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A Very Weird Whining Wednesday with a Dash of Irony

This wasn’t the Whining Wednesday post I was planning on writing this week.

It was supposed to start with the stats.

After a little over 1 month I’ve lost 5,5 kg (a little over 12 lbs.), which bummed me out until I realised that not for one second of that time was I hungry or  felt deprived.

On the contrary, I’ve been eating very yummy vegan dishes.

There’s still much room for improvement with portion control and regular exercise.

I haven’t had a cigarette in over a month, nor am I likely ever to.

With each passing week second-hand smoking bugs me more and more as it really does stink something awful.

Let me tell you, it sure tasted better from the cigarette straight to the lungs 😉

I was going to recommend that you watch the documentary Fat, Sick & Almost Dead (extended trailer at the end of the post) which I found very motivating.

It’s a story about Joe Cross who confronts the consequences of his terrible lifestyle and embarks on a 60 day juice fast.

Highly motivated by what we saw, the plan was to go on a juice fast starting Monday.

It all went terribly wrong on Sunday afternoon.

I started feeling very dodgy, with a huge headache ready to burst my head open, and I had blurred vision and light-headedness.

I just felt off, which is not something I’m accustomed to.

The next day the fast began.

I wasn’t feeling very well, but soldiered on, and battled through the nausea.

The nausea won big time!

By the afternoon I had my head stuck in the loo like a greenhorn on board a crabbing boat in the Bering Sea (can you tell I’m a huge fan of Deadliest Catch?)

It was a disaster and quite frankly it freaked me out.

I hadn’t felt this bad in ages, and I’m usually quite smug about having a very strong healthy body that might not look like it belongs to  a Brazilian supermodel, but it’s built to last!

I finally reached the conclusion that I need to get my blood pressure checked as my dad has been battling high blood pressure all his life and it’s one of my greatest fears. All of the symptoms apart from the Dehi Belly pointed to this problem.

I figured that although all my results had always been perfect, maybe the changes I’d made came too late and I’d have to pay the consequences of a lifetime of sins.

Turns out….

I have extremely low blood pressure.

It’s almost like all my life my body has been doing its best to keep it healthy and balanced despite my horrible eating habits and smoking.

When I eliminated these two vices, my organism struggled to maintain the proper blood pressure.

As my BF Max put it:

Sh*t, you smoke and eat junk, they tell you it’s bad…

You’re trying to be good, you get ill!

You can never win…

Don’t worry, I’m still going strong and WILL NOT be going back to either smoking or a diet of fat, sugar and meat.

I just need to readjust my body a bit.

Maybe I’m still going though the nicotine detoxification, which is a very scary notion.

Unfortunately because I reacted so badly to the juice I drank, the thought of going on a fast is nauseating.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to come back to the idea, as I think it has merit.

By the way, this is a HUGE victory for my sister Magzy as I’ve been trying to get her to limit her coffee intake.

The whole situation has just shut me up 🙂

Time to whip up some artificial Thorin coffee-like powder to perk up my day!

Here’s the extended trailer to the documentary I recommend you watch:

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  1. BRAT diet = Banana + Rice + Applesauce + Toast is prescribed for misbehaving g.i. tract symptoms, and it’s vegan! I, too, have chronic low pressure, which is why I drink tea and coffee and eat chocolate as part of a healthy regimen. I also have to watch sudden changes in altitude; they make me dizzy.

    Hope you feel a lot better soon!

    • Thanks Leigh! A banana was what I chose, even before I knew what was wrong with me. I also go straight for carbs like pasta or brown rice to comfort me, and it did stabilize my blood sugar. I won’t be giving up coffee or green/herbal tea any time soon either. One step at a time! Ps. If only chocolate was an option!

      • I make chocolate with hot water rather than milk, but if you like the milky flavour, you could try one of those almond drinks.

        • I’ve heard aout raw chocolate. Have you ever tried it? They say it’s a great source of iron without all the fat!

