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Never thought I’d say this, but Richard is a bit of a Rebel

New picture… *drool*…

*thump, passed out…*

While I’m out, the discussion of what the interview says is raging on Twitter.

What I do know, subconsciously of course, is that it comes from HERE.


OK, I’m back in the room!

Is it just me, or is Richard channeling a bit of a James Dean vibe here?

The simple white shirt covering a beautiful pair of arms.

I like the ‘don’t give a damn’ look he’s sporting.

Talk about a boy with attitude!

How about the hair?

Ricard has a bit of a modern Pompadour and AgzyM approves 🙂

I adore retro boys!

He looks young, fresh, cool and relaxed, and the mini-tan is killer.

The wall behind Richard was scratched by adoring fans driven crazy by his sexiness!

He can be my rebel without a cause any day 🙂

When I know about the Spanish magazine article, I’ll update the post.

UPDATE: The wonderful ‏@ANGEMAR4 is translating the text on Twitter as I type!

Thank you so much my dear 🙂

Ps. After posting I realised this new image of Richard works beautifully with my blog background.

A match made in heaven 🙂

More UPDATES: Servetus has translated the article and hopefully is will soon appear on RANet.

I’m not sure if I’ll be up by the time that happens, so just follow the link and enjoy.

It’s days like today that make me love our fandom more than ever!

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  1. I juste saw this grea new pic of Richard on “Accion Cine” website and Facebook. I love it ! 🙂

    • I dare say it’s my most favorite photoshoot pic I’ve seen in a long time (no offense to the bearded pics, but this just steams my innerds LOL!)

      • I ordered the magazine this morning. 🙂

        • And thanks to Jesus Usero for his great interview of Richard. 🙂

          • Yes, muchisimas gracias, Sr Usero. I was so relieved that you never mentioned the circus.

          • Thank you! It was a pleasure and something I am really proud of. People are responding in a way I never expected. It was published five days ago and the buzz is still awsome. Never expected something like this. So thank you, because the reason it is a good interview is that Richard has a lot of interesting things to say, not me. The circus? Why would I ask anything about the circus? Is he going to do a circus movie or tv show? The circus thing is nice for a bio or a trivia fact, but a current interview? I had to leave some Hobbit questions in my pocket because of the lack of time, why ask him about that? A lot of interviewers do that? This was a The Hobbit interview and I can think of hundreds of questions about that movie. The circus thing was way before this. The past. A data to include in his bio, nothing more.

          • Jesus, it has become a bad joke. If you had seen previous interviews the way we have, you would know that almost every interviewer asks him about that. Richard is always polite, but it must drive him nuts. As you say, it’s just a bit of data for a bio, but somehow interviewers who are perhaps less well prepared ask about it. I’d love it if you got a chance to ask the questions you had in your pocket.

  2. OMG………………

  3. WOW!!!
    In my opinion: the simplest usually is the most interesting!!! 😀

  4. He looks so hot! Great way to get me through the work day!

  5. LOL. We are all lovin’ this one, salivating like Pavlov’s dog! Although I do have a reader at my blog who isn’t feeling the hair. Not sure it’s my fav hair look, but it works with the mood of the pic. Such a sexy fella.

    • I know, I just physically threatened Judit for saying so LOL! I can’t help loving this 50s Richard. Today is like THE BEST day ever 🙂 Now I need the rest of the pics from the photoshoot!

      • I’ve got to get my hands on the magazine! I, too, want to see the rest of the pictures from the photoshoot.

        • I asked the writer on twitter and there are no more pics 😦 He’s lovely and was quite shocked to be hit by the full force of the Armitage Army 😉

          • I compared pictures from San Diego Comic Con with those taken while shooting spooks in 2008 and he is certainly bigger now (the picture above proves that, too). This could be mainly muscles, but he certainly is more of man now. Mrrrraaaauuu.

