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A Post in which I Play Catch-Up

Sorry I’ve been away for a few day.

My regular readers will remember that I’ve been moaning about writing the first chapter of my thesis paper all summer.

I extended my first deadline, missed the second and ignored the official one that was set for last Saturday.

On Sunday I got a semi-angry email from my professor basically asking WTF!

Nothing inspires you more than a good old shock to the system, and seeing as I was blocked with half the writing already done, I sat down on Monday to finish that annoying thing that’s been looming over me for almost 3 months.

The final deadline I set for myself was Thursday, and I’m happy to report I was able to email the chapter that evening.

What’s even better is the positive feedback I got after my professor read it.

Although I have no doubt it will come back dripping with red ink, she really liked what I had written, much to my relief.

Sitting down and typing isn’t a natural activity for me.

I’ll usually write a paragraph, get up, empty the dishwasher, get started on dinner, sit down and write some more, pop out to the shop, check my emails, write another paragraph…

I’m just happy the block is over.

While I was busy with my thesis, there were a few things I’d been meaning to write and a few projects using PS that I had an idea for, so I hope I’ll have time at the weekend to fiddle with them.

tThere was even a post I didn’t finish and publish on Tuesday, so let me play catch-up and, with a few alterations, dump them all here.

If someone had told me a month ago that a cuddly soft version of Thorin would be available, I’d think I’d be all over it.

It really is cute, although I’m disappointed with the tamed mane and beard.

Would it have hurt them to make the hair a little longer?

Isn’t that a characteristic feature of our favorite dwarf?

They’ve got the angry eyes down to a tee though!

The mascot really is adorable and I think the design is well executed.

The truth is, as I’m on a tight budget right now, I need to pick and choose which Oakenshield merchandise I’d like to send my money on.

Maybe if I didn’t have the financial constraints, I’d be able to buy anything that had The Hobbit/Armitage image on it.

I’d be sitting around waiting for the postman to bring my fan goodies which I could photograph and display here 🙂

Well, I don’t think I’d be buying anything with Thorin on it.

Posters and calendars are out of the question, as my flat has a serene minimalistic theme, and I’d like to keep it that way.

I adore Thorin, but I loathe clutter more.

Another aspect of my reluctance to buy any of the Thorin items is exclusivity.

In the past only a handful of lucky fans managed to get their hands on merchandise connected to Richard Armitage.

ItsJSfor Me  is the proud owner of a number of Guy of Gisborne figures, and created my favorite band of rascals, The Lils!

What made them unique (apart from leading a jet-set lifestyle that I for one am jealous of) is that most of us wouldn’t be able to buy a Plastic Gizzy, even if we tried.

Talk about getting your hands on an incredibly special item, I laughed, and cry, when reading Servetus‘ thoughts after she received her WETA Thorin Oakenshield figure.

Let’s not forget the Captain America Costume Card which I didn’t even knew existed, until Servetus spilled the beans that she was the proud owner of.

The truth is, I feel like it’s all or nothing.

I’m afraid that if I say yes to one item, I’ll want the others and the Hobbit merchandise really does seem endless.

A cute Thorin mascot means figure means books means mugs….

Where does it end?

Maybe I just haven’t come across Thorin merchandise that I’d like to stick on my Birthday or Christmas wish list yet.

I’m sure the good people being The Hobbit merchandise are working hard to remedy that 😉

Maybe subconsciously I’m trying to pace myself as many MANY other items will become available and there’ll be more to choose from.

There’s a possibility that once the Thorin merchandise floodgates open, I’m be living in a Oakenshield hoarding paradise.

Is anyone else getting these feelings?

Are you all in the throes of fanguring heaven, dropping your hard-earned dosh? 

Should I just shut up and start spending?

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  1. Congratulations on breaking the block and getting your thesis chapter done! That’s huge. Re. Thorin merchandise, I can’t even think about spending, no matter how besotted I am with Thorin. If I had the dosh, I would chose something that I could (1) enjoy every day and (2) still be glad I had ten years from now.

    • That’s my point. I was talking to my sister today, as she knows me so well. She totally understood why I wasn’t feeling all these Thorin items. She pointed out that most things we have, we really won’t want or need in a few years time. I’m at the stage in my life when I’m cleaning my life out.
      Anyway, if I had some money to spare I’d buy another pair of trainers. I’d feel bad stuffing my food in the Thorin stuffed toy so I don’t exercise barefoot 😉

  2. Congratulations on finishing the first chapter of your thesis!!! I’ve gone through something similar a few years ago… It’s not easy at all, but you’ll succeed!!! 🙂
    Thorin merchandise… I’ve reading people talking about it, but the truth is that I really don’t care about it!! I’m just going to spend my money with the movie theater’s ticket!!!

  3. Good for you on the thesis. I took a long time to get to work on mine. Glad when it was done!

    I’ve already bought too much Hobbit stuff, and will keep doing so. :). I just cheer when I see something that doesn’t meet my standards now – no temptation then.

    • A part of me wishes I could muster up my enthusiasm for the Thorin merchandise and I wonder if in a year I won’t regret it and start trying to track the items down once they aren’t available in regular shops 😉

  4. Mighty CONGRATULATIONS deares Agzy on getting the 1st chapter of your thesis done! Mine almost never got finished due the chronic procrastination syndrome I suffer from! Truth be told, I haven’t spent any money on Thorin merchandise either- I’m saving my money for The Great European Armitage Fan Convention in December! It’ll cost an arm and a leg! Accomodation, cinema tickets, food and drink, etc etc…If anything, I’ll get a Thorin mug made with a picture of my own choosing!