          • I haven’t tried it. I’d like to, though. I start with unsweetened cocoa, which is comparatively low fat and still has all the antioxidants, that good amino acid, and some iron.

  2. Hi, Pin Up Girl. Congratulations – you are making such great progress! You should be pleased with a 5kg weight loss in 4 weeks – most advice is to aim for 1/2 to 1 kg. a week. Could you email me, please? Did you keep a food diary or could you outline for me what a week’s menu would look like, please? I am extremely in need of losing weight (I’m obese) but, with my arthritis and fibromyalgia, it’s almost impossible to exercise. I’m not sure I could actually go vegan but I’ll try, I feel hungry all the time on my diet and the weight is so slow to come off, it’s depressing. Thank you, Kathryn

    PS. if Leigh has any advice for me, please give her my email address. Again, thank you.

    • Part of the issue with things that cause chronic pain like fibromyalgia is that we keep feeling exhausted (which we are, from all the pain control), and subsconciously we equate lack of energy with the need for food. We are often to tired to make something healthy, sometimes too tired to chew. Most of the time, this drives us to eat when we are not truly hungry and the easy foods are often high-calorie junk. It’s good to have something like dried cherries or portion-sized bowls of soup that I can fix for myself with very little thought or effort.

      I do not exercise a lot because I can’t, but I limber and stretch each morning before I stand up. Sometimes I sound like a gravel truck going over a bad road, but so be it. I do self-hypnosis and biofeedback for pain control, but if I still can’t stand up, I just reach for my water bottle and take a painkiller, try to rest, and then try to stand up later. When the weather is steady, I walk, sometimes 4 or 5 km before breakfast, but at my own pace.

      I’ve tried lots of the dietary advice and supplements, usually a 60-day trial each, keeping a log. Most have no effect, and some have negative effects. FMS is one of these conditions that’s different for everyone. However, adding cherries and (mostly) removing corn from my diet has helped me. Curiously, 30 cl of the local unfiltered IPA every few days has a beneficial effect on my gut, which typically goes all acid in reaction to the pain; the ale is 8% alcohol, so it’s not the alcohol causing the effect, but maybe the strain of yeast or the specific malt?

    • Thanks Kathryn! I would urge you to start by reading “Eating Less” by Gillian Riley (link to the book at the side). I’m actually ashemed that I need a book to tell me such elementary things. Her point is that weight is just a result, not the problem.
      I’m also a huge fan of Britain’s most loathed person meaning Gillian McKeith. Say what you will but the woman really can put things into perspective and “You are What You Eat” outlines a great food path. Gillian is hardcore and she never adds salt in her recipes, but don;’t be afraid 😉 She urges her readers to try new fruit and vegetables and she doesn’t insist on a vegan diet. I don’t spend a lot of money on superfoods and expensive organic products, I prefer keeping things simple.
      I need to add that I don’t have any medical problems so it’s difficult for me to advise anyone, but I truly believe a few fruit and veggie meals a day can make anyone feel better!

  3. Hey, congratulations on your weight loss and quit of cigarettes!! Hope you’re feeling better now. I would adivise you to be careful with these juice diets and so on and to look for a nutricionist help. It’s great how many options they give us to deal with our daily meals. 😉

    • Thanks Luciana! I was planning the week juicing just to detox and clear my system. Little did I knwo my body was having a hard time with all the huge changes. For the first time I’m actually trying to put all the knowledge to use and not starve myself and yoyo diet.

  4. I love the movie FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD. I don’t juice fast, but I grind up a ton of veggies and fruit in my Vitamix and drink that. They’re called green smoothies, but my dh calls it “pond scum.” When I drink it for breakfast every day, I feel great. When I don’t…..

    You’re motivating me to get back on the “more raw veggies” wagon.

    Best wishes for your continued health recovery.

    • I’ve just had my first carrot juice since the Monday mishap and it went down well, so it seems my stomach can handle vegetable juices, but it was bad timing!
      There’s nothing like having at least one meal consisting of fruit (like breaky) and one full of raw veggies 🙂


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