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A Mixed Bag on a Whining Wednesday

I can’t believe this is already my 3rd Whining Wednesday.

I’m still going strong, although I’ve decided to ditch the scale, as it’s bringing me down!

I’ve really taken to this healthy lifestyle, so you can imagine how it feels when that bloody scale tells you you’ve gained 0,5 kg!

I feel I’m losing weight in my clothes, and I don’t need a stinkin’ machine to tell me otherwise 🙂

I’ve also introduced small changes like drinking a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar in the morning (through a straw as not to damage your teeth enamel) and walking to the shops instead of taking the car.

Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite vegan dinner.

I know some people feel like they are carnivores therefore can’t imagine dinner without meat.

I think this dish will prove that even vegan food can be very satisfying.

Avocado Pasta

It’s actually our Sunday treat and I hope you enjoy it.

It’s so easy to do, and I guarantee it’s mouth-watering!

This is a great dish for people who’d like to cut down on their meat intake and need a healthy but hearty dish.

For 2 people you will need:


I go for whole-wheat penne and I only cook a handful for 2

An avocado or two

As I’m cutting down on out fat intake,  so I’ve reduced the avocado to 1, but you can use more…

I like my avocado ripe


I use 3 large onions, but you can adjust this based on your taste buds


I’m a firm believer in garlic,  so I add 3 or more cloves


Heat a few drops of olive oil in a pan.

Throw in the sliced or diced onions.

I only use a tiny bit of oil, and add water until the onion softens by cooking it on medium heat for about 10 minutes.

It’s a wonderful way to avoid using too much oil.

Salt to taste.

In the meantime dice the avocado.

I usually cut it in half, take the stone out and then scoop small bits using a teaspoon.

Dice the garlic (I like it a bit chunky).

Start cooking the pasta al dente.

Once the onion softens, and the water has evaporated from the onions, add the avocado and garlic and cook for until they soften (just a few minutes).

Add the pasta and combine all the ingredients.

You can add seeds or nuts to give it a crunch.


By the way, here are some vintage ads that make me wonder why I bother losing weight!

I feel better about myself already!


Vintage Weight Gain ads for Women (9)

vintage weight gain ad9 Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

vintage weight gain ad7 Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

vintage weight gain ad6 Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

vintage weight gain ad5 Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

vintage weight gain ad4 Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

vintage weight gain ad3 Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

vintage weight gain ad2 Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

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  1. Skinny??? I never knew the meaning of this word!!! LOL
    My biggest problem is: I love eating!! In spite of loving meat, I don’t need to eat it every day or in every meal. Your past looks lovely, but I hate avocados… so, I’ll wait for another recipe!! 😉

    • Even when I’m slim, I’m NEVER skinny! My body doesnt do skinny, necver has and never will. Which is good because we don’t have to invest in the advertised products to get more curves.
      never thought anyone could hate avocado! I could eat them each and every day, so go figure they are the fruit with the highest fat % 🙂
      I’ll have to think of another dish in that case!

      • Well, I don’t know why I don’t like avocado, because when I was a child I used to eat it a lot… 😉 But I am a person with simple taste. I love pasta with tomato sauce, basil and cheese!!!

        • It’s pasta with cream and cheese that really made me put on weight (well, plus tons of sweets) so I’m staying away from any animal products and fatty vegan ones too like too many nuts.
          Avocado is my guilty pleasure and maybe some sushi from time to time. Not very vegan, but I just can’t do without!

  2. My mom just read through this and is making the family this for supper tonight! Thank you, darling. x

    • So happy! I hope you like it! It was recommened to me last year and I didn’t think it could taste so good. There’s just something lovely about heated up avocado, go figure 🙂

  3. This pasta dish sounds wondeful. The scale really can be discouraging. Being healthy is about so much more than just a number. Can you tell this is a pep talk I give myself? 😉

    • Believe me, I’ve been pep talking my worries away! I’m putting the scales away and judging my weight loss based on my clothes. That b*stard has no more control over me 😉

      • Good, because your clothes won’t lie and you’re not handing control to a number.

        Those weight-gain ads interested me when I was 170 cm and so thin I looked anorexic when I wasn’t. I finally put on enough that my measurements were the same as Bardot’s. Now, of course, no one would guess that looking at me.

        • A BB figure would still be seen as the dream shape 🙂 If it makes you feel any better, even Bardot doesn’t have that body anymore.
          I’m starting to question this craziness regarding size. I need to get my hands on Gillian Riley’s book about overeating titled Eating Less. I’ll write a post on it when I’ve read it.

          • As a friend says, “You buy your size.” What she means is that while you may wear one size in inexpensive jeans and tee-shirts, you’ll take a much smaller numbered size in the expensive designer brands. My designer slacks are labeled three sizes smaller than my “normal” brand jeans for the same fit. Vanitas, vanitas.

            Yes, I’ll be interested to see your review. I think some people overeat because it is the only thing in their lives that gives them pleasure, others because they are accustomed to eating too fast to notice that they are satisfied with less, and still others are conditioned from childhood not to waste, to “clean your plate.” Still others watch TV or work while they are eating so they don’t pay attention to how much they eat. I know that I love the summer fruits and it’s easy for me to over-indulge, just because the taste is so ambrosial. However, some of the fruit is expensive (cherries were 12 euros / kg!) so that is a limiting factor.

          • I’m very compulsive with food and I’d like tofind mechanisms to cope with stuffing too much in my gob.
            That’s why a mostly fruit and vegetable diet (used here as in what we eat and not losing weight diet) is the best for me.
            I was looking into an almost fully fruit diet. There are a few problems with it though. You should eat many exotic fruits. They suggest you eat 12 figs for breakfast. That’s great but a fig costs 1euro each. I also researched how people deal with non-cooked food when it’s -25C outside. More than a few sources suggested I move to a warmer climate! No joke, that’s what they actually say! Move! From that point on I couldn’t take it seriously.
            I decided it’s not for me, although 50% of what I eat are fruit and I seem to be getting great deals like pineapples for 0,2 euro each.

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