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My Hobbity London Trip Part 1. A not altogether Unexpected Journey

I seriously have so many things I’d like to share with you, I’m overwhelmed where to begin.

I decided to start in the best possible place meaning right at the start.

As some of you may know I got the absolute perfect birthday present this year from my family and friend.

My BFF Max and I started out on our adventure on a frosty Thursday.

The plan was simple: get to London in a timely fashion, unpack at the hotel, freshen up and rush to Leicester Square to meet two of my fellow Armitage Admirers Judit and Linda60 to catch The Hobbit together at the Odeon.

Our two lucky Richardettes had attended the official movie première the day before and I really couldn’t wait to meet them and get the dirt.

The flight was uneventful (and I really don’t want to go into detail on how inappropriate I found the 10 minute patting down at the airport and how I’ve had foreplay with less physical interaction… Oh well, a sign of our times I guess…).

On landing at Heathrow I encountered my first Armitage sighting.

Armitage Shanks that is… spelt across the loo and basin I was using.

As many other Armitage Admirers like Guylty, I was shocked to find myself using a product in some bizarre way connected to our Precious.

I can honestly say though that this was the first, but certainly not the last time I got excited about Richard Armitage in a bathroom.

On our way to the hotel, which is close to Waterloo Station, we passed another reminder of my favorite actor.

I really did scream when we passed The Old Vic, where Richard Armitage appeared in a fund-raising gala on 21st November 2010.

I’ll just say what we’re all thinking: you’ve seriously crossed a line when you actually get excited at a strip of pavement that your beloved actor had walked on a good 2 years before.

There was little time to dwell on the madness though as I had a 3pm appointment with my online friends and fellow Armitage nuts.

I had arranged to meet Judit and Linda60 an hour before the movie, pick up our tickets and pop in for a quick coffee  before catching the film at 4pm.

I was clad in my Thorin-inspired fur collar and Erebor key brooch, looking like a hairy savage American football player 🙂

 A lovely surprise awaited me, as it turned out Guylty, also known as the Ooof Girl, a periodic collaborator at me+richard, joined our merry gathering, and I presume that we ended up looking like four slightly mad and overly enthusiastic hobbits leaving the Shire 🙂

My fellow admirers were exactly what I had expected meaning witty, funny, articulate and energetic and Linda60 knew her audience very well as she came bearing a gift of yummy chocolates.

The one thing I did learn that surprised me was when obsessing about Richard time passes just as fast in RL as it does online.

Green is the new red…

Before I knew it, it was time to take our seats and embark on our rather expected Hobbit adventure.

I regret we didn’t spend more time just chatting away, especially that all of us had other plans for our stay and RL friends we shared our London time with.

I honestly could have spent 5 more hours after the movie just chatting, so hopefully next year we’ll get the chance, and I am looking forward to meeting up with more fans next year for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

In my next post I’ll be writing about my Hobbit thoughts as I think most of you have seen it at least once and I won’t be spoiling anything.


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  1. It really is the best feeling meeting other Armitage admirers, outsiders just don’t get it!
    So happy you all got to meet. This worldwide meet up has to happen one day!!

  2. Thank you for sharing and happy New Year 2013 dear Agzy !!!

  3. Hannah (Sally_Boots)

    Sounds like one exciting Hobbity adventure!! Yey! ^^
    My friend (who’s a big fan of Lee Pace) and I are already making plans to go to Leicester Square for Hobbit part II. So might just see you there next December 😉 Be awesome to meet up with more RA fans & get all excited together, hehe!

    • I will do everything to be there and I know our darling Sebababy from Gisborne’s Boy is planning on going too! I really hope we can grow and make the meeting even bigger 🙂

  4. Czyli że muszę już dziś kupić świnke skarbonke ? bo strasznie chciałabym spotkać tych wszystkich zwariowanych ludzi!:)
    PS: czy to rzeczywiście był twój pierwszy raz?;) mam na myśli ekscytowanie się RA w łazience(uwielbiam twoje poczucie humoru) Ja zazwyczaj zaliczam szybkie numerki z Guyem of Gizborne 😀

    • Hahaha! Guy w łazience jest problematyczny bo jak ściągnąć te skórzane wdzianka na tak ograniczonej przestrzeni??? Chyba tylko rozerwać (zębami)… 😉

  5. Co za przygoda!!! Dzięki 🙂 Wszystkiego najlepszego w Nowym Roku!!!

  6. Hi Agzy, good to have you back. I’ve already started to wonder whether you probably extended your stay in London due to your long things-to-do-list. We def didn’t have enough time to discuss all the important things and there are superabundantly really important (obsessive!) things to talk about……. 😉 It would’ve been nice if the days would’ve felt a bit longer and somehow not so freezing cold! Oh, I quite lively remember, we just came out of the cinema, still a bit in an unspecific Thorin daze, walking a couple of meters, when you all of a sudden turned right and disappeared in the National Portrait Gallery… What a determination! LOL

    • LOL1 it’s a shame you didn’t join me at the National Portrit Gallery because it turned out they have this Late Shift where the musaum is open till late, you can grab a glass of wine and the place was packed with adults on dates and just walking around sipping, talking and spending a great evening. I have to hand it to the British, they sure know how to turn a positive experience into an even better one!
      Next time we need to schedule to have breakfast together, then catch the movie in the afternoon so there’s plenty of chinwag time LOL! 🙂

  7. Just stopping to say hello and wish you a happy 2013!!! 😉

  8. Agzy – happy new year to you! Just read up on the meet-up. Wasn’t it a blast? It was lovely meeting you and I was annoyed with myself for not having travelled on my own because then I could’ve spent the rest of the weekend with my fellow Armitagettes! There’s another premiere on in approximately eleven months. Start saving your birthday money for that 😉 I am, too. xxxx

    • Hello Darling, Happy New Year! I’m already enouraging everyone to start saving pounds in their piggy bank because the next part is really right around the corner. Now it’s time for me to take my own advice and not rely on getting to London thanks to a B-day pressie LOL! It was really wonderful to meet fellow fans and I can really see talking with them as an endless activity!

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