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Tolkien Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Funnies on a Silly Sunday

I find the cartoons very funny.

I’m not sure what that says about me, and I think I’d actually care if I wasn’t busy with all the laughing 🙂

Here are some connected with Tolkien films.

Hope you have a wonderful Silly Sunday!

And here are some other funny finds:

Comixed: But He's a Vampire, Guys!

"The Hobbit": A Total "Lord of the Rings" Ripoff

Can you sing, Master Hobbit?

Old Hobbit Joke ... very old ... getting sort of quondam, and creaky - ackshaly!

Cumberbatch to voice Smaug in THE HOBBIT

While I was looking for ecards I came across this story of school kids  from London releasing their own version of The Hobbit months before the official film premieres.

They even splashed out on a CG dragon!

I though this was a lovely story and reminded me of how Richard Armitage mentioned playing an elf when he was at school.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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  1. “You underestimate just how excited I am about “The Hobbit”… It’s really nice to begin the day lauging!!! 🙂

    • We simply don’t laugh enough! I figure we’re thinking about The Hobbit so much, if we manage to get a giggle at the same time, we’ll get out daily dose of LOL’s 😉

  2. Hilarious! My favourite is “who the hell ordered everything on PayPerView?” LOL!!!

  3. These are great! Lots of lols! 🙂

  4. Those school kids must be the children of millionaires. Look at those costumes! The detail! The beards and makeup! That would have cost them more than some Hollywood movies. haha

    Thanks for the Silly Sunday. 🙂

    • Think it’s just parents who do am-drams and can sew.

      • Just looking at the details, the materials, etc. I’d say that’s an understatement, or amateur dramatics in that town are very, very professional. Or maybe it’s because I’m from the US where kids theatricals look more like what the dwarves did for Rise Up Christchurch fundraiser: 😀

        • Because Halloween was my daughter’s favourite holiday, for many years I made professional-looking costumes for her and her little friends, complete with makeup and crepe hair (which I attached with eyelash adhesive rather than spirit gum for ease of removal). My background in dramatic arts helped me transform a pack of kids into their fantasy identities. Of course, I made outfits for myself and my friends, too, for the parties we gave. We were far from rich, but you can do a lot with a few supplies and a sewing machine. I think my ex, who hated dressing up, still has the wolf mask and tail I made for him to accompany me as Red Riding Hood. For one relative who was Tolkien crazy, I made an elven cloak out of a couple of yards of wool and some green taffeta lining, with a gold leaf pin forming the clasp.

  5. These are fantastic!

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