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Thorin Oakenshield’s Essential Tool, when being so short is a factor!

I decided to (or just happen to) take a few days break from our fandom, and wouldn’t you know it!

Hobbit Trailers galore come pouring  in!

The moral of this story is I should sacrifice myself for the good of the collective and go away more often!

There are some beautiful images of the majestic Thorin, regal and powerful.

He truly puts other dwarves and Hobbits to shame.

It’s only when I encountered the next picture was I reminded that Thorin Oakenshield is in fact very short.

Oh Dear!

We all knew it had to be so, but to be faced with such a height difference is quite a shock.

As Richard Armitage fans we are used to our eye candy shadowing over everyone else in the scene.

We’re used to seeing those familiar proportions of his slender body, even if it’s obstructed by debris.

This stocky short little fellow who happens to look like Thorin is a bit of a shock to me.

Call Tom Cruise, we need his shoe lifts asap!

Don’t worry Tom!

You are no longer the shortest being in Hollywood!

It make me realise that Oakensheild will have to be kitted out a tad if he wants to hang out with the likes of Gandalf or Elrond.

How could such a proud dwarf allow to be looked down upon?

That’s why I’ve come up with just the thing to level out the Human/Elf/Dwarf playing field 🙂


These fold and are easy to travel with, so never again will anyone look DOWN on Thorin Oakenshield (well, perhaps only a dragon…).

They fit easily on any pony, and will be the envy of every height-challenged being in Middle Earth!

By the way, here are the alternative endings of the Hobbit trailers, I’m sure you’re seen it, but you can never really get enough though 😉

Images from TORn FB

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  1. LOL! Yes, I’ve assumed he would have library steps, bed steps, and kitchen step-stools for a domestic setting, but portability is a real advatage. Still, I would have thought his voice would be what made everyone look to him.

  2. LOL, A!
    Welcome back, we missed you!

  3. I’ve been preparing myself to face an Armitage dwarf since I was told RA would play a dwarf… But I have to confess that is a shock to face the reality… LOL

  4. Glad you’re back!

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  6. Thank you for the humorous post! It was really weird to see Elrond looking down to Thorin in the trailer. That really brought home the size factor to me. Daft as it sounds, up until that moment I was in a bit of a denial about Richard playing a dwarf. 🙂 But Leigh is right, the voice makes up for the lack of height!

  7. You’re always the one coming up with the most extravagant ideas ? XD

  8. Yes, I was bit shocked but true love can overcome all the inconveniences, right?…besides, Thorin is quite handy and will not take too much space in my small apartment 😉


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