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Taking Fashion Tips from Guy of Gisborne

I came across the following image at Debbie Does Doodle and it immediately made me think that it’s focusing on the wrong character from the Robin Hood story 🙂

Here’s the styling, which really embodied Robin, but interprets it in a way that any woman would feel feminine and sexy.

Gone are the green tights and dodgy hat.

I especially like the arrow earrings and gold leaf bracelets.

I though about how to reinterpreted the style of our Sherwood sweetheart Guy of Gisborne, and perhaps it could serve as inspiration for a mild version of a Grizzly Gizzy Halloween costume, or a least a themed outfit that nods towards him.

I see plenty of leather, beautiful boots, an interesting studded trench and some green velvet, here present in the form of a clutch bag.

The thighs are on full display and the shoulders are bold.

What’s missing?

I doubt any modern woman could afford to be tied up quite as often as Guy seems to be!

Let’s leave the rope at home!

I’m especially excited about the black pearl Ciate nail varnish.

I’m actually going to get my hands on it today and I’m still not sure if I love it of find it really weird.

Because I’ve been eating very healthy, my nails are very long and strong, so I may end up looking like I was given a manicure by Morticia Addams.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Have a wonderful Gizzy Day, take some fashion tips from him and strut like you won’t fit in the door frame!

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  1. Love the look of the nail varnish. Let me know how that works out, OK? 🙂

  2. I like the Robin outfits better. Is that bad? Am I disloyal?

  3. Hmm. I had a rather different take on the Guy of Giborne outfit: a form-fitting black leather jacket (think Guy’s wedding coat, only mid-thigh length), a dark-red silk turtleneck, black leather slacks, snug black leather boots with 3-cm heels, and black leather gauntlets trimmed in dark red suede.

    • Are you sure you mean Guy and not pirate LOL!

      • Actually, my pirate outfit has a lot less leather, very 16th century. Because it’s quite comfy, I’ve worn it to Renaissance faires. The Guy-inspired outfit is more S1 or S2 rather than S3, because all those studs, grommets, buckles, and layers look good on Guy but not on me.

  4. Hooray, thanks for the mention! I too LOVED those earrings and was totally gutted that between spotting them online and then getting around to buying them, they sold out. Keeping my eyes open for some others so that I can fully Robin it up sometime – see you around Sherwood Forest!

  5. I choose GoG costume :D…oh..where are the times(20 pounds ago;)) when I was wearing leather trousers, white shirt and black sttiletos?


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