    • Yahoo, me too! I’m saving the pennies for some delish fish & chips and a nice drink down the pub with fellow Armitage admirers in London in December 🙂

  5. I’m struggling, too. It’s not so much that I can’t afford any of it — I can’t afford all of it, but I can afford some (and have) — it’s that I also occasionally think that there are other more worthy things to be spending money on. I actually gave a prophylactic donation to a religious organization this week in interest of this insight.

    I also share your concern about buying stuff you think you might not want in a few years and won’t wear out. I comfort myself by thinking that there will be people who do want it, in this case. I do try to limit myself to stuff that ends up having some kind of meaning to me. I can’t imagine I’ll get a phone cover or a mug.

    Re: GoG — It’s kind of odd. A lot of my friends got the Guy of Gisborne figure bug — and I never did. But I’m laid out flat for Thorin in so many ways. My current hypothesis is that I’ve got it because it’s unfolding in front of my eyes (Robin Hood had just ended when I became an Armitage fan), so seeing and obtaining the stuff ends up being part of the (very commodified) fandom experience.

    • The reason I enjoy what you’ve chosen is because it’s a great investment for the future. The WETA figure will be worth a lot of money in the future. Not mine if I ever bought one as I’d knock the nose off by accident and Thorin would end up looking like an Ancient Greek statue 😉

      • I actually try not to have that in mind — the status on “collectors’ items” always say that things that are manufactured to be worth collecting in future are rarely so. So before I buy something I ask myself if I’d want it even it were likely to be worth much less than the purchase price. And selling stuff like this is kind of a pain; you only get the full value if you sell it yourself and keep the middleman (ebay) out.

        Part of me says, you will not be infatuated with Armitage forever, and when you’re ready to go, you can somehow give it away as part of a charity auction / big farewell. But then part of me says, you’ll always love Armitage!

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  7. Congrats on getting the thesis started! 🙂

    I confess to being Hobbitized. There are some things that don’t interest me, at all . But there are some that I think are just outright cool. And yeah, I fell for the plush Thorin. 😉

    • Plush Thorin is exceptionally cute. I must admit the more I read about him the more tempted I feel to buy one for myself…

      • Go for it! I wish we knew what cologne RA uses and we could sneak into Sephora and spray plush Thorin a bit to have the authentic factor.
        OK, I just read what I wrote, and that’s really weird! I’d still do it though 😉 LOL!

    • In some ways I feel weird that I haven’t gone Thorin crazy and I wonder what’s up with me and if it’s only a matter of time before I get bit (or nibbled on) by the Thorin merchandise bug. It’s a bit like when I gave up smoking. The only negative feeling I’ve had was a worry that I should be feeling something (in this case withdrawl) and I simply am not.
      BTW, I got news that one of my bag winners just had it delivered, so it seems, as shocking as it sounds, that the bags have taken 2 months to get to the US 😦 I’m just happy they weren’t lost or stolen along the way. Please let me know when yours finally reaches you 🙂

  8. Happy to see you again Agzy and congratulations for the thesis !
    Like Zan I couldn’t resist and fell for the cute plush Thorin and a mug (my son is teasing me with my Thorinmania).
    You have to be careful with prices. I paid the mug 6,99 Euros but saw it for 12.99 £ (16 Euros !!!!!) on another site which is too expensive for a mug !

    • That’s actually a big price difference, so that’s good advice to shop around. With regards to Pluch Thorin, there’ll be women worldwide cuddle up tpo that cute thing night after night 😉 I think I’d like the real thing though!

  9. Congratulations for the thesis!Figure and plush Thorin are cute, but I would not have the place for them, to be honest.;) But I have to admit I’d love to have stamps with Thorin. * sigh *
    I do szału mnie doprowadza, że nie można tego kupić na naszym rynku.brrr.

    • Wiem, pewnie wyskoczą na jakimś etapie na allegro, ale pewnie o wiele taniej będzie po prostu kupić z oryginalnego żródła.

  10. A little OT: Ladies I’m sooooo excited!! I bought a ticket for the Royal Film performance in London online yesterday night! I had found the link to the CTPF website somehow by chance over at C19. As the ticket sales had already started 4 days ago, I was dead certain that there were none left and as I had read, one first of all has to apply membership which I assumed not to be so easy to receive and the tickets anyhow would be unaffordable and couldn’t be booked by every Tom, Dick, Harry and Linda……..
    Actually before I opened the website, I absolutely hadn’t worried about buying a ticket as it really seemed so absurd and unlikely and I therefore thought I was in no danger of spending any money!!!! 🙂
    I only wanted to check the prices and when I on and on clicked my way through the ordering process (no application of membership was asked for!!) I still always expected there would be a sign popping up saying: sold out or not available. When I at last made it to the final buy-button I felt a OMG!!!!!, shall I really buy that ticket???, shall I spend that much money and can I afford it?? (Ok, it’s “economy class” and it’s actually not ridiculously expensive!!) I still thought there must be a trick and at the end I would get a note: sorry your order cannot be passed or it would be impossible. BUT… The very second I utterly fearless pressed the BUY-button I received a kind confirmation mail of my purchase!! Wow!! Is it really that easy to get in this event???? I was and I still am completely taken aback!
    NOW. The BIG question!! Who of you ladies is going to be there as well???? Judit? Agzy?? You are there, right?? I’m sooooo thrilled…..

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