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Thorin Oakenshield Fashion Inspiration for The Hobbit Première

There’s another wonderful wallpaper maker available from The Hobbit.

You can download the whole image here.

Sir PJ is spoiling us!

He seems to be killing us softly with dwarf love!

I took this cropped pic of  brooding Thorin from Jas, as I’m too lazy to do it myself 😉

I love this Thorin Oakenshield image for more reasons than just the brooding obvious sexiness.

I like the detail of the costume and it’ll serve as an inspiration for my Hobbit première look!

I still don’t know if I’ll be able to get to London on the 12th of December just in time for the red carpet event.

We had scheduled to fly out the following day, and now I’m waiting to hear news that we can re-book the plane tickets.

Even if we’re not able to do so, I’ll still be there for the movie premiere on the 14th of December and I’m mega excited about that!

I’m so grateful I can’t even begin to express it, as the whole trip is a Birthday present from those who love me most 🙂

My love don’t cost a thing, but I sure like it when people spend some dosh loving me!

All I can go now is keep my fingers cross that the fangurling gods deem to bless us with cheap KLM tickets so I can stand (for hours) beside other Tolkien fans trying to catch a glimpse of the Hobbit cast.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you know you will be in London that between the 12th and 16th of December and would like to meet up with fellow Richard Armitage admirers, please let me know!

I think it’d be great to meet up and perhaps catch the movie together 🙂

I’ve been mentioning ways we can celebrate The Hobbit première in previous posts like growing a pair of bushy dwarf brows or braiding your hair.

I’d like to incorporate some Thorin elements in my look without ending up looking like a Klingon at a Star Trek convention.

Depending on the weather I’ll either borrow my sister’s faux fur vest which I’ll wear on top of a jumper, or I’ll have a large faux fur collar made to wear on top of my winter jacket.

Under that I’m planning on designing a few Hobbit/Thorin T-shirts.

If they are any good, I’ll post the images here on the off-chance someone might like to have one too.

If any of my readers come up with designs that they’d like to share with others in our little community of friends, please send it my way!

It’ll be my pleasure to share them here on my blog!

How amazing would it be if we could have a variety of  T-shirt designs to choose from!

Remember that’s it’s very easy to transfer an image onto fabric at home, which I have proven here.

Another vital element in my Hobbit look are my TH jeans.

I first mentioned them in a post about losing weight, with the TH standing for Tommy Hilfiger.

Judit however asked if TH meant The Hobbit, and from that point on, that’s exactly what they are!

My The Hobbit skinny jeans 🙂

I’m still a far away from fitting in them, but I’m getting closer every day, and seeing that I have 73 days before traveling to London, that’s a goal I’m willing to work towards!

Each time I’m tempted to eat something naughty or I decide that Jillian Michaels will never know I skipped my exercise that day, I have my Hobbit jeans to remind me!

Apart from that I need to think of an over the shoulder bag that will fit all my fanguling essentials like a mobile phone to Tweet, a camera to snap pics, a bottle of water to prevent dehydration in all that excitement, and a purse full of GBP (we all know how expensive London can be!).

Please note there is no room for cigarettes in that bag!

A woven leather belt seems like a nice fashion nod towards Thorin.

I also want a snazzy pair of earrings, but I’ll have to research that a little more!

How about some sword earrings?

Here’s the warmer December weather look for The Hobbit première:

Here’s for when winter decides to show its frosty face in December in London:

Do you have any other ideas how we can celebrate The Hobbit by drawing fashion inspiration from Thorin Oakenshield?

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  1. Lovely suggestions!! I’ll choose the first one!!! 😀
    Wish you a wonderful Saturday!!

    • That’s because you’re in Brazilian mode 😉 When the temperature hits close to 0C I’ll need that winter coat 😉
      The again, I was once in London for Valentine’s Day and I was wearing clothes similar to look nr.1 as it was so warm. I really hope that will be the case as I plan to spend my days walking around (I have a list of thins I MUST DO this time around) and I don’t really want to do that in the frost!

      • Probably you’re right!! 😉
        I wish you luck during your visit do London because I visited it in June and it was sooo cold (probably it’s the Brazilian talking), that I couldn’t believe!!! 😉

        • I don’t believe it was cold in June 😉 At least not for European standards LOL! If it could be around 10C I’d be happy. Anything above would be great. Anything below would make standing around much harder, but snow would be the worst. I just need a wonderful string of really good luck to make this the prefect trip! That makes me nervous as I wouldn’t describe myself as a naturally lucky person, I never win anything and so on.

          • Anything below 20C is cold for Brazilians… LOL
            Well, about being lucky, I used to think like you, but today, living in this mad world, with so many problems, etc… I consider myself lucky just for being healthy, having a roof, a job, my family, friends, and so on… 😉 I’m sure everything will be perfect during you visit to London!! 😀

          • I feel very lucky from that point of view 🙂
            It’s just some people always seem to win things and it’s like the wind is always blowing in their sails. I need a little of that with regards to my December Hobbit trip. Happy thoughts and positive energy is what is needed here!

          • Yessss….

          • Sending positive energy and thoughts your way! Have you heard about the lucky celestial alignment on 3 December? Time to buy a lotto ticket.

  2. Very funny post Agzy ! OMG you looking like a Klingon *giggles*
    Thinking of a very hot dwarf is a powerful motivation and I’m sure you’ll fit your TH jeans for the Hobbit premiere !

    • Isn’t it silly I draw weight loss inspiration from a short fat dwarf 😉 Let The Hobbit in London be the carrot which dangles in front of my nose and motivates me! By the way, are you joining us in London?

