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Save your $$$ on a Hobbit Ticket. Here’s the next best thing…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I already have a ticket to see The Hobbit in Leicester Square London for the 13th of Dec thanks to the kindness of Linda60, and I’ll be seeing it with the wonderful (and, I’m happy to add, now healthy) Judit.

The thing that does shock me is the price of the cinema ticket.

 £20  for a ticket and  £1 for a pair of 3D glasses is a bit steep.

Believe me, I’ll be paying that time and time again during my stay in London, but I will stop complaining about the price of cinema tickets here in my country.

I paid less than $10 for the Twilight marathon ticket, meaning 5 movies.

Back to the topic at hand, TORn has come up with an amazing compilation of the trailers and TV sports, combining them into a wonderful over 7 minute clip.

If you want to save a penny, just watch thins as it’s (roughly) explains the story.

Oh, and you’ll save money on the glasses, so win-win 😉

Who needs a 3D 48-something kerfuffle with so many viewing options it makes you dizzy, when you can simply watch it on YT LOL!

By the way, I saw this cardboard cut-out of Thorin available on ebay:

I know I’ve joked about having one of these in my bedroom, and I’d probably actually keep it if I was given one as a gift, but I’m not sure I’d actually spend anything on one.

My general observation of Hobbit and Thorin products available on ebay is that they are actually much more expensive than anywhere else.

I wonder if they’re these sellers are aiming for people who can’t purchese the products any other way (like the Empire Magazines).

Anyway, before you actually bid on something, it’s good to shop around and see what other sites have up for grabs.

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  1. 20 pounds for a movie ticket? It’s not so shocking if you remember how expensive London can be, but I think (or hope) that it will be worth at the end!! 😀

  2. 20 £ for a ticket !!! I wil also stop complaining about the price of the cinemas in Switzerland, lol.

    • LOL, nothing like the prices in the UK to turn a person into a patriot! London is lucky it’s so awesome, because the prices are a joke. Everytime I visit I don’t calculate the price into my currency because I just wouldn’t enjoy anything 😉

  3. Oh, the wonders I could do with 20 pounds! Thanks heaven, my tickets will be far cheaper, approx. will be £11 for four 3D-tickets- (glasses included) 🙂

    • I’m guessing around £10 maximum, and the glasses are for free, thank you very much! Then again, when you add popcorn, soda, some nachos etc, it still gets very pricey.
      Richard, my love doesn’t cost a thing. How come you can’t say the same? LOL!

      • Popcorn are basic! but NO soda for me, thanks!
        ‘Cause, I don’t want to leave in the middle of the movie… That happened to me the first time I watch LOTR, at the middle of the Balrog’s scene, and I’ll never forgive myself!!!!

        • LOL!, I sure know what you mean! I usually meet up for coffee before we see a movie, so that extra large soda is a very bad idea. I try to leave the nachos and popcorn for special occasions as I don’t want to get a Pavlov’s reaction everytime I go to the cinema. It’d be very dangerous for my waistline 😉

  4. Thanks Agzy!:-) Yes,agreed,London is absolutely ridiculously expensive!! Last Dec,I paid £ 24 for 2 tickets(me+a friend) to see ‘New Year’s Eve’. I hope The Hobbit will be much better value for money because NYE was one of the worst films I have ever paid money to see.

    • I hope you demanded your money back, cos that movie suuuuuucked 🙂 I’m actually on an amazing DVD rental high. I’ve chosen about 6 great films in a row, after making some terrible choices prior (Melancholy? It was vampire Eric in underwear and we STILL switched it off!).

      • Really? Is Melancholy that bad? I’ve been meaning to check it out because I know Aegir God of the Sea is in it…

        • Dear Heavens, not without dropping acid before 😉 Maybe I just didn’t get it. Mayb I’m not ‘cool’ enough, but I though it was very bad. Artsy is one thing, complete dribble is another.

          • What do you mean you have to be high to enjoy it?? Btw Agzy, you NAUGHTY girl why haven’t you told me that Lee Pace was in Breaking Dawn Part II????? I might have been tempted to watch the film!

          • Oh, yes. Lee Pace is in BD2 🙂 He looks cute but not in the Pushing Daisies way, which I really liked.
            BTW, the phrase ‘Lee Pace gay’ is the most often googled that lead people to my blog. The stats are insane and literally hundreds of people come here to find out more on the topic.
            I’m flattered, but they aren’t going to find out here, as I just don’t know and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell 😉
            People are nuts.

          • People are curious! 🙂 And nuts too,of course.

  5. In no case, I normally would buy cinema tickets for 20 GBP, The „Hobbit Premiere“ is definitely an exception. Since the film has excess length and takes about 3 hours, it makes the amount a tiny bit more understandable. I’ve hardly ever been to the cinemas in London during my numerous visits there, as I, like you, think that the prices border close on robbery. I went a couple of times to the „Prince Charles Cinema“, which has more moderate prices, but doesn’t show the brand new stuff or to cinemas outside the city centre.
    However as I havn’t seen the LOTR trilogy or any other 3D movies (despite at the IMAX at the Grand Canyon National Park and an extended „Michael Jackson video“ at the Universal Studios in LA a long, long time ago!! *cough* 😉 ) and I still doesn’t know too much of the „Hobbit“ story I’m dead certain, that I’m going to be overwhelmed and knocked over by the experience (I will not blame a certain English actor). Therefore afterwards I probably will be unfit to babble in whole sentences and without rhyme or reason….. and all that for 20 quid only. Oh, I ought not forget the „Extra interlude“ with dear Judit the day before….
    Better don’t count the pennies in London!! There is plenty of time finding out about the level of bankruptcy when being back home again…….. Whoohoo!!!

    • I was just going to mention the Prince Charles as it was my most favorite cinema in London. I actually saw some of my favorite movies there, ones that I ended up getting on DVD. It’s close to the National Portrait Gallery and I’d stop by during the day inbetween sightseeing.
      I read The B\Hobbit once, so I doubt it’s enough to understand what’s happening in each part of the trailer. I was focusing on how big Thorins part was LOL! In many ways I’m happy to go along for the ride. I don’t have to focus on how accurate Sir PJ was etc. I can just drool and sit in awe of the Mighty Armitage 🙂

      • Yep, unprejudiced, open-minded and of course cosmopolitan as we ladies are, we are going to enjoy the story in any case. We flout accuracy with flying colours!!! You’re right, just simply Mighty Armitage filling the screen and drooling over him will be more than enough…… 🙂 (…we better keep any Tolkienists in ignorance about that…..)

      • BTW you are quite an early bird????!!

    • Yes the “extra interlude” *sighs and giggles nervously* ..have you heard from CTBF re ticket collection, Linda? I haven’t. There was this lovely little independent cinema 5 minutes from where I lived in East Finchley called “Phoenix” (just checked- they’re still there!Thank God!), I used to go there quite often, and tickets were so much cheaper than at any Odeon in the centre. I saw some great movies there..Good old beautiful London days…

  6. I’m so happy as I’ve just found out ‘The Hobbit’ will be in Brazilian cinemas on December 13th (the news said it would be on Dec 21st). The ticket’s price is something around 8 pounds and we don’t need to pay for the glasses. 🙂

  7. So Thorin is doing his Magic Mike impression in the first one? 😀


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