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Edward Runci’s Pin Up Girls

It’s been a while since we had some Pin Up Girls, so today I wanted to post images by Edward Runci.

His skills are comparable to  Gil Elvgren.

 Runci girls frequently got caught in compromising situations like climbing a fence to flee a bull, or dress blowing up on a Ferris Wheel ride.

His girls are rosy-cheeked, voluptuous, often blonde Marilyn Monroe-types who radiate  wholesome sensuality.

 Who doesn’t like a cheeky Pin Up!

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  1. I like how his pin-ups seem to be enjoying themselves. But running away from a bull or hanging wallpaper in high heels? That does not seem like fun.

    • I know women who would never be caught dead in sweatpants at home, and even their slippers have to be high-heeled. They seem to be channeling their 50s US suburban hosewife 😉
      I think wearing heels while wallpapering could have its benefits as you could reach higher!

  2. Lovely!! Sometimes, I envy these Pin-up girls!!! 😉

    • Oh Honey! They have nothing on you! Being so fake and not grounded in realityl, give me a flesh and bones real woman any day!
      They are fun to look at though! 😉

  3. I agree with you!! I just envy them (for some seconds) because they look (and obviouly they are) so free, not worried, have no problems… LOL

    • Yup, a nice sexy uncomplicted girl, ideal for a man. A bit clumsy, dependant on her husband, always wearing stockings and high-heeled shoes, unaware of her sexuality, carefree and a bit dim 🙂
      Nice to look at, but not traits any modern woman should have LOL!

      • …….but the lady on the hook with the flying fish is really a bit scary!!!!!!!!!!! OMG 😉

      • Oh, god, back when we mopped floors in shirtwaist dresses and pumps, thought nothing of fetching slippers, and always let him drive — Never again.

        • Luckily we live at a time when it just sounds wrong! A man who would marry me hoping I would turn out to be a 50s housewife would seriously be disappointed!


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