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Daily Archives: October 5, 2012

Thorin, Signed, Sealed, Delivered! He’s Yours!

TORn announces that the New Zealand Post, in an exclusive arrangement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Bros. Pictures, and the filmmakers, releases commemorative stamps and coins for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.


Here’s a great reason to send a letter to a loved one instead of email or text message.

I like the fact that Thorin takes centre-stage, just below Gandalf.

Before you start wishing that your country also introduces such commemorative items, it would seem NZ is the only country that has permission to produce them.

I wonder what it feels like to see your face on a stamp.

I think anyone apart from the Queen of England would find it unnerving 🙂

 Thorin coin

Although Thorin doesn’t really look like himself on the coins, but he does look regal.

Quick question though:

What’s that in his left hand?

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