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I want to eat an Armitage praline a day and make the box last…


Never have I wanted to hail  a cab so darn much…
Taxi…Taaaaxxxiii…. Follow that cab…

I swear I wasn’t planning to do a disappearing act for so long.

It’s gotten to a point where my sister (who doesn’t really visit here that often) has been chewing me out for not posting for such a long time.

What’s strange, and quite frankly a little disturbing, is that my stats have really been going through the roof in the past couple of weeks, despite me not posting a thing.


Richard may be badass, but there’s nothing bad about that arse…

Here’s the deal:

I really had that “I want to be somewhere else” feeling a few hours before the New Zealand Hobbit première.

I had set my alarm clock for 3.30am but the only thing raising an alarm that night was my inner fangurl.

It just felt better to not engage and be caught up with all the craziness I’d usually lose myself in.


Richard wields his sexy magic and even the poor cab driver falls under his spell…

I can offer 2 reasons:

Firstly, I just really want to see the film.

I don’t want to read about it, hear about it, see pictures, stills, costumes and teasers.

I’m teased enough and now I’d like to experience the actual film and make my mind up.

I’m trying to avoid any reviews so I can allow myself to feel whatever it is I will after anticipating The Hobbit for so long.

Enough with the teasing act, I want to be sitting in the Odeon cinema in London’s Leicester Square with Judit and Linda60, clad in unflattering 3D glasses and jumping up and down with joy (sorry girls, feel free to pretend you don’t know me…).


Taking blood has never looked this hot…

Secondly, I think I need to savour the moment.

I’ve been an Armitage  fan admirer nut for some time now and I still haven’t seen all RA related goody.

I don’t need to do so, as I like the feeling of having something to look forward to.

Do you remember how excited I got when I unearthed Richard and the Chocolate Factory?

I was literally the last person within the fandom to see it, and yet it really did make my day (mental note to self: I’m way too easy to please…).

I have a whole year before the next Hobbit film comes out and I want to use that time to slowly make my way through the new photos and interviews.

Instead of getting RA diabetes, I want to satisfy my  sweet tooth one day at a time.

I want to be able to pop one Richard praline in my mouth each day and make the box of bonbons last.

Does that make sense?

It makes me crave chocolate though 😉


Grey is the new orgasmic…

I’m happy that I can take things slow, ad that’s thanks to the hard work of our friends at RANet and RAC.

A huge Thank You!

Anyway, before I go I just needed to post the pictures from  Glamour magazine (UK) January 2013 issue, as it has become my new favorite photo shoot (can you guess what my previous favorite was?).

The moment I saw it, it was absolutely love at first sight and the new chic Cary Grant vibe is making me fall in heavy sweaty lust all over again 🙂

Oh Richard!

Ps. Is there a name for someone with an unhealthy vest / waistcoat fetish?

Because I’ve got that…bad… 🙂





All images from RANet

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  1. I hope you’ll have a lot of fun watching the movie AgzyM!!!!

    • THanks Herba, I really don’t have any doubt, althouh both Judit and Linda60 will have seen the film the day before, so it’ll be hard for them not to spoil the plot whe we’re having coffee before 🙂
      I hope you enjoy it too! Wil you be watching it dubbbed or will you have a chance to see it in the original?

      • Well maybe they see RA and they can tell you about that and ignore the movietalk 😉

        I’ll watch it tomorrow evening dubbed and then on saturday in ov – I really can’t wait….and hope the dubbing isn’t too painful for my ears because they are accustomed to RAs chocolate voice 😉

        • Berlin was my original destination to see The Hobbit as it’s out here on the 28th, but I was too afraid to risk dubbing, especially that I learned German for 9 years and only know a handful of very naughty words. I’d be gutted to sit through 3 hours of my own ignorance and inability to learn a foreign language LOL!

          • Well in Berlin you would have found a cinema with OV for sure. But a trip to London sounds so much more fitting for that movie 🙂

          • It really is perfect as I haven’t been in a while and there are many exciting exhibitions like Hollywood Movie costumes at the V&A and Pre- Raphaelites at the Tate. Plus other Armitage Admirers will be there and I have a feeling that the only thing better than to watch The Hobbit is to see it with other RA nuts 😉

          • Sounds lovely and yes, shared fun is twice the fun!

  2. I’m so excited for you all! Add an extra bounce for me.

    So you’re taking him one praline at a time. Good luck with that! LOL!

