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Silly Sunday: Did you feel the Earth tremble and a Chocolate Vulcano erupt?

Did it move right under your feet?

Did the sun set to the East and rise in the West?

It would seem that two of my loves in life have met in an epic clash (and I’m only slightly exaggerating…).

I unearthed a video on YT which features Richard Armitage doing a KitKat advert.

How the hell did this pass me by?

I need to get my RA signal fixed as I didn’t see Lucas’ bottom reflected in the sky to alert me when this happened.

Bet the lightbulb’s gone…

Richard and Chocolate.

I’m…. dyyyinggg…. of…. lust….

I am NOT envisioning life-size chocolate Richard Armitage sculpture I could nibble on…

Nope… not one bit…

By the way, wasn’t Richard the one who mentioned fantasizing about kissing Nigella Lawson after she’s eaten some chocolate cake?

I don’t really bake, but I wouldn’t mind putting on a Nigella wig and put on a posh British accent Richard, if that helps.

I’ll provide the chocolate cake and lips, you just bring your gorgeous self!

I bring the Hershey’s, you bring the kisses 😉


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  1. You naughty girl, I almost had a heart attack from the prospect of a Willy Wonka remake with Richard. That creepy Johnny Depp scared the heck out of me. Ohhhh, Richard and chocolate – a river of chocolate. He could come out of it like Mr. Darcy came out of his pond! hahahaha … OOOF! I can almost hear Richard laughing at your shenanigans. 😉

    • LOL! Believe me, you’ll never get the hottest RA news here beause, being a European, I’m usually asleep when a bobshell explodes. I always wake up to the freshest gossip when it’s already been discussed and chewed over at other RA blogs 😉
      I’d love an RA chocolate fountain. Honestly, I can’t really share the thought this idea evoked without having to change the rating of my blog into R 😉
      Let’s just say I’d give out Vicar a run for her money 😉

  2. Ahhh! You beat me to it! I have been meaning to get to finishing an RA chocolate post too! But I am a better procrastinator than a blogger. Love your Wonka manips! 🙂

    • LOL< I know how that feels! The worst is when I actually finish a post and schedule it, then I come across a freshly published post somewhere else.
      I figure there are automatic associations, like RA and chocolate, so it's hardly a novel idea and we all have a different take on it 😉
      The RA Oompa Loompa scares me as much as the original ones do LOL! Had to be done though for the full Willy Wonka effect!

  3. RA + chocolate: what a dangerous combination!!! 😉
    By the way, I bake a wonderful brownie: brown cholocate plus small pieces of white chocolate… It’s to die for!!

    • I’m dying as I read it!
      Me, brownies and white chocolate is my idea of a ménage à trois 😉
      I’m actually looking for an RA admirer who bakes and would like to write a guest post for my blog.
      I’m also looking for someone who is doing anything DIY for The Hobbit release, who’d like to share with others.

      • Ménage à trois??? LOL
        In spite of baking, I wish my English and creativity were good enough to write something worthwhile and reach the standards of your posts. But, unfortunately, I’m not the person who could help you!! ;-(

        • Believe me, there are no standards here LOL! Languae is really not an issue, so if that’s the reason why you wouldn’t do something, it’s not good enough 😉 Creativity is key here, and a feeling of fun!

  4. *LOVE LOVE LOVE* THIS! I am not a big chocolate fan. I only have few specific favourites. But a mix of the two… Yeah, I can live with that. 😉

    • Thanks Hon 🙂 Richard and choccy is a winning combo! Can you imagine having him pop bonbons into yourr mouth 🙂 The whole idea is too much for me to stand as I’ve never come across chocolate that I didn’t like. Dark, milk, white, cheap, mint, orange, chilli. I love it all LOL!

  5. Love this! I just saw that advert a few weeks ago and definitely had a squee moment. Richard and chocolate together is almost too much…but only almost. 😉

  6. The KitKat bar is the object i use in my introductory classes to demonstrate for students Anselm’s argument for the existence of G-d. Hmmm. Maybe I should be using Armitage instead.

  7. Agzy, squeee, super, this is hilarious! ROFL I love this post! RA and chocolate together are hard to top! But I’m more the dark chocolate type. 😉
    Did you write that image texts?? Hard to believe they were published that way e.g..“Give the BITCH her chocolate”. I mean….. Wooohooo, just incredible!!! 🙂
    … and finally, I simply adore this sentence: I bring the Hershey’s, you bring the kisses!!
    Bingo! There is nothing else to add!! 🙂

    • You know… here I am with my chocolate bar tightly clutched in my hand…could already be on my way to….. mmmh….. whereto, …?????
      Oh, jeez, have to calm down.. 😦
      BTW love your new banner. Recently you’re almost as much in exchanging spirits as Sebastian is at „gisbornesboy“.. …
      Yes, of course.. size matters… LOL (sorry!!)
      Will you have a posh British accent, when we meet?? Special orders for chocolate are still accepted!!

      • LOL! Size does matter… when chocolate is concerned! The more the merrier! There will be no posh accents when we meet. My accent was originally the Manchester northern accent (the mancunian dialect) and has gotten RP since my youth 😉 Having said that promise me enough chocolate and I’ll give the Queen a run for her money LOL!

    • Thanks Linda! Clearly a combo of Richard and chocolate is the best mood-lifter ever! It’s like Prozac but without the side effects 😉

  8. I would love for Richard to bring me chocolate while I’m in the bath. Mmmmmmmm.

    • I know money can’t buy you love, but I’d really pay good money for that to happen 🙂 What do you think Richard’s hourly rate would be for chocolate delivery? LOL!

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