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Play Where’s Richard Armitage? Spot our Precious!

There’s been a lot of commotion surrounding another pic courtesy of @Todd_Garner from the set of Black Sky.

RAFrenzy tests the level of fangurling with this picture.

Can you see Richard in it?

I have to admit that even with clues I still struggled to spot him.

 I’m a tad relieved about that if I’m honest 🙂

I can’t afford to start seeing Richard everywhere- clouds in the sky, mould on the wall, grain in wood.

Or in a pile of debris…

I’m trying to avoid seeing things like this in my RL!

Anyway, if it really is Richard in that pic, then well-played Mr Garner!

It’s a game I’ll gladly play, even though it messes with my mind.

Talking about games, here’s Where’s Richard?

Try  and spot Mr Armitage in the least likely places.

 The answers will be featured at the end.

Who’s rumbling is the jungle?

Where’s our favorite Leo on Safari?

Can you spot our Marathon Man?

That beautiful mug can never be just another face in the crowd, can it?

Who’s got the most bouncy spring in their step?

Where’s the yummiest dish?

Can you spot the Sexy Swamp Thing?

I’m sure you did much better than I did with that pile of Garner debris 🙂

Here are the answers:

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  1. Ha ha I spotted him on every picture! I was a little bit discouraged by my failure to spot him on the Garner pic! But you restored my confidence in myself as an advanced level fangurl so thank you very much Agzym! Your help is much appreciated!

  2. Agzy your game was a great consolation to me because I didn’t spot him on Garner picture.
    Sniff !

  3. Being a passionate fan of hidden object games … loved this post! And before you bite my head off yes I know your Precious is not an object : ) Good one Agz!

  4. Yeah, I found him in every photo, although I had to zoom into the marathon one and it took me a minute. Clever game! And darn Mr. Garner for teasing us. I found Richard (one of the three humans in the shot) but only because I knew he had to be there.

    • I just noticed the figure on the right, which is clearly NOT Richard 🙂 I think I’d see him in a slice of toast if someone insisted he was there and I looked long enough!

  5. To look for (and look at) Richard is always such a pleasure!!! Loved this ‘game’!!! 😉

  6. 😀 I found him really quickly,Agzym and it worries me a little. It’s like with my doughter,you know.;) I can spot her in really crowded places.

  7. Fun game Agzym! I found him in all of the pictures, which was quite comforting given how long it took me to find him in Garner’s pic. 🙂 I think with that one, I kept trying to spot his face and it wasn’t there. Once I did spot him, there was some definite face palming going on, because it seemed so obvious! 😉

  8. It’s almost scary how quickly I found him in all of these. Is it because it was much harder in Mr Garner’s pic and once we’d mastered that we were on a roll?? 😉

    • Probably my cr*p photoshop skills 😉 LOL!

      • Agzy, you did a wonderful job! It was fun to play and I’m amazed as ever with what funny riddles/rebuses you come up. I found Mr Niceguy in all pictures and even in that one from TG, which was indeed a bit tricky, but only because his head was missing! 😉
        How was your start on Monday? It’s really a bit listless starting to work after a longer break. I*m actually feeling a bit sickish for two days now…

      • Not at all, agzym! As one who hasn’t even attempted such techno stuff I bow to your superior talents! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be great to actually sit chatting to him in a restaurant like that! I think a few heads would turn if we walked into one with someone as striking as him!! 😉 We’re allowed to dream, aren’t we? 😀

        • Sure we can dream. Those are the good kind!

          • I promised myself I will never use PS picture editing for evil meaning sticking my head on a bride and Richard’s on a groom 😉 I think he’s probably a great companion at a restaurant. He looks like he has a good apetite (I can’t stant people who play with their food) and I would imagine he has plenty of interesting things to say. He’d be great for someone on a diet. Who swallow a bite with Armitage sitting opposite? 🙂

          • I couldn’t eat in his presence that’s for sure. I would only be pushing things from one side of the plate to the other! LOL!

          • Nothing can stop me from eating! :)…even Mr. Sexiestmenalive.!!!
            PS:I saw a really nice fridge on your blog,Agzym. Maybe you’ve seen some with special equipments?..I mean..electric shepherd.;)

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