          • So true, although season 7 of Spooks is cvery painful to watch as the whole point was to give the impression of 8 years in Russian prison (whatever that looks like). I actually feel like plumping him up so bad when I watch it. By season 8 he looks very fit and Porter probably made him go up in his shirt size 😉 He looks very slender now and one of the fan pics from the set of Black Sky showed how slim he was in the waist. Dear me, I could talk about this all night LOL!

          • And I still am quite shocked and overwhelmed. Trying to follow all the internet buzz and the twits, and comments… Great blog, and thanks for everything. If any of you ever need us, you know where to find us.

          • Thanks Jesus! Armitage Admirers aka The Armitage Army, RArmy or whatever they may call us is an amazing group of people. We’re talking smart, educated, creative and funny (if I may say so myself)!
            Thank You very much for playing along with our madness. It was very kind of you!

          • Not a problem at all. Talking to RArmy was something funny and unique and I quite enjoyed it. I hope it’s not the first and last time I do. So thanks to all of you

        • This lean waist is from the gym. He said he was frequenting it more often. DO you know where in Soho he lives?

  6. While constantly watching Hobbit related videos I noticed that he looked more, shall we say, substantial. He was very slim before and some extra kgs did not make him fat, in fact he looks more gorgeous to me, but he definitely changed. Have you noticed that?

    • Yup, after being very beefy in Strike Back he actually seems very lean now. Not Slim, because his muscles are evident *cough* not that I noticed…. any way, but he seems like all that running around in the Thorin costume has helped him burn plenty of fat (and he didn’t have that much to start with!).
      Having said that, in order for my findings to be proven I would have to actually get my hands on Richard… nevermind… 😉

      • I don’t know how I managed to do this but I added this comment in the wrong place. It belongs here:

        I compared pictures from San Diego Comic Con with those taken while shooting spooks in 2008 and he is certainly bigger now (the picture above proves that, too). This could be mainly muscles, but he certainly is more of man now. Mrrrraaaauuu.

      • This is becoming really big. He is heading for a major break-through in his career. He is everywhere. I was watching, as I said, pictures from Hobbit set, I mean candids. On each one he is in the background (M. Freeman always in the front). He doesn’t like limelight. I am wondering how he’s gonna handle it. I know he will, just wondering what the coping strategy is gonna be.

        • I’ve already seen a huge difference during Comic-Con. We were all a little worried because he would be shy in the past, but sometimes RA seems to take on some traits of the character he is playing. This is visible in the interviews ever since Spooks. I’ve noticed that Richard has channeled a bit of Thorin and he seemed very alpha male in San Diego, in the best way possible. I think in the next mobth we’ll see a refined CC mood, and it suits him very well.

          • I couldn’t add this comment directly to Jesus, but I need to say I do not like the gossip info on the bio part added to the interview. When you don’t know, you write you don’t know or nothing. You don’t write ‘all kinds of rumour, neither denied or confirmed…..’. That’s what I call gossip fueling.

          • Sorry Anneke, I don´t know what translation have you read for the bio (something no one should do BTW), but the only info I said there is the one confirmed by three different sources. I even say there are a lot of rumors and don’t say any of them. That’s not gossip that’s confirmed info.

          • Jesus, I am gonna copy paste the part I mean – I read the translation on the

            Marital status: there have been rumors of all kinds for quite some time, none of
            them confirmed or denied in any way. The only thing that we really know is that for
            some years he maintained a romance with the actress Annabel Capper, with whom
            he lived together, and with whom he has remained friends.

            Don’t feel attacked or something, I just think it will encourage people to find out what those rumours are and there is a lot of c… in the internet. All I am saying is that I would not mention the fact that there are rumours going around. Just my opinion.

