gdy RA pojawiał się na ekranie to głosno jeczał “ojeeejkuu” 😀

    • Dzięki Kochana, Twój mąż jeszcze nie wie że pocztą idzie strój Thorina który kupiłaś na Allegro więc niech się do brody chłopak przyzwyczaja bo pewnie co piątkowy wieczór będzie się przebierał 😉 Plusem jest to że będzie słyszał ojjeeeejjjjkuuu! hahaha

      • HAHAHAHA!

        na stronie : (“skąd wiedziała o piątkowych wieczorach…jasnowidz?”)

        • Zerknęłam w Gandalfa magiczne kulki oprzepowiadające przyszłość 😉 A tak poważnie to mogę od was odkupić ten strój kowboja i strażaka jak nie będziecie już z nich korzystać w piątki? Hahahaha

          • Hihihihi! …mogę dorzucić strój płetwonurka? 😀

          • Ale tylko z butlą tlenową bo bez to nie biorę bo mi celulit (wodny, bo ten teraz jest modny…) wystaje przez piankę i potrzebuję coś co odwróci od tego uwagę. Płetwy mam własne więc się prosić nie będę 😉
            LOL my to wariatki jesteśmy. Chyba przez tą fluoryzację co nam kazali w podstawówce za dziecka robić 😉

          • Hahaha! Łeee…fuj floryzacja…też dostawaliście tabletki?
            mój kumpel zwany “gupim Krzyśkiem” zjadał wszystkie moje z apetytem:)

          • Nie, tylko polewali szczoteczki które trzeba było przynieść z domu. Ja zawsze zapominałam i tak palcem z fluorem w tej gębie jeżdziłam 😉
            A czy Krzysio to był już gupi, czy tak może po tych tabletkach, mały ćpunek 😉

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