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Hey RArmy, do you have your Owl Hat on?

Happy Silly Sunday!

I very rarely have dreams connected to Richard Armitage, but during the summer I had one which was a bit on the bizarre side.

It actually involved the RArmy of friends more than the man himself.

As it turned out, I never ended up writing the post, but something I came across reminded me of it.

The dream involved The RArmy wearing these snazzy owl hats.

Do I mean snazzy?

Nope, I think I should write: silly!

The picture above is the best representation of the image I saw in my dream.

We all looked like cheesy corporation staff posing for company photos for a poster on ethics in the workplace, for which I really do apologise.

If it makes anyone feel any better, it’s not really how I see us during my waking hours 😉

But back to the headgear:

I’ll let you try to think of reasons why a group of intelligent Richard Armitage fans would feel the need to wear matching hats to express their belonging to a group.

It would, however, seem that the Owl trend is an absolute Hoot (OK, that’s out of my system…) for autumn 2012.

That means that the more fashion-conscious Richard Armitage fan can express their allegiance to the RArmy in many different ways, besides the unflattering felt hat.

Don’t want to mess up your funky hairstyle with an owl hat?

How about an owl T-Shirt

own tshirt

Too cold? How about a jumper to cover up your cold hooters…

Do you like your Blink blink?

Can’t afford diamonds?

You’ll just have to wing it with this cute owl necklace…

Birds of a feather accessories together, so you should go for these gold earrings too…

How about an owl handbag to keep all your RA dreams in?

No two ways about it!

I don’t give a hoot what you say, Owls are flying high this season!

Even the Big Boys on fashion, like Burberry Prorsum, are keeping things owliscious!

I can’t help but think my RArmy owl hat was somehow prophetic in egged on a whole new fashion trend!

It’s like I hatched a plan to introduce a new Richard Armitage admiration symbol to the ignorant masses!

They think they’re wearing a cute owl accessories.

In reality they are affiliating themselves with Armitage admirers…

Take some of this Armitage love, Fashionistas!

Waaaa…WaaaaHHHHHaaaa… WwaaaahhhhhaaAAA… (evil laugh continues for some time…).

So Ladies, if you’d like to express your Armitage admiration, and you’re still not ready to walk around wearing a T-Shirt with an image of Guy of Gisborne that says: Swollen Leather Goods, how about a little owl design somewhere on your person 🙂

I promise I won’t tell anyone that far from blindly following a fashion trend, you’re actually expressing your luv for a certain sexy British hunk!

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  1. The owl is the familiar (and symbol) of Minerva, the ancient Roman goddess of wisdom. Maybe it says something about our taste?

  2. Lol… RA with the owl hat is something!!!
    Seriously, I always enjoyed the owls and as Leigh pointed out it’s the symbol of wisdom!!! It must mean something… 😉

  3. Reblogged this on stacyblaise.

  4. I hadn’t seen these hats until yesterday. I spend the day wandering around a craft fair and saw numerous people wearing them and even more vendors selling them. The thought of all of us sporting one has me giggling. And wow, that pic of RA wearing one…I think someone should send him one. 😉

    • Hahaha that’s the oddest fad ever and I feel very special because I had the dream right before Armitage Day, because of the week-long competition I didn’t publish a post on the owl hat for the RArmy 🙂
      Fess up Jas, did you get yourself one? Are you the first official RA admirer who os sporting the felt own hat? 😉

  5. Ok, what is the deal with the owl trend? I doln’t get it, but then I’m not all into fashion. A t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some flip flops and I’m good to go. Is it just me, or are the owl eyes on that first t-shirt you showed strategically placed? 😉

    • LOL deer caught in headlights boobs 🙂 Must have been designed by a man! The good news with fashion is that it comes and goes in cycles, so if you just hang on to things, they will eventually be fashionable again. BTW, no matter how expensive and fashionable your clothes are, if you’ve got the personality, you’ll sparkle! Owl or no owl!

  6. Chcem takom czampkem!:)
    PS: Ładną masz pupę!:D

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