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Thorin Likes It Hot and Steaming!

Jas has unearthed these bizarre Krüger /Hobbit products that can be purchased in Germany.

It was bound to happen that The Hobbit will inevitably go into The Spice Girls mode of the late 90s where ANYTHING  and EVERYTHING had their image on it.

I wonder if, due to image reasons, there will be less Hobbit products available in the US, whereas Europe and Asia will be snowed under by them.

I’m waiting for the fast food deal where kids can get a plastic Hobbit toy with their Happy Meal.

If they were giving away a Thorin, I’d feel compelled to try to get my hands on one.

I know Sir PJ has bills to pay and filming three Tolkien movies back to back doesn’t come cheap, so let’s see how far he pushes it.

I know he’ll be getting plenty of my money!

Another important  question is what’s next?

Product placement?

Will the dwarves run around with a can of Coke?

 I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loathe product placement in films and TV series.

It’s beyond tacky and always looks so artificial.

Back to the product that sparked this train of thought.

A Thorin Classico Cappucciono anyone?

Servetus translated the writing on the packaging as:

Classically tasty and in the good Italian style — that’s how Thorin Oakenshield, the prince of the dwarves, who leads his followers in the struggle against the dragon, likes it. Assemble your companions around you and enjoy a delicious cup of classic cappuccino!”

So we know Thorin likes it hot, steaming and creamy 😉

Good for him!

I always knew there was something frothy about our darling Head Dwarf!

Here are a few other suggestions to bring in some more Hobbit dosh:

Introducing the Thorin Shoe Lifts!

Stop looking Tom Cruise in the eye and start looking down on him!

Perfect for all of those who are height challenged!

We know how Thorin likes it, but how about his pony?

Spoil your trusted companion with a My Little Pony Thorin Edition  Spa !

Thorin’s Pony, skinny and bony

Made out of plastic, like an elastic.

Travels so far, it needs a Spa

Thorin and his Pony, never get lonely…

Time to start saving your pennies Ladies!

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  1. LOL
    Can’t stop laughing…

  2. LOL! Thorin and My Little Pony, wouldn’t that be a hilarious combo. 🙂

    • I had a pink My Little Pony and wish I could have the Thorin edition 😉

      • I had a pink one with purple stars on it. If only I’d had a Thorin to go with it! *sigh*

        • I’d well and truly left my childhood behind by the time My Little Pony came along *sigh*

          • It’s NEVER too late for a My Little Pony 😉 Especially if it was a Thorin edition!

          • My friend’s little girl has quite a collection of these My Little Pony toys and – with apologies to all the lovely My LIttle Pony fans here- I think they’re like the tackiest thing, ever.. They’re so cheap looking and have awfully strange names and come in very “loud” colours (can you call a colour “loud”? Anyway I hope you know what I mean!) .. However, adding a Thorin figurine would go a long way to make it all a little…classier! LOL for the post, hilarious, Agzy!!!!

  3. It is well known that money rules the world but, Agzy, imagine a “Thorin” Ken for Barbie !!!! OMG what do you think of dressing and undressing the hot magnificent sexy beautiful royal Thorin ?

  4. I would have thought hair-care products would have been an ideal endorsement. Picture Thorin on the shampoo and conditioner for long and curly hair.

    • Too funny you should say that, as it was my third idea, but I ran out of time to PS it 🙂
      The idea was to create a line of Thorin hair products using natural Middle Earth ingredients. After all, we know he whips his hair back and forth 😉

  5. I am reblogging this right now! That image of a studly Thorin who can play with the collectible Barbies I have at home is too much. hahaha … Richard, Richard, Richard…

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