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Jay Scott Pike’s Pin Up Girls

Although  I usually focus on the works of Gil Elvgren, there are so many amazing Pin Up painters worth mentioning.

Todays Girls are the work of Jay Scott Pike.

There’s a lot of knickers / panties dropping which can only be a sign of how inferior elastic waists were back in the day 🙂


Jay Scott Pike pin up art

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  1. Hmm, I think the falling knickers are the artist’s wishful thinking. At least in the U.S. in the early 1950s, the waistband elastics were industrial strength and briefs were one’s only option in either cotton or nylon. A bit later (late 1950s/early 1960s), when you could get knickers from France, the designs were more decorative, the fabrics more delicate, and the elastic not as strong. By the late 1960s, lots of lovely underwear was available, even if it wasn’t especially sturdy.

    • It was a while series of knickers dropping, although I never knew it was a popular male fantasy 🙂
      Something like that happened to me when I washed a pair of stockings in the washer/dryer and the elastic went. I ended up with them around my ankles walking home LOL! Not my proudest moment!

      • I had a similar experience when a blue lace suspender belt failed in the middle of my work day. Argh. Then, I once went a whole day not realizing the back seam of my skirt was ripped from waist to hem, revealing my black lace slip to the world. Not my proudest moment either, and no one had the grace to tell me!

  2. Lovely pin up girls!!! These ones look sexier than the others you posted before!!! 😉

  3. Don’t care much for the dropping knickers myself but I do wish I had legs like those ladies on the pictures!


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