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My Nearest and Dearest are Dwarven’ Awesome, and here’s why…

I’d like to start by thanking everyone for their birthday wishes 🙂

I don’t really like to make a BIG fuss around the day, with one exception.

My nearest do not apply and the bigger the fuss the better 🙂

On Armitage Day I shared with you the cake my sister designed for me the previous year, which you can see here.

This year I asked that the calories count be kept low because I have a pair of Hobbit jeans I’s like to squeeze into soon.

I did love the cake from last year and just when I though that was the coolest birthday surprise ever, my family proved me wrong.

This year I got 5 postcards.

OK, it wasn’t only 5 postcards, but for dramatic effect let’s stick to the concept of:

For my birthday I got 5 postcards, one from each member of my immediate family.

And let me tell you, these are the best postcards ever.

Let me explain:

The first card was from my mom.

Well, hello there Captain Armitage.

I salute you!

I feel safer already knowing you’re in the cockpit…

The back of the postcard said, in rhyme:

Translation: My dear, We’re sending you on a long journey, and a flight above Amsterdam. Avoid temptation and don’t inhale any of that Amsterdam ‘mist’.

Prepare your passport and boarding pass, as Captain Richard will fly you out.

Kisses Mom

What I adore about this is that the street name is: On the Way to London St. and the postal code of the address is actually the one for the Warsaw Airport 🙂

The next postcard was from my dad.

That’s one hotel I wouldn’t mind checking into 🙂

Can I ask for extra towels?

On the flip side:

Translation: My dear, it would be nice, if walking around London was pleasant for you, so  we booked a hotel close to the centre for you.

You’ll feel comfortable there like in biblical heaven.

Overlooking your comfort, and this is no joke, is the dedicated concierge Richard.

Kisses Dad.

The next card is from my Sister Dearest.

Now, you can see why this card is close to my heart.

I’m on constant diets and and looking forward to eating Fish&chips almost as much as seeing The Hobbit!

On the back:

I will never let you down Magzy, nor will I let Cook Richard down, therefore Miss Piggy from Piggleton (love it!) promises to stuff her porker face at the local chippy just for you two 🙂

The next card is from my BFF and I just cracked up when I saw Monet as a Beefeater!

I think they may suspect I have a tad of a crush on Richard Armitage, because Max goes on to say:

I’m in the process of getting my name and address legally changed to the one featured on this postcard 🙂

I think it suits me very well!

This is the last card:

It would seem I’m going on and Unexpected Journey of my very own 🙂

Five wonderful postcards that make me suspicious that they may be on to me and have an inkling that I’m a bit partial to Richard Armitage.

I really do wonder what gave it away?

Anyway, it would seem that my dearest are sticking me on board a plane heading towards London via Amsterdam (no promises about the mist though, when in Rome…), I’ll be staying in a beautiful stylish boutique hotel in the centre and Ill get a chance to see The Hobbit 2 weeks before it opens in my country.


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  1. Agzy, these are delightful. Very, very creative and fun work by your family! Good for them all! Yeah, I think they might just be on to your whole RA crush. 😉 Glad you had such a good birthday and will soon be seeing The Hobbt is Richard’s “hometown.” 😀

    • Thank You! I think they are a pretty crazy and creative bunch! I’d hate to have to keep my RA crush from them, so I’m happy they love me despite thir little quirk,or are actually able to engage in it 😉 Who knows,maybe they’ll all go a bit nuts!

  2. If only I had an app for (bloggers’) birthdays (as available for friends on FB) LOL!
    I would have sent you wishes on time.
    When was your birthday? Yesterday? The day before?
    Would you share with us so I’ll take a note and comment on your blog next year on time?
    What sweet postcards you received!

    Belated wishes!

    • Thanks Carla! I actually mentioned my B-Day because it was also the day of the Twilight Marathon, and it was just a perfect twist of events, at least for an (almost) Twi-hard fan 🙂 Anyway, my family seems to always come up with something worthy of a post 🙂

  3. HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY, dearest Agzy! I thought your b’day was in December??? You have one very cool family! Give them each a hug for me! Great, great postcards, funny and sweet! And you’re right this trip to London is the best b’day pressie ever!

    • It really is the best pressie, and I’m so happy that my family knew just what would make me very happy (robably due to all thos ecrazy hints I always drop when I really really want something LOL!). I’m also very lucky because when I say ‘family’ I also include my BFF Max who is closer to me than most blood reatives. he’s actually the one who’ll be babysitting me in London 😉

  4. What wonderful, clever postcards! Gotta love your family & Max. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and may you truly enjoy your gift from your dear ones.

  5. Wonderful!!! Can’t stop smiling!! 🙂

  6. This is amazing. You remind of one of the reasons that i love central Europe — the amount of time people are willing to put into a very simple birthday gift that will be remembered forever. Happy birthday again — your gifts brightened up all of our days.

    • It’s true that in many ways the history of my country has made us focus and be happy with the small things. It used to be a huge deal to actually be able to buy a good piece of meet or 10 rolls of grey toilet paper on a piece of string was a huge score. We once got a few kg of sausages from under the counter because the lady said my dad looked like Wałęsa LOL! I can’t tell you how amazing it was to actually get bananas or oranges before Christmas, after standing hours in a queue, and you could only pay with USD 🙂 A can of Coca Cola was so amazing you’d literally keep the can as decoration, the same with chocolate wrappers, bubble gum wrappers etc. Even the packaging was valuable 🙂
      Things are however changing and we are not immune to globalization. Consumerism has arrived and we’ve started placing much more importance on materialistic goods that they would ever deserve. We’re a step behind the UK, which is a step behind the US in this regard.

