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Whining Wednesday on a Saturday and the Dreaded Fat Pants

I was meaning to write this post as part of a Whining Wednesday cycle, but it turns out it’s been pushed all the way to Saturday.

Whining Saturday doesn’t really sound as good, does it?

My summer is well and truly over, which means the usual shift from countryside to city.

It’s back to work, back to RL.

It’s also time to face and start tackling the consequences of a care-free 2 months.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of putting away your casual sport’s clothes, sweatpants/tracksuit bottoms, stretchy T-shirts and tank tops, and trying to squeeze into work clothes.

Dear dear me!

I really have indulged myself this summer!

Even my ‘fat pants’ are filled to capacity!

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of ‘fat pants’ here’s an explanation.

My weight fluctuates terribly, meaning 65% of my wardrobe are my skinny clothes.

There are the dresses, skirts, tops I’ve been collecting for years, all designed to simply pull out of the closet, put on a sashay away to work.

They are accompanied with cute high-heel shoes and adorable accessories.

I used to refer to them as my ‘normal’ clothes, but I haven’t actually worn many of them for a while now.

Then we have the collection of clothes a size or two larger, for those periods when you’ve indulged a little too much and you need a fabric or cut that is more forgiving.

Then there’s the last category, the dreaded fat clothes, the thorn in my side.

These are my go-to clothes when I’m on the verge of changing my lifestyle yet again, the ones I am so happy to discard when I’ve been a good girl.

Oh, the dreaded fat pants!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely this summer, and I take responsibility for reaching the point where, yet again, I need to serve up a dose of tough love instead of a bar of chocolate.

I’m an extremist.

I’m either very good or very VERY bad.

After being a naughty girl this summer, it’s time to shift gear and actually be kind to myself!

I have the knowledge, I’ve been down this path before, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are evident.

It’s just sticking to it that’s an issue.

I’m a cheater.

In my case it’s connected to food and exercise

I love the thrill that cheating brings.

Sneaking in something naughty, skipping exercise they; all provide a short-lived thrill that I may well be addicted to.

After 6 months we finally figured out how the TIVO-style function works, and we’ve been taking advantage of it.

At the moment I was making changes, I came across a program that resonated with me.

It’s an OWN production called Addicted to Food.

It’s a documentary series which follows the recovery process of 8 people addicted, in one way or another, to food.

I’m not obese, and contestants of The Biggest Loser drop more weight for a weekly weigh-in, but it’s all relative.

The show sheds light on the strange relationship between me and what I stick in my gob.

It’s made me  analyze why I constantly find myself in the same spot time after time.

Anyway, I hope to use this space to write about the issue, as well as mention things that work or motivate me.

The first that I’d like to mention is a blog I came across called Raw Girl in a Toxic World.

It’s a blog written by a vegan, and there are plenty of useful information.

She disspells the myth that going vegetarian can help you lose weight.

From my experience I tend to exchange meat for pasta with lovely creamy sauces.

By now I think we ALL know diets don’t work, so it’s time to implement a lifestyle with lasting results.

That’s what I’m planning to do, and I hope to write more about the steps I’m taking!

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  1. I will support you through anything, love!

    • Hey Bug, how graet to have you back!!!
      We’ve missed you! How’s my little ray of light?
      BTW, supporting simply means to listen to me bitch and moan 😉

      • Oh I’m fine! Eating a few healthy slices of pizza. LOL. Thought it was funny considering your post, but whatever! And even though I might hear you bitch and moan, I WILL STILL SUPPORT YOU. 😉

        • Thanks Hon. I’m a huge believer in carbs before and after a thingy like that! It keeps up the strengh and helps you sleep.
          Are you well drugged up?

          • Actually, I haven’t been in any pain since yesterday, so I have only taken one pill today. So I am pretty clear in my head. 😉 And I believe that’s a good thing, not being in pain I mean.

          • Painless is bliss. Remember I told you I had the same. No pain the day after 🙂 We’re soooo not Hollywood though, they pop painkillers like it’s candy!

          • LMAO! I know, tell me about it. I got a package with 100 pills. STRONG ones. I mean, come on… That’s just crazy. 😛

          • I need some of those pills while dealing with wordpress. The image at the top should be an animated gif, it works in edit post, but doesn’t when it’s published. B*stard! Time to start popping 😉

          • Actually, it’s not. Depending on serotonin levels and other chemistry, everyone feels pain differently. What may be just uncomfortable for you could have someone else completely incapacitated. Save that package, sweetheart. If there’s a sudden dental infection or something like that, they’re your emergency kit.

  2. You certainly have my support. However, I firmly belive that chocolate and red wine are part of a healthy lifestyle, in moderation. I also know that my personal enemy is pain; when it rises, I cannot do as much physically or mentally => less activity, fewer calories expended. Since mid-June, I’ve been home, where I have had comparatively little pain. I often walk 4 or 5 km before breakfast => now have to take in my trousers 8 cm in the waist. Last winter, when I was recovering from surgery, I had a little dance workout using fanvids with Guy of Gisborne. “Dancing with Guy” was quite helpful in getting back some muscle tone. Right now, I’m no one’s pin-up, but I’m feeling good — no fat pants. So, yes, whatever works. Wishing you the best of luck.

    • Thanks Leigh, what’s frustrating is I have the knowledge, but lack the dedication to see it through. Now’s the perfect time as I won’t have a reason to be naughty for a while. Exercise is very important! Once you’re in your 30s I really can’t see losing weight without moving the old bones. Not like when I was in my 20s and cutting out some products would bring a dramatic weight loss.
      Congrats Leigh! Keep on keeping on!

      • Thank you, and congrats for starting this lifelong project. One key I found is knowing the indicators that lead to a binge, not always “trigger foods”, but things you crave when you’re not actually hungry, things you want for some other reason. When I was consulting, I once had the client from hell. Upon delivering the project, I went to see an action movie and consumed 300 gm of chocolate while I watched. Moral of the story: Don’t eat when you’re angry.

        • Oh those triggers! I usually eat when I’m anxious or bored. I find that keeping healthy stuff in the fridge helps me a lot. The funniest thing is, I really enjoy healthy food and like to cook with veggies. It’s just that little binge devil on my shoulder that whispers sweet nothings that’s the problem 😦

  3. You have my entire support!!! I understand what you’re going through very well as I lived the same ‘problem’ after spending one month vacation (in May) traveling, eating, drinking lots of wine… LOL
    After asking for a nutricionist help, now I’m back to my ‘normal’ weight. But I will try to lose two more kilos and I’ll be happy!!!

    • Congrats Luciana! It’s so easy to slip off course and find youself spilling out from your trousers, especially if you get lost in the pleasures of life 😉
      I know you run a lot, so that must have helped. I can’t promise I’ll be jogging as my body wasn’t designed for that, but I’m willing to sweat the weightn off!

      • I must say it wasn’t easy at all as I love eating, but I had ‘lost’ all my trousers and I refused to my new ones….lol… so I had to be brave and follow the nutricionist’s diet and exercises certainly help!!! 😉

  4. Oh my those vertical comments again. Am I the only one who has difficulty reading those? 😦


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