          • I don’t feel attacked at all. Trust me, when I feel attacked online I just walk away to avoid confrontations. I was just explaining why I wrote that. I know many rumours can be c— but the fact that they exist is info. And when you find out that an actor like RA generates such a load of rumours, that’s info. An intriguing one. Why is he surrounded by such thing? If I didn’t say that, someone may accuse me of just the opposite, withholding info. And I can’t do that. What people does with that info… Well, I always assume the best from our readers, and that they are able to see the difference between those things, and that they are going to look for c—. I think that people who search the web now know that there are a lot of rumors and only one confirmed thing. And that’s the way I think I wrote it.

          • I’d like to VERY CLEARLY state that this is the opinion shred here by Anneke is her private one and does not represent other RA fans. I haven’t encountered anything but delight at the article, with Spanish Native Speakers complimenting how well it is written. I need that to be clear.
            Neither I nor anyone I’ve spoken to have anything but the most positive feelings about the article and no one I have encountered has felt it in any way infringed on Richard’s privacy nor do they think it perpetuates gossip.
            Jesus, I really hope that we will hear from you in the future, don’t forget to give us any Armitage or Hobbit scoops 🙂
            Thank you one more time for being such a gentleman and please consider yourself a friend of our fandom 🙂

          • Lol, that’s a good one, but yes sister, that’s correct – it’s my opinion and I do not see the reason for you to take action on behalf of RA Army. Whatever….

          • I don’t think I am. I’m saying that the people I know from amongst the RA admirers that I spoke to were all loving the interview and I think Jesus was very kind to us and didn’t have to spend his time dealing with the madness that is the unusual world of Armitage admiration.
            He stopped by here after we exchanged tweets and I thought it was very sweet of him to do so.
            People have a tendency of throwing all RA fans into one bag and I don’t share your thoughts, nor do many people who have read both the interview and your thoughts on it.
            This is not a personal attack on you, although I think you’ve already taken it as such.
            My point is, Jesus didn’t come here for a critique of his work and I’m pretty sure there were other ways to express your dissatisfaction with the article, especially that I do my best to keep the peace here and I try to make this a place of positivity.

          • Jesus, I hear you but I will stick to my opinion that is was unnecessary in the bio. On the other hand, it’s not that important after all. i don’t think it will harm RA really.

          • You’re making it much bigger than it actually is. I did not criticize the interview as such, just a fragment of the bio and I am happy to have an exchange where not only hip hip hurrah opinions are allowed. That’s how I see myself and Jesus talking. It’s a discussion, hopefully.
            You know, too much sweet makes people wanna puke.

          • I never expected that reaction and now I feel a little bit guity. Thanks AgzyM for your kindness and sweet words. You are great. All of you actually. But I never thought a tiny discussion like this could cause any trouble at all or make anyone feel upset. or the bio article for that instance. I know how Anette feels and I understand it completely. But I am a journalist and I did my job. For better or worse. But never thought it could cause any trouble to the person who runs this great blog. so sorry for that. I hope you can understand it and forget me if you felt the peace of this place was anyway disrupted. I felt nothing but love and kindness from all of you. But especially from two or three persons that now I will never forget. And that includes the persn that created this blog and welcomed me so warmthly. So again sorry. I will love to come back and all of you know now where to find me and Accion magazine. And you have a loe.t of info and photos from The Hobbit this month. And an Andy Serkis interview. And a Martin Freeman article

          • And just to close this discussion. Everyone that has approached me from RArmy has been nice, polite and fun. Someones even more. So I have the best feeling from all of you. And I love it so if you want me to be around I will be. But all the concern from this tiny piece of info and Anette is not worried that someone stole my job. And I understand it. But somehow it is not quite right, is it?

          • Jesus, I am guessing the person you are referring too as Anette is me. Well, I am not Anneke in real life, either. Take care and all the best.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you, when looking at the heavily enlarged picture for the first time, something in his look strongly irritated me. I yet can’t tell what it is, but he somehow still seems to have a thinner face. Something’s there I haven’t observed before. Or is it just a greyer beard and the appearantly more visible spots of grey in his hair? Or is it only the new hairstyle? No, it must be in his face. However then, the longer I stare at him the more familiar he appears again…..


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