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Richard, International Man of Mystery

Richard has had quite a year.

From Britain he flew to New Zealand for the shooting of The Hobbit.

After that he travelled all the way to San Diego for Comic-Con, only to fly off to Michigan to fiddle about with tornadoes.

Just when I though New York couldn’t possibly get any more awesome, we find out Mr Armitage graced the Big Apple with his hotness.

It’s only fair that our fandom (whether you call it the RArmy, Armitage Army, Community of Armitage Admirers…) reflects the jet-set lifestyle our favorite actor leads.

OK, so we don’t actually travel first-class from film set to film set, from photo shoot to première, however we do inhabit most of the globe.

One might say Richard Armitage fangurling is spreading like a virus 😉

Worst still, there is no known cure!

Some of you not be aware that wordpress has a snazzy function that shows where the readers who visit the blog come from.

Before you freak out, I don’t know who you are, where you live, what your favorite colour is etc.

It doesn’t tell me your phone number or bank account details.

It lists the countries inhabited by visitors to the blog, in order from the most popular.

My blog isn’t the best example of where RA admirers come from, as I get quite a lot of clicks on non-Richard Armitage related posts.

Still, it’s exciting to see:

I particularly like the bottom of the list:

No matter where you are from dear reader, you are very welcome here!

We truly are an International group of online friends!

By the way, it was the reader from China that made my day!


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  1. Hooray, Hungary is on 13th place! That’s a lucky spot, methinks. And my favourite colour is lilac. 🙂 And I hope to meet you in person in December!

    • Yay! I can’t wait! I’ve actually been to Hungary on holiday. We really enjoyed it, although it was bloody boiling 😉 Luckily, I wasn’t wearing leather, so that helped to deal with the heat.

      • Yes, it’s still boiling hot even though it was supposed to cool down for this week! I cannot begin to imagine how Richard got through a summer (or two summers?) of shooting here wearing top-to-toe leather! Those cleverly placed icepacks must have helped! LOL! I’ve never been to Poland unfortunately- but I’d love to go. Which city would you recommend to visit first?

        • I live in Warsaw, but Kraków in the south is a tourist favorite. It was the former capital and it’s quite beautiful. I think most countries/cites in Central Europe are similar. We share an unfortunate history and have gone down a similar path.

          • We even shared a king once upon a time! In the 14th century I think it was! 🙂

          • We did, although I’m hazy as to the details. Poland actually has either disappeared from the map totally thanks to our overly enthusiastic neighbours or ruled a huge chunk of Europe. It’s nice that things can simply be normal now 🙂 I’m sure people in Hungary feel the same way!

  2. Is Brazil on 3rd place? If so, Mr. Armitage is getting more popular here what makes me really happy!!!

    • Those women in Brazil sure like hot blooded men! I like to think that the top countries show what great taste in men the female citizens have 🙂

      • LOL … Brazilian women certainly appreciate the good things of life!!! 😉

        • Well, he’s dark tall and handsome. I think those are sexy traits internationally. Aidan Turner on the other hand is an aquired taste. My friend just watched Being Human and said he looks like a greasy gigolo. Oh dear…

          • I have a weakness for dark tall and handsome men… and if they have wonderful blue eyes, I’m completely lost… lol
            Poor AT, your fried was too cruel!!! 😉

          • I think Aidan is simply beautiful and he’s just my type, enhanced by a sexy Irish accent, but I can understand why someone wouldn’t go for that type.
            Richard on the other hand is probably more universal, with his beautiful body and manly features 🙂

          • Irish accent doesn’t work very well for me as I have difficulty to understand it. So, RA will remain my number 1!! Sorry for that… 😉

          • That’s alright 🙂 More for me!
            I’m not sure about RA and the American accent in Black Sky, but won’t pass judgement until I hear it and see him.
            One of the sexiest aspects of British / Irish actors is how they sound.

  3. I love that feature! It is always so much fun to have a look and see where the Armitage fans are located. We really are a global bunch! 🙂

    • My second favorite feature is to see what phrases from search engines lead to my blog. Some are mind-boggling! Talk about bizarre! I even had one very disturbing one, but less said, sooner mended. I hope the individual didn’t mean anything sinister by it. If they did, they certainly didn’t find it here 😦

  4. We’re definitely out here, aren’t we? I see Spain is in the first column.

    • Yup, some fascinating places. Getting clicks from far away lands is a bit like when you’re traveling somewhere and it turns out your suitcase got sent by accident to some country you’ve never been to 😉

  5. OMG the little Belgium is in the top ten ! Decidedly we have the good taste gene (cfr Angie)
    Believe me at the end of the year “The last shall be first”. I think of the Chinese Armitage Army. It’s recent but they are very astute and are besotted as we are !!!

  6. ¡No puedo creerlo!
    Colombia is in 18th place! I’m so happy… I love your blog, though not always comment, I always enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.
    I’m pretty sure Richard will conquer the world very soon! 🙂

  7. Agzym. I, too, am totally fascinated to see where all the hits come from on my blog. And while they are certainly not all RA-related, he is definitely a man drawing fans from around the world. When I found out my Dreamer fanvid had been linked on the Chinese forum–China!!–I was truly chuffed. 😀

    • I think China was such a thrill because I loved it when I was there a few years ago. The funny thing is all the Chinese people I spoke to always said that non-Asians all looked similar to them, and it was almost impossible for them to estimate our age. I wonder what it is about Richard that they find fascinating. Let me go on the forum and see Oh…wait a minute…. 😉

  8. If Richard Armitage fangurling is spreading like a virus, why would we want a cure?

    • Sometimes (but just sometimes…) it would be nice to leave the Armitage craycray at home for a few hours. Instead we spend hours on RA related blogs, then switch off the computer, but pop on to Twitter on your mobile to continue the Armitage fest.
      See what I mean? 😉

  9. Who are all that Germans that put us on place 5???? This can’t be me alone!!!!!! LOL I wonder about all this Arabian countries. Agzy, do you have any idea about that? And French Polynesia also sounds really in the middle of the water…. 😉

    • My friend has a theory on Arab countries and why they visit my blog, but it’s not something I’ll share here 😉
      I noticed the French Polynesia. It sounds very exotic. Maybe someone sits all day on a an island beach that looks like a Bounty commercial and looks at pictures of Richard. That sounds like my kind of paradise LOL!

  10. The United colours of Richard – that’s what we are. All shapes, sizes, nationalities and ages
    Tell me more about this trip to the Big Apple? I missed that bit of gossip!!

    • He told one of our lovely visiting-on-set ladies that he went to NY one weekend to visit friends. That’s an image I don’t mind placing in my head. Our Richard is ‘An Englishman in New York’ 😉

  11. We are in the top three with America and England- what is it?. It must be the title of the lost book by Stanislaw Lem.:)
    PS: Polish woman who wants to be a pin-up …*smirk*..this may sound deliciosly in the Arab ears.;)

  12. Luci Lara Lopez

    Brazil is in third place because it is here that lives biggest fan of Richard me.



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