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Just a quick Hobbity Hello!

00 Hobbit Winter

Dear Friends,

I hadn’t intended on taking such a long break from the blog, and I apologise to anyone who was worried about my sudden disappearance.

It started with taking a step away from the promotional madness of The Hobbit which I wasn’t enjoying too much.

Then my trip to London came about and so did the countdown to Christmas.

We then went away for the holidays and I’ve only been back for a day.

What amazes me is how life went on here at I Want to be a Pin Up while I was away.

The stats have been going through the roof despite me not posting anything new and it is a tad unnerving that my posts are read beyond our Armitage circle.

There’s a million things  (OK, exaggeration…) I want to write about, so I shall have to cut it all up into separate posts.

I can’t wait to share the details of my Hobbity weekend in London, meeting my fellow Armitage Admirers, and the exhibitions I managed to visit while there.

Now that The Hobbit is out around the world, I think it’s time I shared my thoughts on the movie in a painfully honest review.

Until then, huge hugs and keep warm 🙂

About Agzy The Ripper

Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. Welcome back, Agzy!!! Hope your travels and break have been both rejuvenating and restful!! Looking forward to reading of your London adventures AND your thoughts on the movie – and don’t worry – I think honesty and authenticity are still respected around here. 😉

    • Thanks Ex 🙂 I think it’s just hitting me how much I’ve missed being here. Then I encountered an argument on twitter between Armitage Admirers and it really did feel like being back LOL!

  2. So happy to read you again Agzy and look forward to read your adventure in London !

  3. Welcome back! I’m glad to know you’re okay; you had me worried there.

    • Thanks Leigh. Didn’t mean to worry anyone! I actually asked someone close to me to let you guys know if anything bad were to ever happen to me 🙂

      • Thanks for the reassurance. I also have “exit instructions” lodged with a close friend. It seems only fair.

        • I know, it seems a bit morbid to think of such things, but then how else will my online friends know something’s up? It can be a problem if you’re keeping your online identity secret, with passwords protecting your accounts and such.
          By the way, I wish you a very merry 2013!!! 🙂

  4. Welcome back, Agzy. I figured with all the holiday making you were just taking a break. Hope your trip was fun and restful. I can’t wait to read your account of the trip to London and meeting other fans!

  5. No nareszcie kobieto! Fajnie ze jesteś 🙂 Skoro jutro będziesz recenzować Hobbita to powstrzymam się od zaglądania do Ciebie ponieważ planuje spędzić Sylwestra w kinie z moim Markiem (wielbicielem Tolkiena). Nareszcie nie będzie musiał tańczyć;) Ja szczęśliwa, Marko szczęśliwy, nasza Zuza szczęśliwa bo zrobi sobie domówkę w Sylwestra!
    A co tam i tak planuję remont na wiosnę!:) Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! dla Ciebie i twoich bliskich :*

    • Recenzja dopiero w nowym roku, więc spokojnie moja dobra kobieto 😉
      Ale super pomysł z nocnym oglądaniem. Ja jak zwykle w domu bo każdy idiota z kilkoma monetami w kieszeni idzie do Biedronki Stonki i kupuje kiepskie fajerwerki, a niestety moje pieski bardzo się boją, więc siedzimy sobie w piżamkach flanelowych oglądając filmy. Nim pieski nastały to często spędzałam Sylwestra w teatrze, na kuligu itd. Wszystko oby niw cekiny, a jak widzę 5 stycznia babę z obrokaconym kokiem to kiepsko się rok zaczyna hihihi 🙂
      Kochana, wszystkiego na naj NAJ!!! w Nowym Roku!!!

  6. I’m glad you’re back AgzyM! I missed you. I look forward to your report about TH.

  7. Welcome back and I look forward to the report.

  8. Welcome back Agzy. I hope that you had a great time in London. 🙂

    I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013. 🙂


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