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A Good Documentary on a Whining Wednesday

I’m still going strong and enjoying the process 🙂

Yesterday I introduced exercise on top of my alternative vegan and vegetarian days.

There’s just one more huge hurdle for me, but I’ll write about that some other time.

It’s important to keep that motivation high, and I’ve come across a few documentaries that are a must-see!

The first is Food Matters.

“Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food”

-Hippocrates, the founding father of modern medicine.

Food is nutritionally depleted foods, with chemical additives and we rely on pharmaceutical drugs to treat what’s wrong with our malnourished bodies.

Modern society is getting sicker.

This documentary is an eye-opener and makes you question the way we look at curing diseases.

The next documentary I’d like to recommend is Food, Inc.

It’s a look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry, and shows at what it is we are supporting each time we go shopping.

Don’t be fooled into a sense of security because the documentary is about the US.

I’m sure the same processes occur worldwide.

I’m really don’t bug meat-eaters, usually the opposite is true that I have to defend my choices, but if you’re supporting a system, you should at least know what the reality is.

The next documentary is a must for anyone who likes their fast food.

I saw Super Size Me a while back and it actually put me off McDonald’s, even when I’m naughty.

By the way, I understand the importance of self-responsibility, but at a time when a burger costs less than a bunch of broccoli, it’s time to make changes.

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  1. You have my total support! I admire vegetarians a lot!! I’ve changed my eating habits a lot in the last years. Even so, I just couldn’t stop eating meat. I try to avoid read meat and don’t eat it very often, but… I just love it!!! 😉

    • I know what you mean, and moving away from meat was a very gradual process for. I still spoil myself 3 times a year- Easter, All Saint’s Day and Christmas and have home-made roast.
      In the past I used to cook something and try to make it taste like it had meat in it. Now, that’s not really an objective. I’ve learned to rely on the veggies to do the talking 🙂

  2. I am an omnivore, partially as a result of having allergies to most vegetable sources of proteins, but I am very picky about what I put in my body. I eat mostly organic, and that includes meat, poultry, and dairy products as well as vegetables. I am disturbed by so many people not seeming to care about what they feed their children and themselves when they do have a choice, but I also recognise that many prople do not have the luxury of choice.

    • Well, it’s true that the healthier the food, the more expensive it seems to be. Having said that eating junk food isn’t as cheap as it originally seems because it’s so low in anything nutritious, you end up eating more to fight the hunger and the addiction to sugar, and fat. In Food INC they introduced a family who ate fast foos because it was cheap and they couldn’t afford much else, and yet payed hundreds of $ each month for mediaction for type 2 diabetes that could be eliminated through a healthy diet.
      I also find it ironic that KFC chicken is seen as a healthy meal for children. It is chicken after all…

      • KFC healthy?! With all the fat and breading and salt and heaven knows what else they add to the mediocre chicken? It’s more like chicken-flavoured chips. When I was teaching, I saw children bring junk in their lunches because that was what their families could get at the food bank — white bread with lunchmeat and a packaged sweet. Other children brought cold rice with a little bit of egg in it. Such food will keep you alive, but that’s all that can be said for it.

        • That’s very sad! I remember at school everyone would get a hot dinner meaning a nice vegeratble soup and a well proportioned main course. I really enjoyed them and for some I’m guessing it was the only hot meal of the day.I can’t imagine unhealthy food being served instead.
          We’re talking about a country in the communistic block with hot meals for pupils, a nurse AND dentist available… Times have changed, but not always in some regards for the better 😦
          I remember watching Jamie Oliver’s battle to get better quality food in American schools. It was the only time I ever felt sorry for the poor guy. He was fighting against regulations and people’s perceptions of what’s healthy or tasty. I don’t remember the title of the documentary, but its worth watching.

          • I saw the same documentary. It was really sad. In the U.S., most children have to bring their food from home or money to buy what’s available at the school. Those who have applied for and been granted assistance get vouchers for the school cafeteria, but the quality of the food is wretched. Once, when there was no lunch at school because of a strike, we bought bread, peanut butter, apples, and milk to feed the children. It wasn’t much, but it was heallthier than the regular lunch. There have never been doctors or dentists in U.S. schools; most were lucky if they had a nurse part-time. When the polio vaccine was first developed, it was given to all school children, but now parents have to take their children to the doctor for their vaccinations.

          • Oj tak Agzym! Kiedyś miałam dentystę w szkole,pielęgniarkę, regularne wizyty lekarza,dobre ciepłe posiłki. Dziś moja córka nie ma nawet pielęgniarki w szkole za to może kupić każdy rodzaj batonika czekoladowego i wiele rodzajów napojów słodzonych(w sumie 8 automatów ze słodyczami i nap.gazowanymi).
            Trochę się udzielam społecznie(frajerka) w naszej szkole i prócz innych rzeczy próbuję walczyć z tymi automatami ale jestem zagłuszana przez rodziców”O patrzcie to ta wariatka co znowu będzie gadała o słodyczach”. Powiem Ci że trochę mnie to dziwi ale nie za bardzo bo wygląda na to że głównym problemem dzieci w dzisiejszej szkole jest alkohol(nie narkotyki chociaż też są dostępne).

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