  3. Thanks God I’ve found someone who thinks in a similar way to me!!! Let’s savour this beauty slowly!!! I can’t beleive we just have to wait three days to watch the movie!! 😉

    • I know! Yahoooo! Such a long wait and it’s finally here. Linda60 flew out to London today and they’ll be strutting their stuff on the red carpet in London 🙂
      I’m just not feeling like I want to dive right into the whole RA/Hobbit craze. I hope to start picking at the info after I come back from London and start fiddling with the images, interviews etc.
      Probably most will be bored with them already and they’ll be old news, but I think there’ll be a few of us that prefer to sample Richard bite after bite, sip after sip.
      PS. I need to eat dinner because I’m going overboard with the food metaphors LOL!

      • By the way, I’d like to wish you a nice journey to London and that you have the best time of your life there!! 😀

        • Thanks Luciana! I’ll really settle for good weather as it’s been snowing here and the temperature is well below freezing. I can only hope my flight won’t be delayed and that the weather in London will allow us to walk around.
          How about sending over some of that lovely Brazilian heat? LOL!

          • Over here we have 30 degrees… Ok, I’ll be sending some Brazilian heat through the net!!! LOL

          • Just blow it East and let’s hope it battles what’s coming from the East and North right now 🙂 I’d be thrilled with 10C in London, no snow, if I’m greedy I wouldn’t mind a bit of sunshine, just for the Vitamine D and photos come out better 🙂
            Right now it’s -10C in Warsaw, with snowfall and it’s not even 4pm yet and it’s already dark 😦

  4. I love this shoot, especially the pic with the title “The hottest man on (middle) earth”. ❤

    I wish you a nice trip to London, have a great time there ! 🙂

    I'm going to see the movie this Saturday with 2 friends who don't know Richard. So, it will be their "first time" with him, lol.

    • April, I hope your friends know what they are getting themselves into 🙂 I saw the trailer for The Hobbit a few weeks ago and I was jumping in my seat and I swear, I wanted to high-five every single person in that cinema. When I multiply that to a 3 hour film, I smell trouble LOL!
      Have a great time!!!

      • They know who Richard is because I talked to them about him, but they have never saw a movie or a serie with him.

        I saw “The Hobbit” trailer at the cinema for the first time end of November, when watching “Breaking dawn”. I know this trailer for one year, I’ve seen it many time on Youtube, but it was my first time on a big screen and it was… swoooooooooon… lol.

        • I know, me too!! I was seing Breaking Dawn (again… don’t judge me LOL!) and I didn’t even dare dream or hope they’d show the trailer. Especially that there’s little here connected to The Hobbit, so it was a wonderful surprise.
          People close to me don’t want to see the movie with me because they either don’t like Tolkien or they get headaches and feel dizzy after watching 3D films, so I might ed up being the sad little thing going to the movies alone and pretending the characters on screen are my friends LOL!

          • I don’t judge, lol. I’m planning to see “The Hobbit” at least 2 times. I have planned to see it for the 2nd time on Friday, December 21st. So, if it’s really the end of the world, according to the Maya’s calender, it should be “a good day to die” (as Little John says in “Robin Hood”), lol lol lol.

          • Hahahaha you’re killing me!! Watching Richard Armitage as Throin in The Hobbit in 3D 48 frames would be the perfect way to go!!! 😉

  5. Dobra nawet nie bede ukrywać ze jestem zielona z zazdrości ;)ale bawcie się dobrze dzieRAlatki!! 🙂
    Pozdrów w moim imieniu wszystkie zaczaRAowane;)

  6. I just don’t have the will power to deny myself anything when it comes to Richard (or chocolate for that matter) I’ve been soaking up every photo, interview and video since the deluge started. As for the Hobbity stuff, it doesn’t really worry me, it’s going to be difficult to avoid anyway seeing it at least a fortnight after everyone else.

    Have a wonderful time in London!

    • How come you have to wait 2 weeks later? Me I get, I’m Polish and we like head-scratchers like that. Ya know, most movies come out a few days before the rest of the world, so why not release The Hobbit 2 weeks later…
      I can imagine tht swimming in the RA warm seas of delight must really be wonderful and a part of me really wishes I felt like that’s something I wanted to do. Maybe next year?
      Hugs and try to avoid those spoilers 😉

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    I, like Agzy, have neglected my blog as of late.

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