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Taking a Knife to Thorin and other Halloween Delights

Happy (early) Halloween!

We’re celebrating a day early this year as my BFF Max in going home for All Saint’s Day.

We’ll be celebrating by watching a few Tim Burton movies, as I’m not feeling bloody gory horror films this year.

We’ll also be testing the bread I’ve been baking.

I’m trying to find the perfect balance to make the perfect loaf of bread for All Saint’s Day.

It must compliment the Bigos, a stew of sauerkraut and meat that I make once a year.

I’ve even pulled out a bit of butter from the freezer to spread on the hot slices 🙂

I’ll also be carving a pumpkin, although I’m yet to find the perfect one.

Pumpkin 10

Last year I stuck a knife into the top, it got stuck in the hard pumpkin, I tried to yank it out, and ended up smashing the knife handle into my forehead.

Believe me, a giant plum-like bruise on the forehead caused by a resistant jack-o-lantern is one hell of a conversation starter 😉

I wish I could pretend that I’m carving The Hobbit dwarves this year, but my pumpkin will be pretty standard, and as always, I’ll probably end up burning the inside with a candle that’s too large.

It’ll start out as a charming toothless grin but soon will turn into a desperate grimace as we always place the jack-o-lantern too close to the telly.

By the way, I always though there was something Zombie-like about Dwarves.

Although they know how to enjoy life and like their wine and song, they all display a narrow-minded obsession and follow it with little regard of the consequences.

This is also a great idea for Sir PJ.

Once he’s milked every ounce from the Tolkien books, he can always do a few The Return of the Dwarves or The Night of the Undead Dwarves.

I know I’d go to see it, and so would you 🙂

Anyway, obsessed or not, alive or very much dead, Thorin is hot Dwarf Zombie!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. These Zombie dwarves are hilarious 😆

  2. And very scary lol. 🙂

  3. Happy Halloween! May yours be filled with the best kind of treats. I love the Thorin pumpkin. Hpwever, I’m not even seeing fresh pumpkins in the stores. Normally they appear in the greengrocers’ here because cream of pumpkin soup is a seasonal favourite. I like your zombie dwarfs. I doubt PJ would do it, but it would be both hilarious and scary.

    • There’s one type of pumpkin here that looks beautiful, but it’s so bloody hard to cut. I tackled it last year and I’m about to do the same tomorrow 😉
      For pumpkin soup I’m just sticking a nice thick slice in the over for an hour or so till it gets soft. Then I’ll blend it without the hassle 🙂
      BTW, the zombie dwarves would be fun, especially in 3D and no one ever would have thought that The Hobbit would be stretched into 3 movies, so never say never…

      • Well, seeing that PJ started out as a director of horror movies, your idea makes a lot of sense! You should contact PJ’s people Agzy! 🙂

  4. LOL
    The Zombie dwarves look great!!!

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