  3. How very chic! I hope you have a wonderful time. 73 days = 10 weeks & 3 days, so I’m sure your TH jeans will fit beautifully by then.

    • We quickly calculated how much I’d have to lose per week to get there, and it’s very doable I’m happy to say 🙂 Wouldn’t want to sit through who knows how many hours of The Hobbit in tight jeans LOL! That would cut off my circulation!

  4. Some elbow length leather or suede gloves would keep you warm and add to the ‘dwarf’ chic methinks.

  5. Hello Agzy! Booked my flight to London this morning! Arriving on the early morning of the 12th (just couldn’t resist…), leaving on the 16th! Excited!!! It’s one of the budget airlines, so the ticket is not changeable, but the price was pretty good so I can’t complain. Hope you can change your flight times so we can meet up on the 12th.. I just want to be in the vicinity of the premiere, not necessarily on the exact spot…I fear it’ll be way too crowded…
    So… I invented a new name for your skinny jeans, eh?! LOL!

    • Hello Darling, wrote you an email!
      I really do hope we can change the flight details to the 12th, but if we can’t I’ll still be mega happy to arrive on the 13th!
      Move over dwarves and hobbits, it’s the RA girls that are going on the biggest adventure!
      And yes, you are my skinny jeans Godmother LOL!

  6. Hey Agzy
    I hope you can change your flight, but if you can’t, take comfort in knowing the press will have that event covered from every angle. I noticed you mentioned on Frenz’s blog that you were worried Richard & Aidan might not be there for the London premiere. I think that’s unlikely, at least in Richard’s case. As one of the top cast members, he’s no doubt contractually obligated to do all the premieres and press junkets. And what English actor in their right mind would snub royalty? Even if it were only Prince Edward (although I think the geeks in the family are Kate & Wills & Harry).

    And one tiny little nit pick (in which I mean no disrespect, because I adore you). In Hollywood/movie terms, the word “premiere” is really only used for the red carpet event/party. The 14th is the “opening” or “release” date. I’m probably the only one of your readers who gets momentarily confused when you use that term because that’s my industry, but I just wanted to point that out.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you not only have a great London trip, but that you catch a glimpse of those adorable cheeks while you are there (does it really matter which cheeks I’m talking about?) 😀

    • Thanks Mrs! I don’t like the word ‘release’ because it reminds me of the joke going around after George Michales was caught being mighty friendly with someone in a public loo: Have you seen George Micheals latest release… LOL, I know it’s a bad one!
      But for the sake of clarity I’ll use premiere for Wednesday and opening for Friday 🙂
      Now that I know you’re from the industry, I want all the juicy gossip though! Spill the beans Mrs!

      • Haha. Ok, I will concede to not using the word “release” lol 😀

        Most beans will have to remain unspilled. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the chance to meet any of the British heartthrobs I have crushes on – like “Dickie’ Armitage or Firth or Rickman. (Sad for me, probably best for them. Hard to work when someone is drooling on you haha). I have worked with a couple of American actors I had crushes on, and watched those crushes die within an hour of meeting them. 🙂 The truth is, if you want “juicy” gossip, you should go to TMZ. The best I could do is tell you who I thought was nice, or not, etc. lol 🙂

        • I can see how a crush would end up a let down, that’s why I’m always thrilled to hear such positive feedback after meeting RA!
          Regarding celeb gossip, it’s my secret vice 😉 I just adore blind vices!

  7. Pingback: Legenda 46: Stuff worth reading « Me + Richard Armitage

  8. Fun post. Nice ideas! 🙂 I’ve got one of those faux fur vests that I’ve not worn yet. I may have to put it to use for just such a look. Have fun at the premiere, and good luck with the jeans. (P.S. I found your post by searching “The Hobbit” in Google images. The images of the composed outfits show up.)

    • Ooooo that’s nice to hear! Sometimes I’m surprise which posts/images pop up high on google, like that bloody Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery post that is always top of the list, but is nothing special, believe me 😉
      Honey, IT IS TIME to pull out all the faux fur vests. Channel your inner dwarf and strut that fur imitation like a true diva!

  9. Tres chic Agzy! I love you’re Hobbity fashion choices. Wishing all those venturing to London the best of luck. Hobbity hugs xx

    • I’ve never had a Hobbity Hug, but it feels wonderful and I think we’ll have more of them before December rolls around 🙂
      BTW, I hear there’s quite a large RA admirer gathering in NY this year for the Hobbit. For those who are planning in travelling to the Big Apple, check out RAFrenzy’s blog where she mentions the meeting in a post.
      Armitage Admirers Unite to celebrate The Hobbit!

    • Hobbity hug sounds great. mersguy! I’m badly in need of one actually. Thanks!!! It’s definitely going to be a great adventure!

  10. Not sure the furry vest is a style that would suit me as I’m a little bit on the “plump” side and I fear it’d make me look even rounder than I am…It looks great on the model but she is rather tall and I’m only 5’3″..So I may have to give it a miss! 🙂

    • If you go for the faux-fur collar instead, it can balance the proportions of a comfortable figure. Add it to a graceful “swing” jacket, wear comfortable shoes with 2-inch heels and trousers in a dark colour, and you’ll have a becoming outfit.

      • Couldn’t have said it better! First off all, this is London, where women are proud of their body shape, so they wear what they want without uncomfortable glances from others. Wear what you want, decorate it with a huge smile and plenty of RA enthusiasm and rock the look!

  11. I love the sword earings. Where did you find it ??? 🙂


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