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Want to lose weight? Have a cigarette!

As you may have gathered, I was a bit naughty with the title of this post because, like a mentioned earlier, I have given up smoking.

Nevertheless, I simply adore the Lucky Strike vintage advertisements that encourage you to smoke to lose a little weight.

My favorite slogan is: “your throat protection against irritation, against cough.”

I haven’t had a cigarette in a while and I still have a dry smokers throat.

Maybe I should have smoked Lucky Strikes instead of my usual favorite brand.

Back to the ads.

I actually had two authentic “It’s Toasted” ads framed as a present for my sister, and they are hanging in her study.


Lucky Strike cigarettes are perfect for keeping that happy mood too!

By the way, the reason why I’m confident I’ll never smoke again is I understand the lie used as a slogan in the following ad:

Just one more means going back to a packet a day.

No thanks!

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  1. Let me get this straight. If you are a fat bloke who wants to play tennis, but you can’t because you’re too fat, then you’re encouraged to take up smoking in order to lose weight so you can play tennis… Right????

    • Yes, I’m wondering why this notion confuses you LOL! It’s an interesting queston of what makes you worse at tennis. Being obese or smoking a packet of Lucky Strikes.

  2. Sad as these advertisements fooled people!!

    • I try not to think of them as sad. From our perspective it was such a naive time. Having said that people future generations will look back on us and think the same thing.
      I grew up in a house where both parents smoked in the house and car. No one really thought there was anything wrong with that. Luckily 25 years later it’s shocking to do something like that.

  3. You’re right. There was a time in which people were naive in relation to many things. However, I’m not sure if it’s nice to have so much information as we have today and feel so useless most of the times!!

    • I actually think we may find out that mobile phones are really bad for us, although I hope not.
      It’s true, we may be less naive nowadays, but we are so paranoid. I was jogging through a dark wood last week and was afraid of monsters coming out from behind the trees. Too many wampire/werewolf movies for Agzy ;(

      • If we find out that mobiles are bad for us… well, that’s the end of humanity!! LOL
        Nobody never told you that it’s dangerous to jog through a dark wook??? There’re wolves, vampires… hum… maybe a gorgeous hunter??? Maybe I look for a dark wood too!!! 😀

  4. Once upon a time, it wasn’t known or broadcast that smoking could hurt you. My husband and I were given a set of lighter, ashtray, and cigarette box as a wedding gift; it was normal at the time, just as a humidor was a normal birthday gift for a gentleman in the 19th century.

    Among other things, nicotine depresses the central nervous system, suppresses appetite, and satisfies oral cravings. Consequently, when a person quits, suddenly the urge to eat, to put something in one’s mouth, is stronger. In addition, the poisonous parts no longer interfere with metabolizing what one eats, so there is often weight gain. I don’t know anyone who took up smoking to lose weight, but it’s obvious what these ads were trying to do.

    Then there’s the awful taste of Sen-Sen, an early type of lozenge meant to minimize the smell of smoke on the breath…

    • What is a humidor? 🙂 Both my parents smoked, just like Agzy’s.. I remember my father was positively outraged when people (the GP amongst others) started to tell him to quit. He refused to believe the notion that smoking could damage his health..It’s a bitter irony of life that he died of a heart attack at the age of 54…Of course it can’t be proven with a 100 % certainty that his smoking habit led to his death but I’m sure it had some part in it.

      • It was only in the mid-80s when we first started to hear about the negative effects of smoking here in Hungary..

      • Well, my parents stopped smoking over a decade ago, but my sister and I held up the family tradition. My favorite memory was driving in the car with my parents smoking up front. They would open the sunroof and windows, but all that would do is push the smoke to the back where we kids would sit. At least my parents had fresh air during our family trips 😉

      • The most usual form of a humidor is a decorative wood container with a lid, lined with porcelain. My grandfather’s had silver fittings, including a piece engraved with his initials. It’s meant to hold tobacco, keeping it fresh. Some are made specifically for cigars.

  5. OT: Agzy how do you like Parade’s End? I just couldn’t get “into it” for some reason. It probably didn’t help that I found the characters irritating…

    • I’m liking it, although I struggle to watch someone who allows a SO to walk all over them. It’s even harder to have Cumerbatch play a doormat.
      Things I don’t like: Confusing time shifts that take a while to get used to. Also,why does the blonde have an identical bob hairstyle 3 years later?
      All in all I’m interested enough to watch further, as I’ve only seen the first two episodes.

  6. Strangely, although both my parent smoked at one time or another, I never had any inclination to smoke even when goaded on by fellow nurses back in the day. I wonder what “toasting” did to the tobacco in those Lucky Strikes? Made it hold even more carcinogens?

    • As far as I understand all tabacco is toasted, so it’s unclear why this toasting would be so much better for the throat.
      By the way, I understand how people aren’t drawn to smoking as I have the smae feeling with booze. I always have a few bottles in my fridge and I really just never have the impulse to open up any of the bottles.


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