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50 Shades of Thorin Oakenshield

In Brian Sibley’s In The Hobbit:  Official Movie Guide, Richard Armitage is quoted as saying:

“I know there are a million people out there for whom I will probably not be their version of Thorin, but I can only be my version of Thorin”.

I think we’d all struggle to image that the head dwarf could be played by anyone else but our lovely Richard Armitage.

Here are some other images of Thorin Oakenshield that I could find.

I know which one I like most, but I am hardly objective in this matter 🙂

Let’s start with an image from Card for ‘Lord of the Rings LCG’ by Fantasy Flight Games.

Lord of the Rings Online Game presents Thorin with flat head full of grey hair.


Lord of the has an image of Thorin that certainly captures the madness and intensity.

At The Hobbit CED you have to wonder of Thorin and Gandalf are twins.

Over at Armchair general Thorin seems like a bit of a porker with evident wrinkles.

Jay Johnstone channels the icon version of Thorin.

Which Thorin is your favorite?

Only joking, but they are interesting, I think you’ll agree..

By the way, how about some Thorin Extra Grande Champagne Cognac.

Bottoms Up!


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  1. Hi Agzy, I agree – the first picture of Thorin is the best!

    I was interested to see you are watching Miss Phrynne Fisher as this was wriiten about and filmed in my home city of Melbourne (Australia).

    • I came across Miss Fisher by accident, but have fallen in love with the sassy female detective 😉 As I rarely watch any Australian TV programs or movies, I had to get used to the accent, but I think it’s done really well plus the scenery is stunning at times, so you are one lucky lady Rafaella!

    • Now I need to tell you sister, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is the best your country has produced so far. Really well done and I am looking forward to the 2nd series.

  2. I have no idea why RA version of Thorin is my favourite!! 😉

  3. I bet you got a lot of hits on this post because the title includes the words “50 Shades”…. 😀
    Claude Thorin cognac? Does that really exist or did somebody make it up? If it really exists maybe we should buy Richard a bottle! Neither of the Thorins really appeal to be honest, apart from the one on pic #1! 🙂

    • LOL! I happen to enjoy Fifty Shades, although the title isn’t a nod towards the books 🙂 Actaully the cognac seems to be authentic, although sending it to Richard before such a huge premiere might be dangerous. Can you imagine if he tried to give himself some Dutch courage before the red carpet?!? It could all end in drunken tears!

  4. This should not be too difficult…….I usually really don’t like men with beards let alone with ugly supersize beards!!! But….. 😉

    • I know what you mean! The older I am, the more I’m partial to facial hair (only on a man though…). I wonder if a certain British bearded wonder had anything to do with that… 🙂

  5. Hahaha! “50 Shades of Thorin”! this might be interesting..hahaha!…you do it on purpose, right?…this first picture (with key ;)) always provokes in me fits of uncontrollable giggles 😀 Thanks Agzym!

    • What can I say about Thorin? He’s bringing sexy dwarf back 😉 As long as they don’t place him next to the full-sized characters, that’s one hot dwarf!

  6. That’s gonna be a little offside to the threadbut I have never liked men with facial hair and I am now shocked (with myself mainly), to find RA even hotter than usual with that beard of his. Yes, yes I know it’s gon now but it will be back and I wish he’d keep it for good. Lol.


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