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World’s Best Father!

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This is the funniest photoshoot I’ve seen in ages.
Fathers and daughter, mothers and sons…


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"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons". A fangirl through and through, anglophile, and admirer of beauty whereever I can find it. I love books and art, and spend too much time admiring Richard Armitage and other amazing British actors.

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  1. Very good! 😉

  2. This are really great photos……Some fathers I know will hopefully get some inspirations….. 😉

  3. OT I finally found my “Sunne in Splendour”!!! But I’m a bit devastated on how “fat” this book is. Ghosh, when will i have the time to read all this million pages to catch up ????? Gulp!!!!

  4. Piękne!:D Własnie tego zawsze się bałam.;)


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