      • Yes, I remember queueing for bananas in the grocery store back in the late 70s early 80s… They were a rare treasure! But we were lucky I suppose because we could buy them with Hungarian Forints! We weren’t even allowed to have more than 30 dollars/person at any given time and we were only allowed to travel West (i.e. anywhere outside the Soviet block) every 3 years! It did make us appreciate life’s simple pleasures a little bit more. (Not to mention it’s easier to choose from 3 types of say, washing machines, than from 1000s! 🙂 Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice and it’s sometimes overwhelming.)

        • I was raised in the UK and would travel to Poland on holiday, so it’d be an adventure. I thought it was exotic that there’s no McD’s or crisps 😉
          The quality of food like bread or cheese just isn’t there anymore, but then we do have a wider choice. I’m happy I experienced the very end of communism because I remember what it’s like to walk into your local shop and the shelves are packed with vinager (not balsamic!) and mustard, nothing else! The butchers would be empty, the hook where meat was supposed to hang-empty! I think teenagers now could never imagine what life was like a generation ago.

          • I’m sure that many teenagers today have no idea what it was like to live with those kinds of shortages and limits on personal freedom. They can’t even imagine a world without TVs, computers, and cell phones, let alone basics like meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, and safe water. Yet some of them do pay attention to the world and realize that, yes, there are still places where people have very little at all.

          • Leigh, there’s a new article in Spanish we need translating and a little birdy (meaning Judit) told me you’re the one to ask.
            Here’s the link:

          • Yes, I’ll be glad to oblige, but even when I zoom in on the print, it’s not legible. I need to get a print copy. But I see you noted that Angemar has already started…

          • I know a few people have already got their hands on the magazine already, and Angemar did an impromptu translation of the main points to quench our immediate thirst. I think some people are working on a more detailed translation as we speak 🙂

          • I just translated the whole thing for RANet — finished about a minute ago — but corrections are welcome.

          • Oooooo great, let me head over there right now!!!

          • I hope she’s still up 🙂

          • Out of a series of rather odd circumstances I was in Moscow and Petrograd in January 1991 (NB, several years after the advent of “glasnost” and “perestroika” and more than a year after the Berlin Wall fell). That week, the USSR government decided to cancel all the ruble bills higher than 100 rubles as a measure against the black market. The stores were *completely* empty — nothing could be bought at all — for three days. Nothing in them. I guess you could have bought things in the market, but that would have been a huge challenge. My BF at the time was studying in Moscow and he could eat at his institute, but I ended up having to eat at restaurants that would take hard currency. They were struggling too — the main thing on offer was stewed sturgeon (a fish I never liked as a child, my dad used to spear them) with white rice. McD’s had just opened in Moscow several months earlier and the lines to get in were over five hours long. IIRC you also had to pay there with a hard currency.

            It was the first time in my life that I had ever been hungry and wondered where I would find food. It wasn’t dire — my BF had some local friends who he could have gotten food from, and I had stuff I could have traded, my jeans and so on, I was never in the least bit of danger. But it was just such a shock. That even if you had money you couldn’t go into a store and buy something as simple as milk or bread. I had lived in Mexico before, where there were a lot of hungry people (the government was forcibly deflating the peso while I was there, and a lot of workers were working two full time jobs to feed their families), but the problem there was that they didn’t have money for food, not that there was no food easily available to buy through normal channels. I had been hearing my whole childhood about the supply problems behind the Iron Curtain, but I had *no* concept. I thought about that experience for *months* and still do from time to time.

  7. You kill me with the postcard of your classy; hot, handsome CONCIERGE !
    Dear Agzy, your post is full of humour and spirit as usual and I can’t wait for the Hobbit premiere !!!!
    I can’t imagine the next weeks full with Richard news, interviews etc ….

  8. Belated birthday wishes!! Your postcards are fantastic and made me laugh. You have a wonderfully supportive group of family and friends. I’m so excited that you will be going to London! Have a blast and tell us all about it later!

    I liked the fish and chips postcard as that is one of the things I’m looking forward to eating when I go to the UK next year. Of course it would be even better to share it with Richard although I doubt if I’d be able to “Keep Calm”! Traditionally they are eaten with the fingers so I could sit and watch him lick his thumb (and fingers) like that! *swoon* Of course if he chooses to use a fork I certainly won’t complain. 😉

    • Thanks very much! I’m thinking of a creative way to display the postcards in my flat without being THAT nut with pictures of her favorite actor on the walls 🙂

  9. This is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Ever. EVER.

    • Thanks My Love! I happen to think so too 🙂 My BF texted me today at 6.15am to tell me he’s read the post and comments and is teary-eyed. I told him I can’t be best friends with a mushy marshmellow 😉 LOL!

  10. You’re a lucky girl, surrounded by creative family and adorable!
    Cards really memorable!

  11. This is just spectacular and gloriously funny! I’m really deeply impressed. This postcards are so special. And the most exciting thing: We are going to be in London (not only for fish’n chips! 😉 ) Therefore, please don’t get lost in or over Amsterdam!!!

  12. Can’t stop reading these cards! Your family have such a great sense of humour. My favourite is probably “Piggleton” and “Porker Street” LOL LOL Mrs. Agzy Armitage! 😉

  13. Jak się Pani ma Pani Armitage? Przesyłam Pani spóźnione zyczenia urodzinowe!
    PS: Ha! wylada na to ze poczucie humoru jest u was dziedziczne! Niech moc będzie z wami! 😀

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